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Hack4FI – Hack your heritage hackathons have promoted the creative re-use of open cultural materials and the emergence of new applications and services for different sectors of society. They started out as a spinoff from a cultural hackathon organized by the newly established AvoinGLAM at OKFestival in Helsinki in 2012, first inspired by the successful Danish Hack4DK.

Hack4FI 2015 at the Aalto Media Factory, Helsinki


Hack4FI – Hack your heritage was held in Finland for the first time in 2015. It gathered together a diverse group of coders, designers, cultural heritage institutions, artists, graphic designers and others interested in open culture to create new concepts out of old materials.

The hackathon took place over the weekend of February 6–8 in Aalto Media Factory, Helsinki. Throughout the weekend participants planned, prepared, and worked on their projects. After the weekend participants had six weeks to finalize their works. The hackathon ended 26 March with a gala, where the final works were presented and awarded.

The Wiki Loves Maps event organized during the previous days by Wikimedia Finland was present at Hack4FI as a project track.

Hack4FI 2015 was organized by AvoinGLAM / Project Manager Sanna Marttila and Coordinator Laura Sillanpää, and funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

On the web: Hack4FI 2015


  • Aikaa by Tuomas Nolvi and Ranjit Menon
  • Infinipic by Mauricio Giraldo Arteaga
  • Interactive trip by Jason Brower, Suvi Parrilla, Liisi Soroush, Olga Venger, Chris Pape-Mustonen, Synes Elischka, Maija Hupli, Heidi Sommar, and Elina Pylsy-Komppa.
  • Kerplink by Jason Brower, Molly Schwartz, Samir Bhowmik, Jacob Wang, Nina Saarikoski, and Lauri Elias.
  • Music Video by Linda Vuorenvirta
  • Photo montage of people in Helsinki by Kaisa Kyläkoski
  • Runepeli by Leena Närekangas, Anna Berg, Jyrki Väisänen, Tanja Bastamow, Meela Leino, and Simo Rouhiainen
  • Sift.pics by Vahur Puik, Lauri Elias, and Janek Priikmann
  • Talking heads by Soile Mottisenkangas, Maaret Storgårds, Mariana Salgado, Paul Villavicencio, Tove Ørsted, and Satu Rantala
  • TogaPix by Habib Ahmed, John Caesar, and Santtu Puhakka
  • The Triptych by Tuomas Nolvi and Ranjit Menon
  • Validate biography data in Wikipedia/Wikidata by Kimmo Virtanen
  • Video poetry marathon by Mariana Salgado, Roxana Crisólogo, Zoila Forss, Guy Dowsett, Sara Rönnqvist, Tanya Tynjälä, Eva Durall, Ye Tint, Borislav Borisov, Daniel Malpica, and Arttu Liimatta

Wiki Loves Maps projects


Hack4FI 2016


The second edition of the eponymous cultural hackathon took place in spring 2016, resulting in the creation of more than 20 new services, cultural products and concepts. The project also produced Kuvatus, a media education workshop format using open cultural resources. The project was funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Organizers: Laura Sillanpää, project coordinator | Sanna Marttila, project manager

On the web: https://hack4.fi/hack4fi-2016/

Projects: https://hackdash.org/dashboards/hack4fi


Hack4FI 2017



Hack4FI 2018


Hack4FI 2020


The 2020 hackathon was a long-awaited event. We had postponed the event in several occasions, and were finally ready to kick the 2020 edition off in collaboration with the Finnish National Gallery. However, the pandemic closed the doors on the eve of the event, on 13 March, 2020.


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