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Grants:PEG/WM CZ/Presentation & Outreach/Report2012-1

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Interim report accepted
This interim report for a Project and Event Grant has been reviewed and accepted by the Wikimedia Foundation.
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This report covers development of Wikimedia CZ's "Presentation & Outreach" grant after the submission 2011 report, e.g. from December 2011 to the end of June 2012.



In hope of easier management of individual funding requests, two topics, Czech Ambassador Program and GLAM, were split off under curation of appointed supervisors. These topics work analogically to topics in our sister Mediagrant.

Czech Ambassador Program


CAP (aka "Students write Wikipedia") is our branch of Wikipedia Education Program, focusing on cooperation with academic institutions in the Czech Republic. By the end of June 2012, the program's expenses total 919 CZK, of which 848 CZK were processed and repayed.

As for the program itself, we're now coming to an end of 2012's summer term, in which around 165 new articles have been written -- this is roughly the same number that has been estimated on the start of the term, and a significant improvement over last term's 95 articles. The program's presence has been established on three major universities: Charles University in Prague, Masaryk University in Brno and Palacky University in Olomouc. Some further information can be found in post about the program at WMF blog, and there's also a Facebook page in Czech. for the next term there are plans to expand the program to other schools in Moravia, and to print leaflets for teachers and also detailed FAQ-styled material.

By establishing cooperation with academia, CAP brings Wikipedia both quality and credibility, and importantly also introduces promising people to editing in a way that reduces chances of getting bitten.


Czech GLAM meeting in February
Mining museum Mayrau

Provides support for GLAM WikiProject at cswiki. Expenses, totalling 5252 CZK in our period, mostly include travel rembursements for various GLAM-related meetings. Status of Czech GLAM as of February 2012 can be found in its report, the news since then include:

Cooperation with museums gives us mostly access to quality content to our projects. In addition to participation on GLAM-related activities such as the exhibition, we may also see it attracting new readers through projects like QRpedia.

Other buckets


These buckets are not independently supervised topics, but rather groupings of projects that are approved by P&O committee.

Conferences, Talks, Presentations


The only expense in 2012 (460 CZK) was Chmee2's trip to ecology conference in Ostrava, where he presented our Protected Areas wiki-project to about 60 people.

Presentation Equipment

WMCZ corner at Summer Book Fair in Ostrava

This year's Presentation Equipment bucket includes:

  • Polo shirts with WMCZ logos: we have the shirts, so far 11 of 30 pieces were given to our volunteers
  • Accessories for Presentation laptop: this includes mobile internet connection fees, bag, cables, etc. The laptop was used on eight WMCZ events in 2012.
  • Accessories for Projector: projection screen, laser pointer, and cabling were bought in March 2012; since then, the projector was used on three community meetups, two exhibitions and one photographic workshop

Total expenses for the above were 14362 CZK, and enable us to effectively present WMF projects on this year's as well as future public events.

Printed Materials

WMF staff tries out the memory game

In the first half of 2012, this group included:

Total expenses for the above were 18050 CZK. For exhibitions and similar events, having a set of printed materials is the best way to remind people of our projects when they get home and have a chance to explore Wikipedia and Commons. We have a good set of leaflets from previous year, so our only additions were related to Protected areas project, whose enthusiastic supervisors have also came up the memory game -- a creative way to introduce both Wikipedia and the project to potential participants, but also valuing contributions of existing members by showing them what can be done with photos they donated.

Exhibitions 2010-2011


This topic was basically completely included in the last year's report, with the exception of two updates.

Firstly, 2011's Wikiconference ended up with expenses of only about 1600 CZK instead of originally budgeted 7500 CZK, and is now filed under "Conferences" bucket in the tracker.

Secondly, Danny B., who was organizing most of our exhibition presence up to that point, came up with a claim of 55500 CZK in fees for his work in time when the previous report was to be published. After some controversy and discussions with WMF we've paid Danny 45000 CZK from P&O budget in February, making his participation worth 69% of all last year's exhibition expenses.

The moral of this story is probably that all agrements regarding planned projects shall be made as transparent as possible, and including all grant committee members in the bare minimum. Additionally, both board and grant committee members should inform each other about what they agreed upon with other organizations (such as The Foundation or sponsors), to ensure all concerned people fully understand their reasons and obligations. Finally, all such agreements should be written down so they can be referred to.

P&O committee agreed on a rules for paid work done for P&O grant projects that requires that all work that is supposed to be paid must be done with approval of the committee.

Exhibitions 2012

Wikimedia/Wikipedia flag on our tent at "Bambiriáda"

2012's exhibition bucket currently includes:

  • "Bambiriáda" is a four-day festival of organizations working with children and youth; our tent was promoting Wikipedia as an educational tool, drawing in children with physics experiments, and distributing our project leaflets to their parents
  • The Night in Silesian Museum Opava (our presentation was visited by 300-400 people; report in Czech; repayed, we're just waiting for paper receipts for some minor expenses)
  • Book fair in Ostrava is a two day book fair; apart from the traditional topics of editable encyclopedia and volunteer-uploaded free media repository, our presentation also focused on Wiki Loves Monuments and our media grant projects

Total expenses for these events were 17663 CZK. We consider exhibition presence to an important part of our activities, since they allow us to reach out to more diverse audience of people who are not as accustomed to the online world as the average Wikipedia user.


Jagro presents WMCZ projects at community meetup in Brno

The P&O's generic bucket contains mostly unordered tickets in various stages of completeness. Most of these have yet to be finalized, and include projects like:



P&O grant went through a bit turbulent times in 2011, at least the first half of 2012 appears as more stable period, both personally and interpersonally. Transparency of the project has seen an considerable improvement, and although not all expenses and reimbursements happen quite simultaneously, members of both WMCZ and general community can now have a pretty good overview of what is happenning with both P&O and Mediagrant money in our tracker. (The application was recently extended with a feature that allows users to directly upload scanned receipts and other documents. While these files are not public, they can be made available to WMF for inspection.)

P&O committee timeline

  • 2011-01-13: Danny B., Juan de Vojníkov and Milda appointed as the first committee by WMCZ board
  • 2011-05-10: Juan de Vojníkov resigns on his position
  • 2011-06-25: Danny B. is removed from the committee by WMCZ general assembly (which makes Milda the only member)
  • 2011-08-09: Jedudědek, Limojoe and Reo On appointed as the new committee by WMCZ board
  • 2012-02-14: Che, Jagro and Limojoe appointed as the new committee by WMCZ board

Finance of consolidated grants

This part is common for both P&O and Mediagrant, as the two are funded from the same pool of money.
Payment totals for WMCZ consolidated grants, as of 2012-07-21
grant topic tts unpaid paid overpaid
Czech Ambassador Program 4 - 848 CZK -
GLAM 5 - 5422 CZK 1877 CZK
Conferences, Talks, Presentations 8 - 17960.50 CZK -
Presentation Equipment 7 - 49299.80 CZK -
Printed materials 10 - 55823 CZK -
Exhibitions 2010-2011 8 - 65215 CZK -
Exhibitions 2012 3 - 8919 CZK 9202 CZK
P&O misc 11 - 1990 CZK 1072 CZK
P&O totals - 205477.30 CZK 12151 CZK
Mediagrant Czech municipalities 49 557 CZK 8520.58 CZK 2036.50 CZK
Vernacular architecture 1 - - -
Vernacular clothes and customs 2 - 2000 CZK -
Protected natural areas 66 2212 CZK 8085.50 CZK -
Scientific photography 3 - 120 CZK -
Important events 2 - 97 CZK -
Water bodies 0 - - -
Jewish monuments 10 1174 CZK 3257 CZK -
One-time requests / misc 21 - 88510.25 CZK -
MG totals 3943 CZK 110590.33 CZK 2036.50 CZK
Grand total 3943 CZK 316067.63 CZK 14187.50 CZK
Paid out in total 330255.13 CZK


  1. An up-to-date version of this table is available in WMCZ grant tracker
  2. Re ✱: There is a payment/ticket cluster involving tickets from P&O's GLAM and 2012 Exhibitions topics. Since it's not easy to automatically identify how payments for this cluster shall be allocated, they are split equally among both topics.

It should also be notes that column "overpaid" in the table above includes all payments from WMCZ grant account that don't have corresponding paper receipts in our file. These are either advance payments for expected expenses to trusted volunteers, or payments for expenses that are reasonably verified, but not all paperwork has been finished for the corresponding ticket. An example of this is The Night in Silesian Museum Opava, where there are verified (or in this case, prescribed) per-kilometer and per-day travel expenses, but the ticket as whole is not yet marked as payable because we're waiting for paper receipts for pretty small on-site purchases, and therefore the whole amount is counted as "overpaid". On the other hand, tickets are not counted as "unpaid" until their receipts have been filed, so there are trips which have been made but are not yet included in this summary.

Account balance


In 2010 we received 34260 EUR (868148.40 CZK) from WMF as funding for our consolidated grant programs.

As of 2012-07-22, WMCZ grant account balances are:

account balance ~ in CZK
common account CZK 1361.85 CZK 1361.85 CZK
savings account CZK 101439.38 CZK 101439.38 CZK
common account EUR 196.34 EUR 5016.70 CZK
saving account EUR 19126 EUR 488690.26 CZK
total 596508.17 CZK