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Thank you for this report[edit]

Thank you for submitting this complete report on time. We look forward to reviewing the report in more detail in the coming months, and learning more about your accomplishments in the past year. Please monitor this page for questions and feedback about this report, and reach out to us at any time if you have any questions or concerns.

Cheers, Winifred Olliff (Grants Administrator) talk 17:52, 1 April 2014 (UTC)

Comments on WMCH’s impact report from FDC staff[edit]

Thank you for submitting this complete report, colleagues at Wikimedia CH! We especially appreciate your sharing what went well and what did not go well openly, along with the key lessons you learned and improvements you are making as a result. Projects are not always successful, and as you continue to learn, we hope you will continue to document what you’ve learned in reports like this and through learning patterns. We also appreciated the inclusion of photos that were supported by WMCH in the report.

We understand you are very excited to have hired your new staff team and to be working according to the community liaison model, and we hope this approach enables great program work and more impact. You increased your membership by 190%, and to this end, hired staff to support members and volunteers. We appreciate that you are thinking about how to better structure your annual planning process with a revised schedule for the call for projects, and how to balance community participation with a process that is also led by staff but that includes strong volunteer participation. Revising this approach seems healthy and appropriate, and we look forward to the results.

Congratulations on supporting the upload of 11,453 pictures, including 437 quality images! We were pleased to not only see these numbers but get a sense of their quality level. GLAM work has been a key area of focus of WMCH and important lessons were learned this year. For instance, despite large amounts of valuable content produced through projects like the Swiss Herbarium project, a bottleneck in uploading this content prevented it from becoming available on the projects. In another case, the EduWiki conference did not happen due to lack of support from the partner institution. We appreciate that WMCH is attempting to address issues like this by focusing more on fewer activities and by supporting tools like the GWToolset. We also appreciate that WMCH is turning a more critical eye to the benefits to the Wikimedia movement of some types of GLAM work, like QRpedia projects, to ensure that future partnerships also have value to the movement. We note that WMCH is now grouping together its GLAM and Education work as a result of this year’s learnings and we are curious to see how this work will be integrated into your programs and approaches to improve them. We look forward to impressive amounts of content supported through these programs and partnerships, and will be following your progress with interest.

WMCH continued its work with supporting like-minded organizations and offering scholarships and other support to individuals and groups outside of Switzerland, and these programs have had mixed results so far. We hope WMCH will document how these programs help you achieve movement goals as you move forward in this work.

On a more general note, we are looking forward to the results of your more focused and structured approach to programs, which is already being demonstrated by your increased activity during Q1. We appreciate that 2013 has been a learning year for WMCH, and in 2014 we look forward to seeing the results.

Best regards, and with thanks, KLove (WMF) (talk) 23:19, 22 July 2014 (UTC)