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Grants:TPS/Venuslui/3rd International Conference on Education 2017/Report

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Event name[edit]

The 3rd International Conference on Education 2017

Participant connections[edit]

There were about 150 participants in the conference. On the first day of the conference, I gave a presentation about Wikipedia being used as teaching tools for higher education, and about 30 people attended the session.


I shared my experience as a Wikipedian with other participants in the session. It is a new idea for the educators in Asia to use Wikipedia as the teaching tools, since many participants in the conference, who are also scholars, believe that Wikipedia should not be considered as an ideal academic reference for research, and they tend to not to use Wikipedia for teaching. I introduced them the Wikipedia Education Program, and some of them told me that they are interested in the program and would like to know more about it, to see if it is possible for them to use Wikipedia for their students.


Date Item HKD MYR Balance C/D
05-Apr-17 Grant recevied as at 5 April 2017: USD$717 HKD$5496.77
07-Apr-17 ICEDU2017-Registration fee, including transaction fee: USD$535 4238.39 HKD$1258.38
19-Apr-17 Exchange: HKD$1000 to Malaysian curreny (100:51.84) 1000 HKD$258.38, MYR$518.40
19-Apr-17 Taxi: Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Hotel Dorsett Grand Subang  73.5 HKD$258.38, MYR$444.90
19-Apr-17 Transportation: Hotel to City Centre 58 HKD$258.38, MYR$386.90
19-Apr-17 Lunch: Food from Hawker 11.95 HKD$258.38, MYR$374.95
19-Apr-17 Afternoon Break: Water and coffee 12.5 HKD$258.38, MYR$362.45
19-Apr-17 Preparation: Networking Dinner 199.5 HKD$258.38, MYR$162.95
19-Apr-17 Transportation: City Centre to Hotel 32 HKD$258.38, MYR$130.95
19-Apr-17 Dinner 31 HKD$258.38, MYR$99.95
21-Apr-17 Afternoon Break: Water and coffee 8.4 HKD$258.38, MYR$91.55
21-Apr-17 Dinner 31 HKD$258.38, MYR$60.55
22-Apr-17 Afternoon Break: Water and coffee 15 HKD$258.38, MYR$45.55
22-Apr-17 Dinner  35 HKD$258.38, MYR$10.55
22-Apr-17 Exchange: HKD$100 to Malaysian curreny (100:51.8) 100 HKD$158.38, MYR$62.35
23-Apr-17 Lunch: DOME Restauant (Paid by Credit Card)  155.95 HKD$2.43, MYR$62.35
23-Apr-17 Water and coffee 6.5 HKD$2.43, MYR$55.85
23-Apr-17 Transportation: City Centre to Kuala Lumper International Airport 47 HKD$2.43, MYR$8.85

Amount left over[edit]

HKD$2.43, MYR$8.85

Anything else[edit]

Here is the Powerpoint I used for the presentation.

It is the Powerpoint I used for the presentation in ICEDU 2017, about Wikipedia being used as teaching tools in higher education

I am going to write an article for the Wikipedia Education Newsletter. I will post the link here once it is published.