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Harassment consultation 2015/Ideas/Policy

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Project idea[edit]

Idea by:Keilana

What is the problem you're trying to solve?[edit]

There's no way to actually enforce anti-harassment.

What is your solution?[edit]

Thanks for the provision of such important idea to talk about, where as when we see thoroughly into the global scenario, 95% human are harassed and 98% depressed, so far we don't have a good reason of an individual's life to engage every person for ccertaint target to reach, or to work out by the least one point to score, for example, to beautify the peace of land that one's own, all every one be allowed to access either theory, as Muslim of world have fabricated a religion out of simple faith of Islamic teaching as the " one believe in God, the angels, Holy Books, the Saints, and the day of judgement" is identified Muslim. To day we are in such a harassment that can't raise a question, how come the so called ulema e Islam doesn't allows a non Muslims even factions are not allowed to see the house of God, that was constructed by the father of all Saints, its the reason of global harassment. .Manzoor Khan== I would love to see an enforceable, global anti-harassment policy that's backed by the Foundation or some kind of dedicated enforcement body.

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When one couldn't afford routine diet shall not be a harassed, The best policy is bring an ease in the lives of masses. By enforcing a code of conduct, human a offspring of same mother land, having a common blood, hardly 95 percent of the population is agree on a faith that the greater of the human being Abraham. The friend of Allah.= God. The practical messages areare to follow, for successful tomorrow, and to follow the path of the rest of saints. The branches are to be banned. David style Kingdom be delivered as anti harassment policy.