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Welcome back from Wikimania 2016!


Tanweer Morshed

Bengali Wikipedia


Shared Experience[edit]

During the Wikimania, I shared stories, events and experiences that I gathered through social media, especially Twitter. Please see the Storify story to have a look on events and experiences that I shared through Twitter. Besides, we shared the outcomes of our meetings with other Wikipedians/WMF staffs using mailing lists to inform the local community.

Wikidata sessions[edit]

I participated in the session wm2016:User digest/Wikidata and another introductory Wikidata session by Asaf Bartov. I got to know about using data from Wikidata in Wikipedia articles and other Wikimedia projects. Also I got to know how to effectively contribute to Wikidata.

Wikipedia Asian Month[edit]

I participated the session on Wikipedia Asian Month and discussed on organizing the event this year withe better organizational aspects, as acquired from past experiences.

Bengali Wikipedians' meetup[edit]

I co-organized the Bengali Wikipedians' meetup, where Bengali Wikipedians and Wikimedians from Bangladesh and India participated and discussed way on enhancing and developing quality medical contents int he Bengali Wikipedia as well as scholarly contents. Lane was present at this meetup and provided with meaningful advise on development of medical contents.


I got to talk to Sadiq, a Pakistani Wikipedian, regarding ways to enhance Pakistani contributors and Wikimedians. I met with a Swedish Wikipedian (I forgot his name) who is working for a government project to support Afghan people. He inquired me for finding out and connecting the Afghan Wikipedians with Asian Wikipedians.

Anything else[edit]

Session on Wikimedia Affiliates[edit]

Slide of the session: Wikimedia Affiliates - The What, Why and How
The session on Wikimedia Affiliates

As a member of the Affiliations Committee, I co-presented the session Wikimedia Affiliates - The What, Why and How on 26th June at the Gym Palace, with Manuel Schneider and Ting Chen. The session provided a basic understanding and understanding about Wikimedia affiliate models and system as well as Affiliations Committee.