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Last updated: 21 Oct 2019 (IST)

  • Only articles written by contestants with at least one point have been counted.
  • Page views data is not updated or accurate until all the entries are evaluated.
  • Please ignore the "With marks", "Without marks" count in the fountain tool. This change is based on the number of jury members, articles yet to be evaluated for quality.
  • Individual prizes and the community prize will be decided based on the number of points earned.
Language Participants Articles New Page views
Expanded Page


Contest articles Stats page
Sanskrit 1 2 Fountain link
Assamese 12 112 Fountain link
Santali 8 224 Fountain link
Bengali 27 532 477 114 Fountain link
Gujarati 5 83 Fountain link
Hindi 17 183 Fountain link
Kannada 6 21 Fountain link
Malayalam 7 131 Fountain link
Odia 4 63 Fountain link
Punjabi 21 643 Fountain link
Tamil 41 951 Fountain link
Telugu 4 67 Fountain link
Marathi 7 41 Fountain link
Urdu 21 591 Fountain link
Tulu 4 19 Fountain link