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Welcome back from Wikimania 2016!





Shared Experience:
I made a blog post for my experience in Wikimania 2016.
Link to the post: Blog

Learning Pattern:

  • I usually made a lot of mistakes while migrating the pages into translate extension. I learnt the exact mechanism at Wikimania and I will apply for a translation admin on MediaWiki and Meta-wiki. Some pages I migrated: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
  • I attended a session on SVG presented by User:Shyamal where I learnt to make SVG images using Inkscape and programming languages. Also, I learnt that the SVG images created using Javascript could not be uploaded to commons, and we have to use CSS and SMIL for that.
  • While using the Parliament Diagram Tool, I encountered a bug 1, which was rectified by en:User:Slashme.
  • I came to know about the CopyPatrol tool, which really proved handy for me, since I can check out the recent edits and the changes made to a particular page.
  • I attended all the workshops on Wikipedia Education Program and met some WEP leaders like User:Reem Al-Kashif and User:VMasrour (WMF) with whom I shared the difficulties I faced while starting the initiative at my school, and they helped me in overcoming them. I was given some brochures which I presented to my school faculty and they promised me that they will bring new, emerging editors from our school.
Me, Reem and others during Idealab workshop.
Me and Vahid Masrour (WMF) at Learning day 1
Wikipedia Education Program Leaders
Me reading brochures given by Vahid Masrour (WMF)

New Creation:
I attended a lot of sessions on IdeaLab and it intuited me to publish an idea in there. So, along with User:Reem Al-Kashif and several others, we published an idea to IdeaLab 1.


I met some really cool and really awesome Wikipedians. I would like to mention some of them.

Anything else[edit]

This was the best trip of my life. Apart from the conference, I enjoyed so much in Esino Lario. It was a mesmerizing place. Meeting people face-to-face you meet on IRC is really great and different. Overall, I could not think of anything better. Thank you WMF for providing me with this glorious opportunity.