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Grants:TPS/Strainu/OSGEO Cluj/Report

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Event name: Free and open-source solutions for working with and representing geo-spatial data (short: OSGEO)

Outcome: (choose one from below)

Option 1: Shared Experience: What is one way you shared something from your experience with your community (either locally or globally)?
I've noticed in the past that not knowing what to say is one of the most important obstacles in holding presentations about Wikipedia. I've tried to include as much of my experience as possible in this blogpost (including the presentation itself) and I sent it for review to the Romanian Wikipedia community.
I've also mentioned other interesting presentations that we might want to follow-up upon, such as the presentation about ghost villages in Romania which would bring useful new data to neglected articles in the Romanian Wikipedia.


  • Air tickets: 169.92 EUR
  • Accomodation: 405 RON (90.73 EUR)
  • Meals: 36.2 RON (8.11 EUR - some were covered by the organizers)
  • Local transport: 90.98 RON (20.38 EUR)

Amount left over (please specify currency): 75.86 EUR out of the maximum grant amount

Anything else you want to share? The slides (in Romanian, already posted) and video (ETA about a month after the end of the sessions) will be available here (search for "Wikipedia").