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Welcome back from Wikimania 2016!



I have two home wikis: the Javanese language Wikipedia and the Indonesian language Wikipedia.


As results of my participation at Wikimania 2016, I will tell you two things: I shared my experience with part of my community and I have learned something new which lead to new creation

Shared Experience[edit]

At Wikimania 2016 I attended a talk by James Heilman about Medical Topics (Friday 24 June 2016, 15.00-15.30). Afterwards we discussed about medical articles on English Wikipedia. James told me that most of intros of the medical articles have been simplified and are ready to be translated into other languages.

As I am intrigued and moved by this information, when I was back in the Netherlands, I talked about this to member of my community, i.e. Indonesian speaking medical workers. So far this resulted in two meet-ups.

The first meet-up was in Amsterdam on July 1st, 2016, with a retired medical doctor. After talking about this, he created a user account and he promised me to look at the medical articles if he had time.

Meet-up with two Indonesian medical workers in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

The second meet up was on July 24th, 2016 in Rotterdam. There I talked to two medical workers. One of them is nurse and the other one is a Master student. Both promised me also to take a look when they have time. However to date they haven't created an account yet and next time I meet them, I will ask about this again.

New Creation[edit]

During the opening speech of Wikimania 2016 by Jimmy Wales, some Wikimedians were honoured. I was especially struck by Spiritia with her #100wikidays project. Afterwards, I found a piece of paper on the Bulgaria stand in the village about this project. And then I took part in this project. When I will be in Indonesia, later this year (September-October 2016), I shall also talk about this to my Wikimedia Indonesia community.

So far I am still active on this project.


I have very interesting talks with amongst others the following people:

  • Nikola Smolenski from Serbia
    • With him we talked a lot about languages and we both discussed the differences between Serbian and Indonesian. Together we translated traditional Serbian texts into Indonesian for the Indonesian Wikisource. He is also keen to learn Indonesian and together we could collaborate in writing subjects about or in these two languages.
  • James Heilman from Canada
    • We discussed medical topics as stated above
  • Zakaria Oudrhiri from Morocco (aka Zack)
    • We discussed the level of education in Morocco. I also told Zack I was very happy to meet a Moroccan who is very smart and interested in Wikipedia. In the Netherlands I am also a teachers. I have had Moroccan pupils and sometimes it could be a challenge to get them motivated. Zack gave me lots of tips and I am always allowed to contact him.

Anything else[edit]

Compared to Mexico City 2015, Esino Lario 2016 was very different. In Mexico City there was lots to be done in the city and the venue was very luxurious. While in Esino Lario we were a bit isolated in the mountains. So besides the conference there was nothing much to do. For the conference itself I think it was positive. Although I must say I prefer big cities above small villages.