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Kvardek du

frwiki + Wikidata + ...


Please note I was kindly given a little more time by the team cause I'm now on the Board of Wikimédia France and hardly tring to make the chapter crisis from 2017 a memory :)

Option 1: Shared Experience: fr:Wikipédia:RAW/2017-12-01#Wikilesa (in French). I also did livetweets during Wikimania : list.


  • Only few people attended our workshop on Wikidata, as it was at the same time than a brilliant Wikidata session and lost in the basement. However, these people were able to take their first steps on Wikidata and were satisfied of the session.
  • I was able to connect with a large part of the French and Francophone community, and that was important in the crisis of Wikimédia France.
  • LGBT+ and Art+Feminism meetings were a great motivator for next actions.

Anything else[edit]