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Report received[edit]

Thank you for submitting a complete report for Q3 on time. We look forward to reading more about your activities. Due to the timing of the FDC funding cycle, it will take staff a little longer than usual to offer feedback about this report and post clarifying questions. We appreciate your patience with this process, and welcome any urgent questions or concerns that you may want to address before our comments are ready. Thank you for your attention to the reporting process during this busy time and best regards, Winifred Olliff (Grants Administrator) talk 02:09, 9 November 2013 (UTC)Reply

Comments from FDC Staff on this report[edit]

Thank you for this report, and thank you in advance for making the effort to read and respond to our comments and questions. Winifred Olliff (Grants Administrator) talk 00:38, 21 December 2013 (UTC)Reply

Financial summary[edit]

  • We are reading the actual cumulative expenses as 2,457,930 SEK, or 50% of WMSE’s revised budget of 4,854,000 SEK. Spending in this quarter has decreased from 17-19% spent in Q1 and Q2 to 13% in Q3. There is significant underspending (cumulative spend rates of less than 10%) in the areas of Reader participation, Free knowledge awareness and Community support, while cumulative spending rates in staff, administration, content liberation and education are all greater than 50%. The bulk of spending in terms of actual amounts was concentrated in staff and administration during Q3.


  • Congratulations to WMSE on its mention in the Financial Bill and congratulations to Ylva Pettersson for her recognition on using Wikipedia in the classroom!
  • We appreciate that WMSE continues to submit detailed and reflective reports covering its many activities. In addition to this report, we recognize and appreciate that WMSE continues to share regular blog posts with the movement.
  • Thanks to WMSE for sharing images and videos in this report. We encourage WMSE and other entities to continue to make their reporting more rich in content other than text, such as images and videos.
  • We hope others might learn from WMSE’s new system for tracking equipment from the technology pool if it is successful and we look forward to reflections on this as it is put into practice. Thanks to WMSE for sharing its approach.

We would like to learn more[edit]

  1. Please explain how the meeting for bot users contributes to the Community Support program’s objectives of getting more underrepresented groups into the projects and increasing editor’s satisfaction.
  2. In Q2 WMSE launched its minigrants program and reported on its first results, but we don’t see any information about that in this report. Can you share an update?
  3. Please explain what WMSE means by “Creation of accounts need to be considered” in the lessons learned section for the education program?
  4. What are the goals for the Open Database for Public Art, as WMSE engage more and more municipalities in the program?
  5. We are particularly interested in how WMSE is measuring or moving toward measuring the outcomes or results of some of its programs, and so would like to follow up with questions about different metrics for some of these programs.
    • WMSE lists increasing editors’ satisfaction as one of the objectives for the Community Support program. Did WMSE make any attempts to measure changes in editor satisfaction?
    • Does WMSE measure how often the images produced using equipment from the technology pool are used in the projects in order to determine if the technology pool is helping volunteers contribute useful content?
    • One of WMSE’s objectives for its education program is that Wikipedia is used as a teaching tool in education. To understand if WMSE is working toward this goal, has WMSE conducted follow up with educator-participants in its education workshop to see how they have made use of Wikipedia in the classroom after the workshop? Does it have a strategy or system for selecting the educators who participate in the workshops?
    • We are interested in the outcomes or results of Wiki Loves Monuments, and we are interested to know if WMSE sees Wiki Loves Monuments as an opportunity to learn about or increase in the retention of new and existing contributors to the project. For example, does WMSE continue to track the contributions of participants after the contest to see if editing or contributing activity continues? What proportion of the 109 participants in the contest were new contributors?

Suggestions for future reports[edit]

  • Thanks to WMSE for providing detailed information about the organization’s growth and the growth of the communities WMSE is working with this quarter. In future reports please show how this information has changed from the most recent quarter so we have more context for understanding this growth over time.
  • Thanks to WMSE for reporting on its many successful activities; however, we also encourage WMSE to share challenges as well as successes in its reports and to reflect on those challenges to show how it is learning from its activities.
  • We appreciate that this report contains detailed descriptions of many activities, but we encourage WMSE to work on showing how its many activities are united by shared objectives which are part of a coherent organizational strategy.