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Grants:PEG/WM AR/Annual Program Plan 2012/Report/Q4

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Interim report accepted
This interim report for a Project and Event Grant has been reviewed and accepted by the Wikimedia Foundation.

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See also: Monthly reports of October, November and December (Spanish and English).


In the last quarter of 2013, some of the projects that were proposed in the past months started to become real. There were a lot of opportunities for GLAM agreements, including the first edit-a-thon in Buenos Aires and some talks with institutions in Córdoba to do the same in 2013. A new agreement was written with the National University of Córdoba to do workshops and conferences about Wikipedia in 2013. Two new documents about Wikipedia are now available: a manual for editors in Spanish and the "Wikipedia in the classroom" booklet in Guarani, the first document in an American indigenous language about Wikipedia.

The administration of the chapter was improved: the bank account was moved to a new bank offering new products that improve the accountability and security of our resources. Our office was renovated, supporting this way the growth of Wikimedia Argentina in the past year, allowing us to host more meetings and activities there.

Federalization activities[edit]

Objectives: To organize two events in cities away from Buenos Aires to promote the participation of Wikimedians from the inner provinces of the country in the projects.


Jesuit Estancia of Alta Gracia, UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000.

On 21 and 22 October, several meetings with institutions of the province of Córdoba were held. On October 21, the Executive Director of Wikimedia Argentina met the director of the National Museum of the Jesuit Estancia of Alta Gracia, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2000. At the meeting, it was expressed the willingness of the Museum to engage with Wikipedians from Córdoba Province to rescue the historical heritage of the site and improve related articles on Wikipedia.

That same day, there was a meeting with the people in charge of the Digital Repository of the National University of Córdoba (UNC) and the team responsible for the digitization of the collection of Monsignor Pablo Cabrera to incorporate some of that material in Wikimedia Commons and Wikisource.

On day 22, there was a meeting with the Department of Educational Technology (ATE), part of the Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities of the National University of Cordoba dedicated to the promotion of new educational technologies into undergraduate and post-graduate courses and extension of the Faculty. The meeting served to refine the details to generate a cooperation agreement that allows the use of various joint activities about Wikipedia within the UNC. The agreement, to be signed in March, will give access to Wikimedia Argentina to one of the most immportantes educational communities of Argentina.

Gender gap activities[edit]

Some of the participants at the workshop.

Objectives: Increase female participation in Wikimedia Argentina by 25%.

Activities: On Saturday November 17, a workshop was organized with the Cultural Center Tierra Violeta, called Editing the gender gap in Wikipedia, under Tecnoviembre, a group of activities conducted by Tierra Violeta during the month. This meeting included more than fifteen participants, mainly women, and was based primarily on a Wikipedia editing workshop with gender perspective. The workshop covered the following topics:

  • General introduction to Wikipedia and its gender gaps.
  • Introduction to edit on wiki.
  • Select articles to create or improve.
  • Editing articles in Wikipedia.
  • Wikifying articles.


Participants in the edit-a-thon in the Museum of the Bicentenary

Objectives: Promote cooperation with GLAM institutions.

Activities: On October 2nd, Wikimedia Argentina and Wikimedia México participated in the 4th Latin American Summit of Librarians, Archivist and Museologists (EBAM). This event took place between October 1-3 October in the National Library of Argentina, in the City of Buenos Aires. There, a presentation was given to the audience showing the benefits of GLAM-Wikimedia cooperation initiatives for heritage and cultural institutions. The presentation included the experience of various institutions around the world and how they managed to make successful projects with Wikimedia volunteers. Participation in this event was well received by the attendees, mostly professionals from various cultural institutions in Latin America, opening possibilities for activities with them in the future. One of those included the M. Pablo Cabrera Archives of the National University of Córdoba (see above).

In November, talks with the Buenos Aires National School, one of the most prestigious educational institutions of the country, started. The project's aim is to publish part of the historical heritage of the institution, which has been partially digitized, including records, documents and photographs of the School. It will also be possible to upload photographs of Horacio Coppola's Buenos Aires 1936, which is well preserved in the archives of the College. Some of this material is already available on Wikimedia Commons. This pilot would serve as an starting point for major projects next year, when 150th anniversary of the institution will be celebrated.

On December 8th, nearly 20 Wikipedia volunteers participated in the first edit-a-thon organized in Buenos Aires. The event was hosted by Wikimedia Argentina and the Museum of the Bicentenary, which was also the venue for the activity. The museum released several high-quality images of objects currently on display, works of art from its collection and photographs of the museum itself. These 86 images were published under free licenses and can be used on Wikipedia.

Among the published images are the official portrait of Juan Domingo Perón and his wife Eva, made by Numa Ayrinhac, the presidential sash and baton of Raúl Alfonsín and the first presidential chair, used by Santiago Derqui. In only a few weeks, more than 40 images have already been used in more than 16 languages (from Spanish to Aragonese, Arabic and Ukrainian). It is estimated that over 2 million people per month will see the images of the Museum that are currently in use on Wikipedia, but that number could rise as volunteers illustrate new Wikipedia articles with these images.


Objectives: Promote the use of Wikipedia in educational environments, at different levels, including Bilingual Education in indigenous languages ​​of the region.

Activities: On mid-December, Wikimedia Argentina published the first edition of its booklet “Wikipedia in the classroom” in an indigenous language, like Guarani. “Vikipetã mbo’eha kotýpe” is also the first publication about Wikipedia in Guarani language and any other American indigenous language. The goal of “Wikipedia in the classroom”, both in Spanish and Guarani, is to help teachers to understand what is Wikipedia, how it works and how they can use it in an useful way. Most students already use Wikipedia so it is really important that teachers know what to do. 500 copies of this booklet were printed in January 2013.

During 2012, Wikimedia Argentina volunteers created a Wikipedia pocket manual, and was finally published in December 2012. This Quick guide for Wikipedians'' has 13 pages showing the main features of Wikipedia (with emphasis in the Spanish version). A new volunteer will be able to read in this manual the main policies ruling the site, a simple description of the editing process and the most used wiki syntax for formatting text.

The manual will be printed by Wikimedia Argentina in 2013 with the aim of using it as the main tool to disseminate Wikipedia in new audiences, because of its simplicity. Thus Wikimedia Argentina expects to raise awareness of how easy is to edit an article and thus increase the number of volunteers in Wikipedia.

Also, a project with the National University of Córdoba was proposed (see above) and will be implemented in March 2013.


Objectives: Create a public communication strategy

Activities: In mid-October the new website of Wikimedia Argentina was made available, including a user-friendly design. By using Wordpress as base, the new site will allow easier updates and the inclusion of plug-ins. Among the new features include the addition of a Twitter widget and a mobile version that will allow easier reading through portable devices like smartphones and tablets.

The old site remains at http://blog.wikimedia.org.ar with its archive, while the internal wiki for coordination between members is at http://wiki.wikimedia.org.ar.


“Wikimedia, new opportunities for libraries, archives and museums.” To the left, Osmar Valdebenito (WM-AR) and Carmen Alcázar (WM-MX) to the right.

Objectives: Strengthen cooperation between the Ibero American Wikimedia community.

Activities: Thanks to the engagement with other communities from the Ibero-American world, we were able to participate at the 4th Latin American Summit of Librarians, Archivist and Museologists (EBAM) (see above) with Carmen Alcázar, Project Director of Wikimedia México. Carmen's participation was possible thanks to a participation grant requested by her with Wikimedia Argentina's support. This allowed us to have a more "international" approach to our presentation, being able to contact people from different countries that were interested in our proposals. Also, Carmen had the opportunity to see our digitization program and see the possibility of do it with the Wikipedia Student Clubs in UNAM and UAM.

Reporting and documentation of expenditures[edit]

Official income statement for Q4 2012 (in Spanish, in ARS)

Details of expenditures:

Member fees 730,00 148,87
Total revenue 730,00 148,87
Operating activities 48.161,51 9.821,46
Stationary and supplies 1.870,10 381,37
Local transportation 124,67 25,42
Salaries 40.760,00 8.312,09
Notarizations 1.553,30 316,76
Computer services 2.457,68 501,19
General expenses 160,00 32,63
Bank fees (includes debit/credit taxes) 1.235,76 252,01
Wikipedia in the classroom 1.500,00 305,89
Traslation 1.500,00 305,89
GLAM activities 4.940,77 1.007,56
Travel allowances 4.454,48 908,39
Stationary and supplies 386,79 78,88
Other expenses 99,50 20,29
Wiki Loves Monuments 7.363,81 1.501,68
Prizes 5.802,84 1.183,36
Other expenses 60,97 12,43
Juries 1.500,00 305,89
Gender gap activities 493,90 100,72
Catering 493,90 100,72
Edit-a-thon at the Bicentennial Museum 606,00 123,58
Bracelets 90,00 18,35
Catering 516,00 105,23
Federalization 2.605,21 531,27
Travel allowances 2.605,21 531,27
Total expenses 65.290,71 13.314,58
Q1-Q4 net income 133.004,66 27.123,33
Additional expenses of 2012 Annual Plan in Jan-Feb 2013 (in Spanish, in ARS)
Member fees 0,00 0,00
Total revenue 0,00 0,00
Operating activities 45.095,39 8.942,18
Salaries 10.000,00 1.982,95
Office instalation 4.605,00 913,15
Office furnitures 2.420,00 479,87
Scanner 900,01 178,47
Stationary and supplies 2.286,70 453,44
Mailing 265,00 52,55
Notarizations 340,59 67,54
Travel allowances 278,09 55,14
Rent for 2013 (to be transfered in March) 24.000,00 4.759,07
Wikipedia in the classroom 4.000,00 793,18
Printing 4.000,00 793,18
Wiki Loves Monuments 565,30 112,10
Premios 565,30 112,10
GLAM 60,00 11,90
Travel allowances 60,00 11,90
Total expenses 49.720,69 9.859,35
2012 surplus 83.283,97 16.514,77
  1. Some expenses were paid after December 31 and should be counted officially as part of 2013 even though they were part of the 2012 Annual Grant programs. They are included here for information purposes.