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Grants:PEG/WM HK/Education Toolkits For Liberal Studies

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This submission to the Wikimedia Foundation Grants Program was funded in the fiscal year 2010-11. This is a grant to an organization.

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Legal name of chapter
Wikimedia Hong Kong
Grant contact name
Morgan Chan
Grant contact user-name or e-mail
Grant contact title (position)
Director & Commissioner for Communications
Project lead name
Rover T.F. Wong
Project lead user-name or e-mail
Project lead title (position), if any
Director & Commissioner for Outreach
Full project name
Education Toolkits For Liberal Studies
Amount requested (in USD)
USD 20000 USD 10000
Provisional target start date
July 2010
Provisional completion date
November 2011

Budget breakdown[edit]

Seminars and other promotional activities: around USD$3,000 in total for about 6 times

i.e approx. USD$500 per each time, including

- Budget for booking a venue

- WiFi Service for the venue

- Transportation fee

- Misc. : e.g refreshment

Publishing and shipping: USD 9000

Graphic Design/Cartoons Tasks for Freelancer: USD 5000

Misc: USD$3,000

Project scope[edit]

In the new syllabus of Hong Kong High School, Liberal Studies has been added as the compulsory subject. The Liberal Studies is a subject that requires students to find the information themselves and without the help from teachers as much as possible.

As Wikipedia is the 4th popular website and a major site for user to share and get knowledge for free, it is really necessary for us to teach Hong Kong students how to use Wikipedia and other Wikimedia Projects correctly, to get the information beyond the Wikipedia articles, by clicking to the links in the footnote. So we would like to set up a set of toolkits for secondary schools students, to promote Wikimedia to secondary school students in Hong Kong, and to encourage them to share their knowledge to Wikimedia projects eventually.

After this project is funded, we will start to create a set of toolkits to distribute to every secondary school in Hong Kong, also we will host talks in schools to introduce our toolkits.

This projects is linked with the 'Wikimedia Hong Kong and Wikimedia Asia' project, if the office project is rejected, the process and success of this project will be extended and affected.

Project goal[edit]

We will publish two toolkits:

A toolkit for Liberal Studies (For secondary school students)

A toolkit for Liberal Studies (For secondary school teachers/university professors)

All the publication will be public and available online.

Non-financial requirements[edit]

We would like to ask Wikimedia Foundation to provide the graphic design for the toolkit if possible.

Fit to strategy[edit]

This project will teach all the secondary school students and teachers in Hong Kong to use Wikipedia and Wikimedia Projects correctly include contributing, it will increase the no. of contributing users in Hong Kong.

Other benefits[edit]

We think this project can improve the image for Wikimedia and build a good relationship between Wikimedia and education sector in Hong Kong.

Measures of success[edit]

We will say this project is a success if most of the students in Hong Kong are using Wikimedia projects as their favorite sources for their homework or projects. We will do a survey after the project is completed, to measure the success of this project. Also, the no. of Chinese Wikipedia user and the no. of Wikimedia Hong Kong members should increase.

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