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Grants:TPS/visem/Wiki seminar Yangantau/Report

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Event name

Wiki seminar in Yangantau

Wiki seminar Yangantau

Participant connections

Working together on translating articles

Together with Саган, Jbuket, HalanTul, Frhdkazan, Drbug, Айсар and other experienced people from Bashkir wikipedia we managed to cooperate and work together and help to less experienced colleagues. During the seminar I also cooperate in different aspects with Users Тутыйғош, Ләйсән, Lizalizaufa, Аҡҡашҡа, Янмурза Баки, YANBEK, Рәшиҙә Ғизәтуллина, Эльмира Рифовна, Айлин777 and others, where we work together on different topics, such as creating articles, translating articles with ContentTranslation tool, creating and translating special articles, uploading images to commons, working with incubator, wikinews and other wiki-projects, transating interface etc.



Except reaching planned goals I think one of the most achievements was integrating Bashkir community to cooperation inside CEE, by promoting project CEE Spring 2016 in Bashkir Wikipedia. Also after speaking with HalanTul we decided to start this projects in Sakha Wiki.

Wiki-projects in Bashkir languages are needed to be started, so we tried to use Incubator and Янмурза Баки helped to translate interface of Wikiincubator.

Speaking about CEE Spring Contest
Presenting Wikiexpeditions together with Jbuket

With Айлин777 we managed to create the article in Bashkir language in Russian Wikinews project which is trying to support news in regional languages of Russian Federation.

First time I have been translating system messages. More than 200 messages have been translated by me into Ukrainian and several into Bashkir language.

During the seminar I had a possibility to make a speach about cooperation in CEE region, Wikiexpeditions (with User:Jbuket), organization of thematic weeks in Wikipedia, results of Bashkir thematic week in Ukrainian Wikipedia. Also I had a speach about other Wiki-projects (Wikinews, Wikivoyage, Wikiquote).

Together with Frhdkazan we discussed the situation with wiki-projects in regional languages in Russian Federation. Also we changed ideas about improving Crimean Tatar Wikipedia in which I usually take part.

With representatives of Wikimedia-Ru, Wikimedians of Bashkortostan User Group, representatives of Sakha and Tatar Wikipedia we discussed the future possibility of organizing Turkic conference. Also according to the level of organization of the seminar we discussed about possibilities of organizing International wiki-events in Bashkortostan.

Categories in Commons according to seminar events has been created, all pictures in the process of uploading in special category.



Travel costs calculation


Calculation made for 2 person: visem and Jbuket (documented costs)

Name Quantity Price per unit Total quantity
Air tickets Chișinău-Ufa-Chișinău 2 booked by WMF
Train tickets Kiev-Vinnytsia 2 91.02 UAH 182.04 UAH
Local transport in Vinnytsia 2 2.00 UAH 4.00 UAH
Bus tickets Vinnytsia-Yampil 2 81.05 UAH 162.10 UAH
Boat Yampil-Cosăuți 2 5.00 MDL 10.00 MDL
Bus tickets Soroca-Chișinău 2 73.90 MDL 147.80 MDL
Hostel in Chișinău 2 165.00 MDL 312.00 MDL[1]
Transfer by taxi to Airport Chișinău 1 95.65 MDL 95.65 MDL
Bus tickets Yangantau-Ufa 2 300.00 RUR 600.00 RUR
Train tickets Chișinău-Vălcineț 2 99.00 MDL 198.00 MDL
Bus tickets Mohyliv-Podilskyi-Kiev 2 191.55 UAH 383.10 UAH

Total amount:[2] 731.24 UAH, 763.45 MDL, 600.00 RUR

Anything else

With Gikü near Ștefan cel Mare oak in Strășeni District

During the seminar I shared with participants some ideas of Wikimeetup in Belarus which took place several days before Yangantau.

Also after the seminar we meet with Ukrainian diaspora and receive from them useful sources with information about Ukrainians in Bashkortostan.

On our way back via Chișinău we had a meeting with Gikü and we made together short trip in Moldova. During our trip we made several promotional pictures for future Wiki Loves Earth 2016 which planned to be upload during the contest.

Personal notices and opinions

  • Such kind of seminar is very useful especially for representatives of small language projects, where people can meet together, work intensivelly and share ideas
  • In this seminar the participants were more aged people than usualy we can meet in other Wiki-events. There were no problem with Gender gap, but in my opinion we should mind Age gap in the future by involving to wiki-projects both young and aged people
  • Representatives of regional languages should be involved more in wiki-events in international level even if their level of English is very bad
  • Wikimedians of Bashkortostan User Group made a good example for wiki-representatives of other regional languages in Russian Federation and abroad
  • According to high level of organization of Wiki-Sabantuy 2015 and Wiki seminar Yangantau some future international wiki-events can be hosted by Bashkortostan


  1. Price for two person
  2. Without air tickets