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Welcome back from Wikimania 2017!





Shared Experience:

Wikimania 2017 was my second Wikimania after Wikimania 2016. I shared my learning globally on social media and on blog post. My detailed learning experience can be seen here: Also, if you are interested in the Hackathon-specific report, you can check it here:

Learning Pattern:

During Wikimania 2017, I created a new learning pattern itself and gave a lightning talk on it as well. It is based on extending the existing Wikipedia Education Program with MediaWiki to encourage young students interested in coding and open-source contribute to MediaWiki. The learning pattern can be accessed here: Learning patterns/MediaWiki Education Program

New Creation:
  • Since Wikimania 2017, I have been working on implementing the MediaWiki Education Program. I went to different technical colleges and pitched the idea to them. I contacted SSPM College of Engineering and they are now ready to implement MediaWiki Education Program in their course in addition to WEP. I will be virtually helping them.
  • I also contacted my school, Swami Vivekanand Public School and they are also keen on integrating the WEP in their course.
  • A new learning pattern was added - Learning patterns/MediaWiki Education Program.
  • I filed a few bugs on Phabrictor and solved them 1, 2, 3.
  • I attended SAARC meetup during Wikimania and (hopefully) we will have the next WikiConference India in Orissa.


Making connections, meeting Wikipedians from around the globe and learning from them has always been my priority at Wikimania. This year too, I met many Wikipedians, shared my experiences with them and learned from them.

  • I gave a lightning talk on "Students, WEP and Evolution". Around 25 WEP leaders attended the talk. I received a very positive feedback from the community. (It feels awesome!)
  • Satdeep Gill: Discussed on expanding the community and making it stronger.
  • Sejal Khatri: The latest outreachy intern who worked on Wiki Ed Dashboard. Motivated her to keep contributing after her internship. Will be collaborating with her in the future to run GSoC and Outreachy campaigns and giving talks and running workshops on MediaWiki and Wikipedia Education Program in colleges in Pune.
  • Attended SAARC meetup during Wikimania and met a lot of Wikipedians.
    • Krish Dulal - Nepali Wikipedia. Went out with him on a trip to Mount Royal. Discussed the various issues that are currently prevailing in the community.
    • Yann Forget - Met the first French origin Hindi Wikipedia contributor. Kudos!
    • Ravishankar Ayyakkannu
    • Prachatos Mitra
    • Shanmugam Pachamuthu - I shared the room with him. We met for the first time and I would love to collaborate with him for future programmes.
    • Neechalkaran Raja
    • Muzammiluddin Syed
    • Sailesh Patnaik
    • Jayanta Nath
    • Tanweer Morshed
  • During WEP talks and workshops, I made quite a few connections.
    • Vahid Masrour (WMF)
    • Nichole Saad (WMF)
    • Maria Cruz (WMF)
  • Other connections include,
    • Subhashish Panigrahi - His Kathabhidana tool is very good. I will certainly use it.
    • Srishti Sethi (WMF)
    • Musikanimal (WMF)
    • Irene Tait (WMF)
    • Rafia Anwar (Volunteer)

Anything else[edit]

I gave a lightning talk on "Students, WEP and Evolution". It is uploaded on the commons and can be accessed through this link: Students, WEP and Evolution.