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Greek Wikipedia

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Started: December 2002, some page histories show content edited in 2001 because of article imports from English

Current size: 236,696 articles

Total edits: 10,634,023

Active editors: 935 in the past month

Areas of strength
  • Strong coverage about Greece and the Greek-speaking world
  • Good coverage of topics about Europe, as well a good quality standard in the articles
  • Rapid growth of the community, in contrast with many other European Wikipedias
Areas of weakness
  • Low amount of contributors from Cyprus
  • Lack of many articles about Cyprus, but also for many countries of Asia, Africa and America.
  • Few contributors from outside Greece and Cyprus and general, despite the great communities of Greek speakers abroad, in countries such as Germany, United States and Australia.
  • Missing sources and neutrality problems in a few articles.
Who is the competitor?
  • Online
    • Livepedia (it has shut down since 2018, thus Greek Wikipedia hasn't any competitor)
    • There also a few mirror sites.
  • Print
    • Papyros Larousse Encyclopedia, greek translation of Great Soviet Encyclopedia and many other print encyclopedias.

Prominent milestones/events

  • Modest growth in underage users, mostly after 2017
  • May 2006 - 10,000 articles were reached
  • In 9 April 2014 100,000 articles were reached and 200,000 in 27 November 2021.
What has its impact been?
  • Cooperation among Greek-speaking users have built an encyclopedia with a good quality standard. It is also widely used by Greek- speaking users and articles of el-WP are frequently copied in the media, as an addition to related news items.


What language features are challenging?
  • There aren't language features that are challenging, mostly alternate spellings of words, which are both allowed.
What would surprise the outside reader about the community?
  • The lack of many articles about Ancient Greece.
  • Community makeup - As of January 2022, approximately 85-90% from Greece, some 3-5% from Cyprus. The rest are from various countries, such as Germany, US, UK, Australia, France and other countries (e.g. Netherlands).
  • Chapters
What are some unique practices/characteristics?
  • A policy about team supporters' edit wars, see this page for more information (in Greek).
Who were the earliest participants, who started it?
  • Geraki
Other prominent Wikipedians?
  • Geraki
  • FocalPoint

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