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Green Expressions 2023

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Participants during the 2-day webinar on Telling Stories of Youth Action in Climate Movements - 18 May organized by WikiVibrance and YOUNGO in collaboration with the Wikimedia Foundation

Green Expressions seeks to engage young people in the 2023 edition of the WikiForHumanRights campaign. The WikiForHumanRights is a global annual campaign that rallies Wikimedia communities to take action in documenting climate change and environment related information on Wikimedia projects.

Young people have displayed leadership in climate action. They raise awareness, influence responsible climate behavior and create solutions in different spaces and communities. In Conference of the Parties conferences (COPs), the vocality of young people is felt at the forefront of the discussions and climate activism. Through climate movements, they demand accountability and responsibility for the planet from world leaders among others.

It is important for youth to empower each other in telling stories of their climate action particularly in a way it captures permanence that allows in providing memory, communicating and understanding differences in environmental trends over time. We recognize that storytelling is instrumental for addressing the climate crisis. And it is important to adopt varying ways of telling stories of climate change impacts, mitigation and adaptation in relation to youth action.

Green Expressions creates an opportunity for Wikimedia youth to collaborate with youth climate advocates, youth climate movements, and youth institutional climate groups in raising their voices and action in the 2023 WikiForHumanRights campaign through set activities.

Core Organizing Team

  • Eben Mlay
  • Euphemia Uwandu
  • Hemavathi Shekhar
  • Ahmad Bassam
  • Elizabeth Gulugulu
  • Zi Han Xaun
  • Aquayemi Claude
  • Zeke Coady

Green Expressions Organisers