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Event name[edit]

EMWCon Spring 2018

Participant connections[edit]

The enterprise MediaWiki conference was attended solely by enthusiastic, interested and well-informed community members. Discussions happened on a very skilled, sophisticated level while still inviting newer attendees to participate in sharing their questions and topics. The overall atmosphere was highly professional, welcoming and supporting growth in learning. Without favouring single persons, to me it was especially rewarding to work with everybody from the MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group and the numerous participants from NASA.


Blog post: How to fly the wiki way (newsletter will be published)
Working on two best practice wikis: for best practices within the community (not yet published) for a brief introduction into working with Semantic MediaWiki based on defining an ontology, as well as a showcase for an ontology pattern.


Budget breakdown planned:

Flight Vienna – Houston roundtrip USD 1100.00
Accommodation on average USD 125 per night x 6 nights USD 750.00
Event registration USD 424.35
Sum = USD 2274.35
 ≙  EUR 1850.14

Exchange rate: EUR 0.81348 and USD 1.229150 from 2018-01 Oanda

Budget breakdown real:

Flight Vienna – Houston roundtrip USD 1541.54
Accommodation AirBnB USD 374.70
Event registration discount student rate USD 160.39
VISA USA    USD 80.00
Sum = USD 2156.62
 ≙  EUR 1762.02

Exchange rate: EUR 0.81703 and USD 1.223800 from 2018-04-24 Oanda

Amount left over[edit]

Yes, USD 109.10 (EUR 89.14)

Anything else[edit]

Documentation of presentations:

Thank you for this great opportunity! It's an experience I will be feeding off for a long time.