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Comments from WMNO staff[edit]

Thank you for this staff assessment and for all the useful feedback the last 6 months on our reports and the rewritten proposal from January 2018. Here are some additional comments from the WMNO staff:

Please note that the proposed increase in staff from 2.3 till 2.55 is only for 6 months and will be funded by matching funds from The National Library and WMNO.

I addition to the NIKK (Nordic Information on Gender) application mentioned in our application and your assessment we currently have two applications for funding for review, one for the Northern Sami project and one to fund Gender gap-events. Last year we were granted 100,000 NOK in funding from The Arts Council in Norway for the Bodil Biørn-projcet (a collaboration with Wikimedia Armenia and The National Archive). We have learned that applying for funding with well-known partner organizations can help get an application approved and have worked on getting suitable partners for our applications. We are in discussions for reapplying for funding from The Arts Council in September 2018.

Learning from past WiR-positions and feedback from Glam partners hosting WiR, our discussions with The National Library landed in the end successfully on a model of matching funds for a temporary position. This is a model that works with Norwegian work life. The National Library is WMNO’s main partner in the overlap of gender gap and Glam work and the position could because of this have high impact in this field. The Partnership WMNO have with The National Library is one of our most important ones. The National Library also have a strong focus on the gender gap in history and literature. With The National Library, we collaborate on both Glam, gender gap and education projects. This means the different projects are easier to work on and develop because they overlap. The temporary position will be important for this work. We want the position to be relevant and have impact for both WMNO, The National Library and the wikipedian offered the position. A job description has been discussed by us and The National Library and written down to have common expectation given we can secure the necessary funding.

By 21 May we have reached 17,218 content pages and by and by 30 June we will reach 47,218 content pages. The 30,000 content pages coming are an image donation from The Directorate of Cultural Heritage and a Wikidata upload from the National Library we are working on now. New editors we count only from the Wikipedia Education Program Dashboard and the trainings we do with educational partners and at other events. With the high number of people we have reached through different events an in social media / media /by email the last year the number of new editors that can be connected to our work is properly higher, but we don’t have a good way of estimating how many. --Astrid Carlsen (WMNO) (talk) 19:27, 21 May 2018 (UTC)Reply[reply]