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Welcome back from Wikimania 2016!



Wikimedia Commons


Photograph taken by User:MBrent (WMF).
  • I helped a new user (staffer of 6 months) to upload their first file to Wikimedia Commons.
    • Here I got insight how it feels for new users to use wikicode for the first time. THere are noguide that explains this, if your first edit with wikicode is on Special:UploadWizard, instead of a normal edting window. Something which needs to be inproved on.
  • I found and helped triage a bug on, together with User:Nikerabbit in the school building.


  • I helped new users to the Wikimedia movement, such as User:MBrent (WMF), how to edit, and in return I got insight how it is to work for a non-profit such as WMF, and we discused at lenght about the funraising the happens on wikis, and the gap of interactions between those who runs the site, and those who edits it.
  • I collaborated together with User:Nikerabbit regarding transaltions and i18n in general. We still chat daily,
  • I got to meet and talk with our new ED over drinks, and discuss the movement and it's mission, as well as just socializing, something which we should do more as a community, in order to foster better relationships, since e are all striving after the same goal, just in different ways.
  • I am also glad to have met the amazing Anna Stillwell.

Anything else[edit]

The food and wine was amaizing. The only negative thing i can think of about this Wikimedia was the heat at times, and the lack of activities during the pre-conference days for those of us that can't code or attent the Hackathon.