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Green Skills for Youth: Wiki Vibrance as a Catalyst for Global Sustainability/hu

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International Youth Day 2023 in the Igbo Community

This event sheds light on the paramount significance of green skills for youth in building a sustainable world and how Wiki Vibrance emerges as a pivotal platform in promoting and amplifying these efforts. The event will delve into the International Youth Day theme "Green Skills for Youth: Towards a Sustainable World" and its implications for the present and future generations. It will explore the various green skills that young individuals can acquire and how these skills contribute to environmental conservation, climate action, and sustainable development.

Today, the world is embarking on a green transition. The shift towards an environmentally sustainable and climate-friendly world is critical not only for responding to the global climate crisis but also for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A successful transition towards a greener world will depend on the development of green skills in the population. Green skills are “knowledge, abilities, values and attitudes needed to live in, develop and support a sustainable and resource-efficient society” -- Egyesült Nemzetek

The objective of the WikiVibrance Project is to actively participate in international, regional, and national youth days by involving young Wikimedians and the broader Wikimedia community in events that generate content relevant to the specific themes of these annual celebrations. In this context, the Igbo community will play a significant role by contributing to the creation and translation of content related to the designated theme on the Igbo Wikipedia.

Project timeline

2023. augusztus 12.

  • Launch and discussion: The event kicks off with an official launch and discussion centered around the theme "Green Skills for Youth: Wiki Vibrance as a Catalyst for Global Sustainability Initiatives." This opening session will bring together participants from diverse backgrounds to share insights, ideas, and initiatives related to the theme. Prominent speakers and experts may also be invited to provide their perspectives on the significance of green skills for youth in promoting sustainability.

augusztus 13. - 2023. 19.

  • Translate-a-thon on Igbo Wikipedia/Contest: Following the launch and discussion, the primary focus shifts to a week-long translate-a-thon on the Igbo Wikipedia. Participants from the Igbo community, as well as other interested individuals, will actively engage in translating content related to the event's theme into the Igbo language. The goal is to expand access to information on sustainability and green skills for the Igbo-speaking audience and encourage greater representation of sustainable initiatives in the local language.


  • Review of translation: After the event, the translated and created content will be reviewed and cleaned up.
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