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Welcome back from Wikimania 2016!



Persian Wikipedia


Option 1: Shared Experience: What is one way you shared something from your experience with your community (either locally or globally), after the event?
I had a presentation and a workshop.
Critical issues presentations/Lessons learned building machine learning models for Wikidata (Slides video on youtube)
Supporting new languages in ORES (Slides video on youtube)
I shared this amazing experience with my community several days after the Wikimania:w:fa:Special:Diff/17490991
Option 3: New Creation: What was one useful outcome that was created at the event for the Wikimedia movement?
Query of tasks assigned to me and have Wikimania-2016-Hackathon tag in them
  1. T131451: Deployed Edit quality campaign for ORES in Swedish Wikipedia
  2. T138576: Fixed Edit quality campaign in Hungarian Wikipedia
  3. T138445: Made available in Beta cluster
  4. T137813: Fixed worker nodes in
  5. T131637: Added ores support for Czech language.
  6. Helped on moving from to in Raun
  7. Helped on fixing and deploying RTL and i18n bugs in Wikilabels [1] [2] [3]
  8. Made EasyQuery gadget in Wikidata (thanks to Jonas from WMDE) See it in the hackathon showcase
  9. Fixed and ran a bot to get list of citations needing update in Medicine-related articles in English Wikipedia Report here
  10. Fixed and ran the bot to fix headings issues in articles in English Wikipedia RfBA
  11. Helped a little on importing data for Iranian national heritages to Wikidata: phab:T138377


My talk was well-attended. I talked with lots of people to work on followings:

  1. Working on Finding aggressive discussions and integration with ORES
  2. Finding people willing to use ORES, or bring it to their own home wikis including: English Wiktionary, Greek Wikipedia, Hebrew Wikipedia, Hungarian Wikipedia, Spanish Wikipedia and Czech Wikipedia.
  3. Collaboration with Joe Matazzoni from Collaboration team on using building a system that uses ORES to find good-faith newbies and helping them.
  4. Wikidata team and got some stuff assigned to myself to improve Wikidata: 1- Making a better abuse filter rules for Wikidata 2- Building a system to global usage of items in Wikidata 3- Improving constraint violation interface.
  5. Community tech team and got tasks assigned to myself to help CopyPatrol tool by 1- Showing ORES scores in CopyPatrol 2- Using CopyPatrol data to build a copyright violation detection using AI in ORES.
  6. Talked to services team and they made ChangePropagation tool to do precaching for ORES phab:T138090 (weeee) and some other useful talks on using redis, operational challenges, etc.
  7. Had a talk with Daniel Zahn and he built a much more robust monitoring for ORES in production cluster (phab:T138882)
  8. Talked with Darian Patrick to make my connection to the production cluster more secure.
  9. I had a meeting with community advocacy and legal team regarding complexities of volunteering from Iran.
  10. Also I was at global policies meeting (and several other meetings) but this one was greatly productive.
  11. Had a meeting with community team regarding branding in Wikimedia movement (Communications/Wikimania_2016#Come_talk_to_us.21)
  12. Had a talk with Community Liaisons on how to use their help on deploying ORES review tool in new languages.
  13. Talked to Dan Andreescu about building an API to give top pages in Wikiproject Medicine (for page views) phab:T139324

Anything else[edit]

  1. Getting scholarship let me be in Berlin the week before the Wikimania which was super productive since I was at the analytics team off-site. I was at WMDE office for a week and made patches and deployed ORES review tool in Persian Wikipedia and Wikidata. Here's is overview of my patches at that time.
  2. There are two projects that I saw in the Wikimania and they sound really cool to me: mw:Extension:UrlShortener (like and mw:Extension:Newsletter :)