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This is a help page for researchers of MediaWiki content, users and their socio-technical implications.

There are some concrete steps researchers can take to help others (researchers and editors alike) and themselves:

  1. Announce their research projects/ideas/outcomes in Research:Index. (It's like saying hello.)
  2. Write/contribute to Research:Newsletter to introduce others to the latest and/or relevant research. (It's like doing literature review. See more here)
  3. Find/read/contribute a research concept/topic such as Research:Editor_retention. (It's like writing conceptual framework.)
  4. Discuss research ideas with the Wikimedia research team members. (It's like talking to fellow researchers who happen to be embedded into the Wikimedia Foundation.) By doing so, researchers can better
    • get editors to paritcipate in their research (survey, interviews, panels, or experiments)
    • get data to analyze for their research

Guides: meta[edit]

The following guides point to relevant pages inside the meta name space.