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Grants:TPS/Olaniyan Olushola/OpenCon/Report

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Event name



Participant connections


I presented a slide about Wikimedia to the participants for over 100+ participants.



After the event over 40students registered their names to float a Wikimedia Club at the University . We are in the process of formalizing the club at the university.


  • I spent N20,0000 for two days for Hotel = N40,000.00 ( Receipted)
  • I spent N4,000.00 per day for meal = N8,0000.00 ( Non Receipted)
  • I spent N31,900.00 on Gasoline (220 Litres at the rate of N145/ Liter) ( Receipted)
  • N79,900.00 equivalent $ 248

Amount left over


Anything else


My slide