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This Wikimedia Participation Support request was not funded. Reasons have been communicated with the request submitter on the Discussion page.

statusnot funded
Google I/O 2016 and Google Developer Group Global Organizer Summit 2016
summaryTo lead a workshop on Design Sprint at Google Developer Group Global Organizer Summit 2016, spread word about the Wikipedia developers tools among developers and startups during Google developer conference (I/O) and engage the local community by sharing resources and knowledge with developer and startup community.
event locationSan Francisco and Mountain View, California, USA
event date(s)May 17 & May 18–20, 2016
amount requestedUSD 380
home countryIndia
submitted on03:03, 16 March 2016 (UTC)

Proposed participation[edit]

About me[edit]

I am a Wikipedian since 2012. I received B.Tech in Electronics and Communications Engineering from KMCT College of Engineering (University of Calicut), India, and have successfully completed the MIT Accelerating Information Technology Innovation (AITI) Startup Accelerator Program at IIT Bombay in 2013 and Jagriti Yatra 2013. Also the founder of two multidisciplinary startups FareShare and Coffye Innovations. An engineering professional with a passion towards technology and innovations. Expert in the technology, tools and management techniques required creating first class products quickly and consistently. And a former Google Student Ambassador and Organizer of Google Developers Groups Kozhikode, involved in Google product testing, activities and many other initiatives as part of my term at Google. Also an active IEEE volunteer for past 5 years with high-level management, technical and leadership skills. In past 2 years, I have been working with organisations like Delta Tribe (as Community Manager) and Jaaga (as Manager - Developer Relations) on different initiatives to build better Startup and Developer Ecosystem in India.

For more, Wikipedia profile and LinkedIn profile.

My Works and Contributions to Community[edit]

For the past six years, I have successfully developed and maintained sustainable communities in IEEE and Google (as a volunteer), Startup Village, Jaaga and Kerala Startup Mission (Govt. of Kerala) related to Student, Developer, Startup, Electronic Communications, Computer Society, Education activities, Event management and Entrepreneurship. Currently the Community Manager of Google Developers Group Kozhikode (GDG Kozhikode) and Fellow of Kerala Startup Mission (Govt. of Kerala). I was involved in organizing Wikipedia talks during the regular meetups of GDG Kozhikode like Session on Editing Wikipedia by Netha Hussain (Editor at Wikipedia) to give awareness about Wikipedia and its opportunities to young developers and students across the city and Women Techmakers: Kozhikode 2014 to enhance the women engagement towards developers and open source field. And I am helping celebrities and organisations to start and build their public Wikipedia page and media wilki.

Please check out the detailed report of community activities I have been involved in and supportive document of the same.


I am invited to Google I/O 2016 as an early invitee with complimentary ticket as a recognition of my contribution to startups & developer/tech community, and also invited to Google Developer Group Global Organizer Summit 2016 as I am an active Organizer of GDG community. I am one among the few shortlisted volunteers who got selected for both the conference and summit. Following are my proposed participation to the conference, summit and other community engagement activities.

Google Developer Group Global Organizer Summit 2016[edit]

The GDG Organizer Summit is a community conference for GDG organizers who will be attending Google I/O, people attending I/O will be invited to community summit by default. Google Developer Group Global Organizer Summit hosts multiple community sessions which will help the organizers to learn and be better at community management and leadership.

Google I/O 2016[edit]

Google I/O is an annual developer/technology­ focused conference held by Google and and one of the world’s best technology conferences. Google I/O features highly technical, in depth sessions focused on building web, mobile, and enterprise applications with Google and open web technologies such as Android, Chrome, Chrome OS, Google APIs, Google Web Toolkit, App Engine, and more. Google I/O was started in 2008. This year’s Google I/O is special as they are celebrating their 10th anniversary of developer gatherings, it’s going to be 3 full days together to dive deep into developer content, code labs, and more.

I am attending the conference as an invited volunteer as a part of my community activities in developer and startup ecosystem.

My Wiki Project[edit]

I am working on a small project called Open Wiki project (server is down for some reason - backup link, it will be fixed soon) where we are documenting all the relevant and useful information on different areas and publishing it on our community wiki page to make it available to everyone (as open source content) such as Open PR, Open Data, Open Connect, etc.

For example, these days PR system is completely paid, making it difficult for students, developers and startups to reach out media, so we have worked with a few journalists from some major newspapers and prepared Open PR wiki-page (server is down for some reason - backup link, it will be fixed soon). Using this students, startups, developers and communities can have better access to PR, we have also prepared a list of major reporters from different media and location.

Other Community Activities[edit]

As a part of this US trip, I am also attending a few meetups where I am planning to talk about Wikipedia for Developers & Startups and meeting people from startup and developer ecosystem to learn and discuss about collaboration.

Goal and expected impact[edit]

Following are the goal and expected impact from each activity’s proposed participation. My primary goal is to give awareness about wide opportunities and resources available for Developers on Wikipedia and to engage in discussions with them about the future scopes in Wikipedia from a developer’s perspective.

Google Developer Group Global Organizer Summit 2016[edit]

We have multitrack community sessions lead by organizers and lightning talks where community organizers will talk about different topics. I am planning to run a workshop on Design Sprint with GV Design team for multitrack community session. Design Sprint is process / methodology to tackle any product and design challenges. GDG organizers are working with local developers and startups, and helping them on a lot of things. This workshop will help the organizer/community manager to learn how to run Design Sprint for their community members.

And I will be talking about the opportunities available for developers on Wikipedia Web API, Developer hub, Tech/Ambassadors, etc. during lightning talks. Also I will attend the sessions like community management, team building, developers sessions, codelab, etc. which will help me to organize and host future Wikipedia talks and sessions with best quality.

Google I/O 2016[edit]

I will be meeting the the developers and startups from the conference and spread word about the Wikipedia developers tools among developers and startup during Google developer conference (I/O). Also learning new technologies, tools, etc. and engaging the local community by sharing resources and knowledge with them by hosting experience sharing meetups and sessions at colleges and different communities.

My Wiki Project[edit]

I will be pitching this project to all people from the ecosystem during my trip and ask them to contribute, which will help to improve and update the content with more relevant information. Am also planning to build an open source mobile app for the same, where people can access information on their finger tips, so I will be meeting some great developers who would be willing to join me on this project. The idea is to eventually propose this small project as a Wikipedia project to Wikimedia Foundation, where people can learn different stuffs and search for ‘how to‘ questions.

I also would like to meet the Wikipedia team in person to discuss about the plan and get their feedback, suggestions and thoughts on the same.

Other Community Activities[edit]

Since I am attending a few meetups, I am working on a presentation on ‘How developers and startups can leverage Wikipedia content and tools for building awesome products’ and I am planning to talk about this whenever I get the opportunity (small groups, meetups, events etc.), which will encourage developers and startups to use Wikipedia contents and developer tools (like MediaWiki action API, RESTBase etc.) on their product.

And I am meeting people from startup and developer ecosystem to learn about their communities and bringing resources and connections to the few community initiatives I am working on, such as Device and Test Lab (for developers to work on their projects and test apps on different devices with feedback from a pool of users), Digitising Education System in Kerala, Startup Box, open coworking and makerspaces in different cities, etc.

Also I will be talking in different colleges, hosting a few meetups for community after my US trip to share my experience, knowledge, updates from Google I/O and community summit, which will help the local developers and students build apps/projects using new technologies.

Budget breakdown[edit]

Item Expense Remarks
Flight Fare - Round trip - Economy class (BLR to SFO) USD 1225 380 Rest, I am taking from my pocket and arranging from friends and family.
Accommodation (USD 55 per night x 14 nights) USD 770 0 2 days hotel is sponsored by Google, rest will be borne by me (also trying couchsurfing and other options). Also the room will be shared with a fellow attendee.
Visa fee (B1/B2 visa) USD 160 0 Already have visa.
Registration Fee USD 900 0 Received complimentary ticket from Google Inc. to attend Google I/O.
Food, registration, health insurance, local travel and incidentals USD 500 0 Food and local travel costs will be borne by me.
Total USD 380 Support on flight fare. Request for advance disbursement.

Other instructions[edit]

I have managed to arrange other expenses apart from the amount mentioned above, your support will help me to achieve the above mentioned goals. So I kindly request for support on my flight, I hope WMF grant committee will approve and help me to continue support the community.

Do you need advance disbursement?

I'd appreciate it if I can get the amount in advance as I need to get the flight tickets booked.


  • Farish is the community manager of GDG Kozhikode. It is a responsibility that he carries out with uttermost pride and dedication. Being a community lead he has always tried to help the community members and volunteers and fills everyone with the same level of enthusiasm as his. He frequently organizes various initiatives with developers and startups in focus to help them build great products, he has also enabled his connections and networks and shared his knowledge with the community members. He is worthy and ideal for this travel grant because what he learns, the connections or collaborations that he makes, the beneficiaries of it won’t be just limited to developers and startup but also extends to the student community.

-Revathy Manulal, Community Member and Volunteer at GDG Kozhikode RevathyLM (talk) 18:35, 18 April 2016 (UTC)