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In October 2017, the filters to use Recent changes have been changed. The filters are quite identical, but have a few different elements described below.

In Recent Changes results[edit]


After calling a recent changes page one can specify options to show a different selection of recent changes: one can specify a namespace, with or without the associated namespace (the talk pages, or conversely for a talk page namespace), and/or invert the selection (see the changes in all namespaces except the one or two specified).

Logged in users can set preferences to specify defaults for some of these options, and for the way the recent changes are arranged. For help in doing this, see how to log in and how to set preferences. The applicable options are:

  • Hide minor edits in recent changes – this hides all edits that have been marked as minor by logged in users;
  • Enhanced recent changes – with this option enabled, multiple edits are grouped together. This option uses JavaScript, and won't work in every browser (see Browser issues with MediaWiki). See Enhanced recent changes
  • Days to show in recent changes – You may select the number of days to be shown by default on the recent changes page.
  • Number of recent changes – You may select the number of changes which will be shown by default. Once on that page, links are provided for other options. In the case of enhanced recent changes, this number of changes includes those that are initially hidden.

Viewing new changes starting from a particular time[edit]

If you have loaded the recent changes at, for example, 14:21 Dec 8, 2023, it gives a link "Show new changes starting from 14:21 Dec 8, 2023", giving you the changes you have not seen yet. In order to use this link later, after you have used the browser window for other things, or if you switch off the computer in between, you can instruct your browser to bookmark it (with Internet Explorer: right-click on the link and choose "add to favorites"). Alternatively, you can save the page with recent changes.

To get the new changes without one of these preparations, use: // (format yyyymmddhhmmss, UTC time).

You can copy this URL to the address bar and change date and time. The "Number of titles in recent changes" set as preference is applicable. This feature can not be used in conjunction with "hide logged in users" (see below) unless the URL is modified manually.

Hiding logged-in users from recent changes[edit]

Special:Recentchanges/hideliu is a version of recent changes that only shows changes by users who have not logged in. This can be useful for those watching out for vandalism. Features such as viewing changes starting from a particular time can be used with the hideliu feature, but only by manually altering the URL to add &hideliu=1 to it. For example, clicking the time (as described in the section above) may take you to the url //

You would need to change this to read // in order to view the recent changes without logged in users starting from this time.