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This Wikimedia Participation Support report has been accepted by the Wikimedia Participation Support Committee.To see the original request, please visit Grants:TPS/Venuslui/g0v summit 2016.

Event name[edit]


Participant connections[edit]

More than 800 people joined the conference and about 100 people attended the session. The Information Technology Division Director of the Ministry of Culture in Taiwan and an Assistant Professor from Graduate Institute of Museum Studies, Fu Jen Catholic University are interested in the presentation, and they are willing to know more about the Asian Arts Database and how we can do it on Wikipedia.


Shared Experience

In the presentation, I showed the importance of establishing an Arts Database in Asia, and how we can do it on Wikipedia, along with Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons. Wikipedia is an ideal platform to build up the database, as it is very easy for people to get access. It is necessary for us to build up to database and we can do it on Wikipedia. I shared my experience as a Wikipedian and how I have contribute to the community. The Information Technology Division Director of the Ministry of Culture in Taiwan is interested about the project. He said that there is a database about Taiwanese Arts and he is willing to cooperate with us, in order to establish the database in Asia.



The expenses are shown below.


Item Cost (in TWD)
Transportation (Including Bus, Subway, and Airport Shuttle) TWD$1805
Meals (Including Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner) TWD$1150
Total TWD$2955

Amount left over[edit]

I do not have the grant left over.

Anything else[edit]