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Grants:PEG/WM CZ/Mediagrant/Video camera

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Legal name of chapter
Wikimedia Česká republika / Wikimedia Czech Republic
Grant contact name
Grant contact user-name or e-mail
Grant contact title (position)
WM CZ grant coordinator
Project lead name
Matěj Baťha
Project lead user-name or e-mail
User:Jedudedek | jedudedek@hrejsi.cz
Project lead title (position), if any
Full project name
Video camera
Amount requested (in USD)
Provisional target start date
Provisional completion date

Budget breakdown[edit]

  • video camera with accessories: 2150 USD
    • camera: 1800 USD
    • additional battery pack: 100 USD
    • bag: 70 USD
    • tripod: 180 USD
  • two (one in Prague, one in Brno) one-day seminars on the use of equipment: 250 USD

sum: 2400 USD

Project scope[edit]

The project scope is to buy a video camera with bag, tripod and other accessories.

Project goal[edit]

The goal of the project is to enable our members shooting the film documents of activities and events in those cases, where the video is better than a photography, or when the video will usefully accompany the photos. There are many areas where still photos and sound samples can't fully substitute motion pictures such, as:

  • demonstrations of handicrafts
  • sports (figure skating, gymnastic figures, wrestling hugs…)
  • demonstrations of dances and ballet figures
  • jugglery
  • examples of playing musical instruments
  • examples of random professions (glass blowing, blacksmith…)
  • functions of machines or constructions (eg. steam locomotive wheels, Foucault pendulum, Newton's cradle…)
  • sign language examples
  • video coverage on Wikinews
  • video manuals for Wikibooks / Wikiversity
  • and many others…

The video camera also will be used to document activities of Wikimedia Czech Republic.

As a complementary equipment, it will also serve to relevant other grants: already funded Czech Municipalities Photographs, Acquiring scientific and specialized pictures and newly applied Documentation of Czech observation towers, Vernacular architecture, Folk costumes, traditions and customs in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia.

Non-financial requirements[edit]


Fit to strategy[edit]

Shooting short videos will complement articles and will help to improve atractivity of Wikipedia; the clips will also find their utilization on Wikibooks, Wikinews and as a valuable educational material on Wikiversity too.

Other benefits[edit]

Video camera, which would be lent by Wikimedia Czech Republic to its members and other Wikimedians, with appropriate workshops will popularize video shooting in the Czech community and thereby increase the number of video material available on Wikimedia Commons for using on other Wikimedia projects.

Measures of success[edit]

At least 100 video clips depicting at least 20 different activities will be recorded and published in the first year after purchase. Five events organized by Wikimedia Czech Republic also will be documented in the first year. Instructional text how to use video camera equipment, shoot video for Wikipedia, convert it into desired format and upload it to Wikimedia Commons will be prepared on Wikibooks.