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Welcome back from Wikimania 2014!


Mel 23

Spanish Wikipedia


Shared Experience:

My main goal this Wikimania was to learn from people who were developing Education programs in their countries. I am doing the same myself in Argentina and it is a long and complicated process, so it was really nice to visit the Education stand at the village and to attend some talks regarding the issue. I also participated in the Discussion tracks (on Saturday) and I really liked to share my experience as a sysop with other sysops around the world.

Another thing I liked was the closing ceremony and listening to what Jimbo had to say. I told everyone I know in Spanish Wikipedia to watch that talk in video because it is a very conflictive community and taking everything to the "real world" to analyze our problems would be very helpful.


I submitted a talk, but it was not accepted! However, I got to meet some people from Spanish and Catalan Wikipedia that I never seen in real life before. It was nice to reunite with old friends as well.

Anything else[edit]

I liked this Wikimania overall, the venue was nice (except for the tricky elevators) and the hotel was awesome. I wonder what happened to the closing ceremony at the Tate that was presented in Hong Kong; I guess it was a budget issue. The volunteers were extremely helpful and the experience was really worthy. Keep up the good work!