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Sandister Tei – Sandiooses

Active on English Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons


Editor Retention Program, the useful outcome of Wikimania 2014

At Wikimania London 2014, I discovered the WikiProject Editor Retention through their flyers at the Community Village.

Coincidentally editor retention has been the biggest challenge for my community Wikimedia Ghana User Group (WMGH UG) so I have decided to start a Wikipedia Editor Retention Programme in Ghana (WERP Ghana).

Program details[edit]

Program summary Wikimedia Ghana UG recruits Wikipedia editors. This retention program is to make sure we keep the good ones active. Active here means encouraging participants to give 5 edits a month to articles of the English Wikipedia.
Structure The program will open applications as a means to attract only self motivated new editors. It will then engage them in a range of trainings and community-based activities over 6-8 weeks with incentives. After that period, participants will be maintained permanently on a mailing list which will help project organisers keep in touch with participants and measure progress of editing and success of the program.
Project homepage and contacts
Social Twitter: @WikipediaERP Blog: Email:
Project lead Sandister Tei (User: Sandiooses)
Potential assisting editors Enock S. Nyamador (User:Enock4seth) & Abdulai, Mohammed Sadat (User:Masssly)
Additional details See program website


I met Fabian Tompsett at Wikimedia UK and Wikimania. I have been discussing this idea with him to help structure the program properly based on our collective experiences as wikipedians.

Anything else[edit]