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In 2017 - 2018, the Wikimedia Foundation and Google working in close coordination with the Centre for Internet and Society (CIS) and user groups piloted a program encouraging Wikipedia communities to create locally relevant and high-quality content in Indian languages. After seeing the astounding participation from the Indian communities, the second iteration of the Project Tiger is happening again in this year which is named as Project Tiger 2019/ Growing Local Language Content on Wikipedia (GLOW).

As a part of this initiative, Chromebooks and Internet stipend for six months will be provided to the active and experienced Indic Wikimedians. Which will be followed by an article writing contest for the Indic Wikimedians to bridge the content gap on their native languages. The communities who are interested to be part of the article writing contest would compete for three months.


  • The article should be from the list of topics given. If you want more topics from a particular category, please request on the talk page. We will try our best to add them.
  • The article should be edited between 10 October 2019 0:00 and 11 January 2020 23:59 (IST).
  • The article should be at least 6,000 bytes and at least 300 words in length. For Urdu, it should be at least 3000 bytes and at least 300 words in length. Infobox, templates etc. shall not be counted, as to the total bytes.
  • The article must have decent references, doubtful or controversial statements in the article should be provided with the verifiable citation(s).
  • The article created under Project Tiger 2.0 from the community members should not be machine-translated and it should be copyedited properly. The quality is important and the Jury should reject the articles if the quality does not match to the Wikipedia Standard.
  • There must be no major issues with the article (no copyright violations, questions of notability, etc.)
  • The article should be informative.
  • Articles submitted by an organizer (jury) need to be checked by other organizers.
  • Judge(s) from each language Wikipedia will determine whether an article is accepted or not for their language Wikipedia's contest.
  • For every article created or expanded, a corresponding Wikidata item should be created. If Wikidata item is already present in the language of the article created, this point can be ignored.
  • Wikipedians all over the world are welcome to participate in this initiative and improve the topic list identified. However, only users residing in India will be eligible to receive individual prizes.