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Comments from FDC staff on Wikimedia France’s Q1 report[edit]

  • You did a lot this quarter! We appreciate that you did a good job of summarizing your work in the sections at the beginning and the end of the report. We know this is not easy with so many program activities happening.
  • We like your expansion of the “lessons learned” question for each of your programs, as we also consider this question extremely important. It was a pleasant surprise to see that you added the question, “What lessons should we draw for the forthcoming quarters?” In general, we appreciate the quality of your responses here.
  • Congratulations on 9,454 photos uploaded in addition to the 17,000 from Wiki Loves Monuments. Thank you for tracking this, along with edits in the main namespace.
  • We are eager to see the results of the implementation of your quality policy, which is just getting underway.
  • Thank you for sharing the impressive content contributed through activities like Wiki Loves Monuments in this report. We enjoy the photo collage format used to showcase your program objectives and timeline.
  • We like that you are thinking strategically about lessons learned from Wiki Loves Monuments and how to improve future competitions by clearly stating a theme, understanding the implications of partner relationships, and integrating the contest more fully with other activities and objectives (such as your work to expand your activities throughout France).
  • We also appreciated your thoughts around how to make partnerships more effective.
  • We are enjoying getting a better understanding of your approach to supporting local volunteers. It seems like you are learning a lot from your experiments with this. For example, we are interested to learn more about how your work connecting volunteers in different regions goes and are continuing to follow programs like your technology pool and your efforts to support volunteers in securing funding for their projects through different strategies like crowdfunding.
  • We are glad to hear you are taking time to reconsider your Afripedia approach on the basis of your challenges, and that you are moving toward more involvement from local partners.
  • We are eager to learn more about how the content from the successful mass uploads ends up being used.
  • Thank you for sharing your lessons learned around the redesign of your communications materials, and you can approach this more effectively in the future. All that said, the design of the new Wikirevue is beautiful ;)

Thank you for this report, and we look forward to your impact report! Winifred Olliff (WMF Program Officer) talk 22:56, 9 January 2015 (UTC)[reply]


  1. Lessons learned on the reshaping tools communication.

Following the redesign of the WikiRevue we have very good return on this communication tool. As prove, the association has printed 3 times more copies than last year in the same period. However, we are currently distributing 600 journals per quarter but we are sending 6500 by mailing. In conclusion it would be interesting to work on a web version more easily distributable to all of our contacts. We have, during Q1, worked on the Flyers for the presentation of Wikimedia projects whose design was approved by the vast majority of volunteers. We also had very positive feedback from our partners. The content have to change again and we will provide workshops on this theme during Q3. Communication on social networks improved significantly. We have a net increase in followers and likes and we believe than make a viral web campaign / video to further will develop our e-reputation.

  1. Describe the work as a liaison between volunteers from different region

The first time had been used to create mailing lists for all regions. It allows contributors to contact their regional lists with the aim of uniting local communities by organizing meetings. A list of inter-region and dedicated to territorial development discussion list also been created. It brings together in one place for discussion all referents local groups but also those involved or simply interested in territorial development. One weekend strategy is scheduled for the end of Q3 (more about this in our next quarterly report). All references local groups have been invited to join the Board of Trustees and employees to reflect on the multiplication of actions by regional groups. This opportunity will allow many people to meet for the first time and share their experiences. A transversal action project to all local groups will be proposed in consultation with the referring member on the issue of territorial development. This will take advantage of the strength of our network present in major French cities to continue to offer the public to join the local dynamics but also encourage contributors without local group to try it close to home.

  1. How is valued the content of the mass upload?

The Wikimedia projects, mass upload content are highlighted on Wikimedia Commons by creating a special category and a specific band for data analysis using tools such Glamorous, baglama ... Internally, upload mass are measured in Wikirevue and quarterly reports. The next upswing of an internal newsletter (Wikilettre) will allow volunteers to realize, if they wish, images reuse work on Wikipedia and other sister projects. Externally, we will implement visual graphics to highlight the different mass upload content (like the actions including a significant number of upload as WLM). These visual graphics and will represent the main space in the imported data and reuse rate.

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