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Postponed deadline


By mail FDC has accepted a deadline to May 8 for Q3 report from Wikimedia Norway.

Till then, this is the summary of the Annual Assembly approved by the board meeting March 23.

Wikimedia Norway 2014/2015


English summary of presentation for the Annual Assembly in April 2015.
URL Norwegian full text: http://no.wikimedia.org/wiki/Årsmøte_2015/Årsmelding_2014_2015
During the board period of 2014/2015 Wikimedia Norway continued its high level of activity. The board and the employees have organized and continued the work with numerous projects, activities, events and other initiatives aimed at members, wiki-communities, media and several public and private partners. We have largely taken initiative to underpin the mission of our organization, and arranged all of our work accordingly.
The document presented at the Annual Assembly and this summary gives a short overview of important points of the activity of Wikimedia Norway in the last board period. It does not include different reports, budget numbers, accounts and other more detailed statements on specific projects, which is found in separate documents.

Board of Wikimedia Norway

The Board of Wikimedia Norway 2014/2015 consisted of 7 members and 1 assistant member, as well as 1 employee representative (not ordinary board member).

  • Jarle Vines (Chairman of the board)
  • Erlend Bjørtvedt (Vice Chairman of the board and Treasurer)
  • Ole Anders Flatmo (Member and Secretary of the board)
  • Knut Hjelleset (Member of the board)
  • Trond Trosterud (Member of the board)
  • Astrid Carlsen (Member of the board)
  • Hogne Neteland (Member of the board)
  • Harald Groven (Assistant member of the board)
  • Jorid Martinsen (Employee representative)
Board meetings, board work and its overarching aims

The board has had 13 regular board meetings in this period (as of March 23). Board meetings have mainly been held via Skype, but also direct meetings have been held when possible. Meeting activities in association has been well on par with previous years. Reports from board meetings can be found online:
URL: http://no.wikimedia.org/wiki/Oversikt_over_styremøter
Beyond meeting, the Board has had regular contact, including by email, and individual members themselves in connection with individual matters, meetings, events and tasks of the association. The Board believes it is important to have good and practical contact with employees in the Board work itself, and has a dedicated employee representative present at board meetings. There is today a new situation in the Wikimedia Norway, where a significant portion of the work is being done by employees, and not just volunteers. We rely on expedient interaction between staff and others in the association, and we have in recent period reaped good experience of working with employees. The basis for the Board`s work is our Bylaws and the Board instructions. The Bylaws § 2 sets Wikimedia Norway`s mission; to strengthen Wikimedia projects, particularly in the Norwegian and Sami languages, through:
1. The collection of economic resources through gifts and grants, and the distribution of these funds.
2. Participating in coordinating cooperation between the projects, and cooperating with third parties where this can serve Wikimedia projects.
3. Strengthening cooperation with Wikimedia projects in other Nordic countries, and internationally.
4. Promoting Wikimedia projects.
5. Being a party of hearing in relation to authorities and organizations regarding copyright issues.
“Strategy 2011-2015” has previously summarized an overarching objective for Wikimedia Norway, and the Board`s work in this period has reiterated this:
«Wikimedia Norway shall be the leading Norwegian organization for people who thinks that knowledge sharing and open knowledge brings the society forward. We shall be a visible proponent of open and independent knowledge sharing. We shall contribute to the opening of Norwegian information and public data for a global audience in free license. »


Wikimedia Norway is member of:

  • IKT-Noreg, Movation and Studieforbundet næring og samfunn.

Wikimedia Norway hired in 2013 its first ever staff members:

  • Astrid Carlsen (full time)
  • Tor Arne Bjerke (part time)
  • Jorid Martinsen (part time)

All 3 had their engagements extended through 2014 and into 2015.
As of February 18 this year, Astrid Carlsen has been designated as Executive Director of Wikimedia Norway. Any needs for changes or adjustments in formal duties as General Manager are handled by the acceding Board, if the division of labor between board and employees require it.
Prospects of engagements and positions in the coming period: see details in finance and budget documents 2015/2016.


See accounting and budget documents for details.
The economy of Wikimedia Norway has been good throughout the period, with respect to projects, activities and daily work. Funding by the Wikimedia Foundation has made it possible to carry on with a small office at “Frivillighetshuset” in Oslo, and 3 employees on full or part-time with our projects. The Board has not jet had the financial freedom in 2015 to extend contracts or obtain supplementary resources, to the extent we would ideally done, considering the ongoing activities and current projects. Increase in income from donations and government grants have not increased sufficiently in the last period, despite heavy efforts. The new board must continue this work and follow up ongoing processes.

Media Coverage

Norwegian media – newspapers, magazines, radio – had also last year much coverage related to Wikipedia. Some articles are collected in an overview on our website:
URL: http://no.wikimedia.org/wiki/Hovedside#Wikipedia_og_Wikimedia_i_norske_media
Not only the projects, but also Wikimedia Norway itself has been the subject for media coverage. The Board and our employees have actively sought media review for our activities. The seminar at “Litteraturhuset” in November got media coverage from Dagsavisen, Klassekampen and Nynorsk pressekontor, and is one of several good examples of successful efforts to get media coverage on our events. Article in Dagens Næringsliv on our complaint in connection with government grant scheme for online encyclopedia, is an example from another part of our activities, where we manage to get media attention on our views. See the URL for more examples of our media coverage.


Wikimedia Norway has been working on a variety of events, activities and projects in this period. The level of activity in Wikimedia Norway has definitely never been higher then in 2014/2015. At the Annual Assembly 2015 the Board highlighted the following points and work performed for discussion among the members:

  • Work related to the recruitment of more female contributors. Dedicated project employee.
  • Seminar at «Litteraturhuset» at November 27.
  • The project «Wikipedia Training for female students», whit financing of NOK 250 000 from Fritt ord and Finansmarkedsfondet. Ongoing activities and dedicated project employee.
  • Production of film material, training films, intended for multiple platforms. URL: https://vimeo.com/channels/wikipedia
  • Wikipedian in Residence, National Library.
  • Monthly events, workshops, at the National Library.
  • 5 Wiki-workshops in cooperation with various cultural institutions.
  • 2 days comprehensive Workshop at Oslo National Academy of the Arts in August.
  • Seminar at NTNU University Museum in December.
  • Seminar at Nordlandsmuseet in November
  • WLM 2014. International photo contest that gave many good and relevant Norwegian heritage images at Wikimedia Commons. Organization and prizes for the Norwegian contest.
  • Kick-off for WLM 2014, Oslo. Full day event including photo safari, open office and social wiki-meetup at evening.
  • Writing event for women along with Girl Geek Dinners Oslo. Radio interview.
  • Conference Participation from Wikimedia Norway, Wikimedia Conference in Berlin and Wikimania.
  • Visit from Wikimedia Foundation in August, including lunch with partners and members.
  • WP-writing relay with high profiled female writers
  • Planning and work with upcoming Wikipedia Academy.
  • Practical work from board members and employees related to our office. First year of full activities.
  • Assorted other wiki-courses, events, workshops and meet-ups throughout the year.

Other important, ongoing tasks such as prizes for competitions on-wiki, social events, photo safaris etc. The Board sees potential for more active recruitment of Wikimedia Norway members coming period.

Reports to Wikimedia Foundation

Wikimedia Norway has in association with grants from the Wikimedia Foundation prepared separate, regular reports on our activities and projects.

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