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Report accepted[edit]

Greetings, Mujeebcpy and Ranjithsiji: Thank you for your work on this report, and for your patience during our review. It's impressive that your team of six organizers were able to gather more than 500 people to the workshops over the course of several months, and we're excited to see how you interact and engage the participants in the future. We're happy to accept this final report and documentation of expenses with the following questions and comments:

  • Since you mentioned the challenge of lack of access to computers and devices during the workshops, do you think the overall success of your project could have impact on encouraging additional digital equipment at these institutions in the future? What would you need in order to achieve this, if possible?
  • I hope that in the future these results might offer evidence to push for better access and logistical support with your partnering institutions. We would be interested to know how WMF could contribute to this in the future.
  • I wanted to call out the delay in WMF's funding decision and recognize that it was a contributing factor in pushing back delivering the workshops, in addition to other unexpected events such as the strikes and school schedules. I'm sorry that they put you in an unideal situation, but I applaud you for working through those challenges and maintaining some flexibility.
  • Did you encounter any returning participants in your workshops? Have you identified any new contributors or editors who have been active since, or want to be part of your community?

Thank you for your work in shaping these events, and for imparting your experience with us! I especially enjoyed the photo documentation of the workshop series, and I hope encourage you to keep track of them in a Commons category! You never know when they might be useful for future reference :).

All the best, Morgan Jue (WMF) (talk) 22:47, 8 April 2019 (UTC)