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Fantastic Four Javanese Language Wikipedia Competition
Legal name of chapter
Wikimedia Indonesia
Grant contact name
Siska Doviana
Grant contact user-name or e-mail
siska dot doviana at wikimedia dot or dot id
Grant contact title (position)
Executive Director (ad interim)
Project lead name
Project lead user-name or e-mail
  • prasetyo at wikimedia dot or dot id
  • ichsan dot mochtar at wikimedia dot or dot id
  • mulwardi dot tjitra at wikimedia dot or dot id
Project lead title (position), if any
  • Prasetyo - Project Director (Javanese language Wikipedia Revitalization Project)
  • Ichsan Mochtar - Deputy Director (Javanese language Wikipedia Revitalization Project)
  • Mulwardi Tjitra - (Central Administration - Wikimedia Cipta)
Full project name
Amount requested (in USD)

USD 0.00 (see: Wikimedia Cipta - Budget)

Provisional target start date

January 2011 (preparation)/ March 2011 (launching)

Provisional completion date

October 2011

Javanese language Wikipedia Revitalization Project[edit]

Supported by[edit]

Media partners[edit]

Budget Breakdown[edit]

Please note that the budget breakdown will be in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) for exact calculation, US dollar value only for comparison purpose.

Universitas Negeri Semarang
Wikimedia Foundation

Post funding - Phase I — Preparation, meeting coordination, and visit[edit]

1 No Preparation, meeting coordination, and visits Qty Unit x Qty Unit x Unit price
Total amount
Total amount
A Communication expenses (cellular and faximile)
A.1 - Prasetyo 1 person x 10 months x 100.000,- 1.000.000,- 111,11
A.2 - Ichsan Mochtar 1 person x 10 months x 50.000,- 500.000,- 55,56
A.3 - Hendra Prastiawan 1 person x 3.5 months x - - -
A.3 - UNNES' commitee (coord) 1 person x 7 months x 150.000,- 1.050.000,- 116,67
A.5 - UNNES' commitee (student) 4 person x 7 months x 100.000,- 2.800.000,- 311,11
B Communication materials 1 Unit x 150 person x 20.000,- 3.000.000,- 333,33
C Commitee
Commitee &mdahs; Semarang
C.1 - UNNES' commiteee (student) — first 3 months 5 person x 4 months x 500.000,- 20.000.000,- 2222,22
Commitee — Jakarta
C.2 - Prasetyo 1 person x 7 months x - - -
C.3 - Ichsan Mochtar 1 person x 7 months x - - -
C.4 - Siska Doviana [1] 1 person x 7 months x - - -
C.5 - Hendra Prastiawan 1 person x 4 months x 1.500.000,- 6.000.000,- 666,67
D Visits to UNNES
D.1 - Prasetyo 1 person x 4 Visits x 900.000,- 3.600.000,- 400,00
D.2 - Ichsan Mochtar 1 person x 3 Visits x 900.000,- 2.700.000,- 300,00
D.3 - Siska Doviana 1 person x 1 Visits x - - -
D.4 - Hendra Prastiawan 1 person x 3 Visits x 900.000,- 2.700.000,- 300,00
E Accomodation & meals
E.1 - Meals, taxi & airport taxes 1 person x 12 Visits x 729.000,- 8.748.000,- 972,00
Subtotal 49.598.000,- 5.510,89

Post funding - Phase II — Participants and commitee's training[edit]

2 No Participants and commitee's training Qty Unit x Qty Unit x Unit price
Total amount
Total amount
F Meeting room's expenses 2 person x 7 Meeting x - - -
G Participants' training (participants and trainer's consumptions)
G.1 - Phase I's training (March) 100 person x 1 Meeting x 25.000,- 2.500.000,- 277,78
G.2 - Phase II's training (May) 70 person x 1 Meeting x 25.000,- 1.750.000,- 194,44
G.3 - Phase III's training (August) 30 person x 1 Meeting x 25.000,- 750.000,- 83,33
G.4 - Informal training (June) 50 person x 2 Meeting x 25.000,- 2.500.000,- 277,78
H Commitee's compensation - UNNES' commitee (coord) 3 person x 3 Scoring x 750.000,- 6.750.000,- 750,00
Subtotal 14.250.000,- 1.583,33

Post funding - Phase III — Project launch and description[edit]

3 No Project launch and description Qty Unit x Qty Unit x Unit price
Total amount
Total amount
I Competition launching 50 Orang x 1 Meetings x 25.000,- 1.250.000,- 138,89
J Banner & Posters 1 Unit x 2 Package x 1.500.000,- 1.500.000,- 167,00
Subtotal 2.750.000,- 305,56

Post funding - Phase IV — Reward[edit]

4 No Reward Qty Unit x Qty Unit x Unit price
Total amount
Total amount
K Winner announcement 50 Person x 1 Meetings x - - -
L Netbook / Laptop 1 Unit x 7 Person x 3.500.000,- 24.500.000,- 2.722,22
M Study Scholarship 1 Unit x 5 Winner x - - -
Subtotal 24.500.000,- 2.722,22


  1. Siska Doviana's travelling expenses beared by Wikimedia Cipta Jakarts' Budget

Total expenses[edit]

Funding Wikimedia Cipta Rp. 89.598.000,-
Funding Universitas Negeri Semarang Rp. 1.500.000,-
Fund Total Rp. 91.098.000,-

Project Scope[edit]


Statistic of Javanese language Wikipedia Very Active User
  • Javanese language Wikipedia started in January 2003, in mid 2006 it began to have a more regular contributors and begin see its golden era for seven years in 2008. However the activity decreases and return to 2006 status with only 2 to 1 regular contributors for the last two years.
  • The Javanese language Wikipedia rank 71 in the number of page being viewed by 1,2 million viewers a month. With around 27,000 articles in 2010 Javanese Wikipedia and Wikipedian has a bigger potential growth.

Target audience[edit]

  • Papat Limpad (English: Fantastic Four) is a project dedicated to revitalize very active contributor in Javanese Language Wikipedia. The project is an intervention project to Javanese Language Wikipedia natural declining stage by introducing a competition system in writing for Javanese Language Wikipedia to Universitas Negeri Semarang (Public University Semarang) as incentive to 100 students that will compete writing in Javanese language Wikipedia for seven months. Four laptops will be given to top writer contributors, while one laptop will be given to the head of Javanese Language Academy Major.
  • The committee will travel between Jakarta and Semarang regularly every month to make sure that the initiative take place by doing face-to-face meeting training and evaluation.

Project Goal Javanese Wikipedia[edit]

  • Using this intervention approach, the organization hope to see more sustainable growth for six months in 2011 with minimum of six very active user and in the same time doing outreach in its language based city.

Fit to strategy[edit]

  • Increasing reach.
  • Increase contribution.
  • More articles using Wikimedia Indonesia writing competition standard, more readers, and hopefully more quality article.

Other benefits[edit]

  • Active participation and support from the Dean and student of University being selected.
  • Coordination with and support from relevance Language Academy (Balai Bahasa)
  • Local mainstream media (Semarang) attention to further boost the revitalization effort.
  • Possibility of national media attention, since it is grassroots supported, off line, and unique.
  • Established new contact and new based of contributors in a more concentrated area where the language is based.
  • A regular face to face meeting between equally passionate people to support the conservation of their own native language.
  • Dissemination of Wikipedia awareness, especially of Javanese Wikipedia
  • Increasing number of article in general and most importantly good quality articles.
  • Improving general performance of Wikipedia such as page view and edit, as indicated by relevance statistics.

Non-financial requirements[edit]

  • Sue Garder to sign certificates for successful participants and reference letter for top five winners.

Measures of success[edit]

  • This project is a success if Javanese language Wikipedia maintain a sustainable growth of articles for six months in 2011 with minimum of six very active contributors.
  • A complete cycle of project from planning, execution, monitoring to reporting (evaluation).