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We would like to request a reallocation of the funds remaining funds of 289.50 EUR to the User Group for use in our ongoing and future projects. Sameichel (talk) 17:06, 21 March 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Report comments[edit]

Hi Sameichel. Thank you for this report. We really appreciate the time and effort put into reporting and the lessons learned that we can share across the movement with other grantees. The report is approved. We have a few questions/comments below and would appreciate your response.

  1. It sounds like you've developed good partnerships with several institutions and outside of Dublin as well. It's great to build on these relationships as you can tap into their network and organize events that speak to their specific interests. We are continuing to foster the relationship with NUI Galway, especially since one of our group members is based there. She organised a photo walk around campus to get better photographs of campus buildings and encouraged participants to upload the images to Commons for wider use.
  2. We recognize that it has been quite difficult to ensure good attendance at all your events and to recruit new folks into consistent volunteers. Hopefully the user survey will give you some insight into the types of activities/events that your user base is interested and wants from the group. We're happy to talk through the results of the survey with you to brainstorm how best to move forward. If you have the results by the Wikimedia Conference in Berlin we can certainly talk there.We have gotten the results back from our survey. We will be discussing it as a group this week. I welcome any guidance you can give us.
  3. Despite the challenges, having an average of 59% of new editors continuing to edit after 6 months is really impressive! I was surprised by that. It seems to be hit and miss with some events generating a large amount of continued editing and some generating none. There doesn't seem to be any pattern.
  4. Do you have an idea why there was so many more edits at the Cochrane Symposium event? Were the participants more experienced editors?The Cochrane event was organised by their Wikimedian in Residence Sydney Poore and targeted any already active group of editors who are very passionate about the subject matter. I suspect that was why it was one of the more successful events we ran.
  5. What kind of follow-up have you done with the folks that attended your conference talks? Were you able to get their email addresses?We did not collect email addresses, though we might think about having a sign up sheet for out mailing list at future events. We have been in contact with some conference members through Twitter and Facebook and a very few through email. This is something we need to work on moving forward.

Regarding the unspent funds, please let us know how you plan to spend them and by when. We ask that you provide a brief summary on this page of how the funds were spent and send us the scanned receipts via email. We plan on using the funds for travel costs for events, to pay for WiFi when we need it, and for printing. I will notify when the funds are used. Thank again for this report! Best, Alex Wang (WMF) (talk) 04:33, 16 April 2016 (UTC) Thanks for the feedback Sameichel (talk) 13:10, 16 April 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Unspent Funds[edit]

Alex Wang (WMF) We had planned on using the funds to send a member to Wikimania, but that fell through. We would now like to use the funds for hosting costs of our website. We estimate it will cost about €50 per month. Therefore the €258 should get us 5 months of hosting. We are working on getting it up and running this week so we should have a more specific costing then. Thanks for your patience! Sameichel (talk) 12:26, 19 July 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Hi Sameichel. Thank you for the update. It's fine to use the remaining funds for website hosting. Any additional remaining funds can be absorbed by the group. Please be sure to send us the documentation of expenses when you have them. Cheers, Alex Wang (WMF) (talk) 15:57, 19 July 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Alex Wang (WMF) : As was noted above, 258 EUR was originally re-allocated to fund travel in Ireland to Wikimedia events and then to website hosting for Wiki Loves Monuments. Here is the breakdown of how the funds were utilised:

€72.09-2 months of website hosting for the WLM contest site €89.00-for 1 hotel room in Galway for a WLM editing event* €59.96-for 2 train tickets to Galway for a WLM editing event*

  • Due to the timing of the event we had to stay the night in Galway, as there were no further trains back to Dublin. We are happy to cover these costs ourselves if required. That leaves €36.95 from the original amount remaining. We are happy to return that if required. Thanks again for your patience! Sameichel (talk) 15:25, 3 November 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Hi Sameichel. Thanks for the update. It is fine to cover the cost of the extra night stay. Please keep the remaining funds to use for other mission aligned activities. We do need documentation of any new expenses. Once they have been submitted we can close this grant. Thanks, Alex Wang (WMF) (talk) 23:36, 8 November 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]