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Harassment consultation 2015/Ideas/Make it easier for users to remove offensive material

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Project idea[edit]

Idea by:LT910001

What is the problem you're trying to solve?[edit]

Decrease the proliferation of grossly offensive material Make it easier for users to nominate such material

I still am shocked and appalled by when I went to WikiCommons to get images for an article on Wikipedia as documented here [1]

I was exposed to (multiple) highly offensive images, including one of a man committing anal sex by himself with a cucumber. I wanted to vomit and certainly have not visited WikiCommons since.

The problem here was three (1) Way too many highly offensive images that anyone visiting commons could view!!! (2) No R18+ filter for images - it would have been great if these images had been included in such a filter that is automatically set to a lower setting so fr the majority of users they are hidden. (3) No way for user to delete them other than by individually nominating each image, and being forced to participate in a highly distateful discussion about each image and why it should / should not still be present (4) No way to ensure that such a discussion doesn't boomerang or spin out of control for users that actually propose it as happened to two other users: [2]

So this is not an example of 'direct' harrassment by another user but I would say it constitutes harrassment by exposing users unfairly to highly distasteful material.

What is your solution?[edit]

(1) R18+ filter on Wikicommons for images (2) Stricter guidelines on what constitutes pornographic and distasteful material (3) Enforcement of said guidelines

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