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This Wikimedia Participation Support request was funded in the fiscal year 2014-15. A report is available.

summaryI would like to present eridahs paper "A Vision for Performing Social and Economic Data Analysis using Wikipedia's Edit History" at the Wikiworkshop at the WWW conference.
event locationPerth, Australia
event date(s)3-7 April, 2017
amount requested$1500
home countryGermany
submitted on08:16, 1 April 2017 (UTC)

Proposed participation


I'm a researcher at the Department of Computer Science, Konstanz, Germany.

Together with the master student Erik Dahm in the program Social and Economic Data Analysis I wrote an interdisciplinary vision paper on the usage of the Wikipedia edit history in his subject of study. This paper was accepted for the Wiki Workshop 2017 held in conjunction with this year’s WWW conference.

We planned that Erik attends the workshop. He applied for a TPS grant that was approved. Unfortunately, unforeseeable circumstances prevent Erik from attending the workshop. I would like to fill in for him and present the paper.

Goal and expected impact


Our paper "A Vision for Performing Social and Economic Data Analysis using Wikipedia's Edit History" brings together two currently independent lines of research that study the collective behavior of Wikipedia contributors: Content-driven quality measures and user-centered editor surveys. Combining these two lines of research would enable a better understanding of high quality content and contributors on Wikipedia. The new analysis approach would also allow to better recognize high quality Wikipedia contributors and identify them as domain experts or future talents in their fields. Additionally, we envision that linking the two data sources could open up new directions in the research on team composition, expert search, or talent scouting. So, we expect that especially Wikipedia editors will profit from the future research that our work seeks to initiate.

Budget breakdown

  • Flight USD 1600
  • Accommodation: USD 70 per day
  • Transportation: USD 10 per day
  • Conference Registration: Min USD 230 (single day student pass)

I'm applying for the same amount of USD 1500, which was requestd in the TPS request of Erik Dahm.

Other instructions



  • As I am unfortunately not able to attend the wikiworkshop at WWW2017 mysef, I am very happy that Moritz, one of the co-authors, will be my substitute delegate. I think he is absolutely the right person to present our paper at the wikiworkshop and WMF at the conference. Therefore, I strongly support this application for TPS and hope that it will be approved as well as my previous application.