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Служебные страницы are created by the software on demand. They are located in the "Special:" namespace and have no corresponding wikitext. An automatic list of most special pages is available by the Special pages link on every wiki page.

Below is an arranged list of special pages available on most Wikimedia projects. Page names are case-insensitive; their default names were converted from capitalized lowercase to CamelCase in March 2008.

For many special pages the option Preferences → Recent changes → "Number of edits to show in recent changes, page histories, and in logs, by default:" determines the number of titles per page.


Все страницы[edit]

MediaWiki searches all pages in a specified group of names in a special ASCII order. Capitals come before lowercase letters; special characters, such as é, come after z.

MediaWiki searches include redirects (for example: #REDIRECT[[Page name]]). These redirects are usually displayed in a different style than normal pages because of allpagesredirect class.

If a person uses "Display pages starting at:" to search, both Special:Prefixindex and Special:Allpages will show the list of pages starting with this word, then Allpages will display all of the other pages in ASCII order which don't have this word.

For example, if a person types in "Computer" in the "Display pages starting at:" box on the Special:AllPages page, MediaWiki will first list all pages that start with the word "Computer":

  • Computer
  • Computer-Aided Design
  • Computer-Aided Test Tool
  • ComputerWorld Smithsonian Award

MediaWiki will then list all of the other pages that don't start with "Computer" in ASCII order.



List of all categories, alphabetically ordered, showing the number of top elements in each category. Not very convenient, so many projects create index pages like w:Wikipedia:Contents/Categories.
The tree of pages and subcategories, using Extension:CategoryTree. The same tree functionality is used on categories pages, and can be inserted into any page with <categorytree> tag.


List of uploaded files with descriptions, can be sorted by date, name or size.
Gallery of uploaded files with thumbnails, sorted by upload date.

Кэшированные списки[edit]

All these lists are updated periodically (not in real time). They say "The following data is cached" and show the day of the last update.

All these lists are limited to 5000 titles, on several large Wikimedia projects to 1000 titles.

Записанные страницы[edit]

Список первых 500/1000 перенаправлений, отобранных по дате создания.

These lists only show main namespace pages:

The following lists are no longer updated in Wikimedia projects due to big server load:


Перенаправления на несуществующие страницы, обычно впоследствии удалённых. Администраторы периодически фиксируют и удаляют либо исправляют ссылки, в случае переименования без перенаправлений.
Редиректы на другие редиректы. . Дублированные перенаправления фиксируются ботами во многих википроектах.
Main namespace pages with no links to them in the wiki.
Main namespace pages without any outgoing internal links.
Main namespace pages without Interlanguage links.
Non-existent categories used on wiki pages. These should either be created (by adding category description and upper categories) or those wiki pages should be fixed (e.g. if someone mistyped a category name).
List of non-existing pages with the most links to them, excluding pages which only have redirects linking to them.

Without categories[edit]

Usually these pages need to be either categorized or deleted.


If the pages are not used, they probably need to be deleted. Note however that images might be used externally, and templates may be used for substitution.


This link is available on every wiki page, see Help:What links here on MediaWiki.
Available only to autoconfirmed users on most projects.
Returns the complete path for a file.
Provides an input box to enter wikitext, and another one to enter a page name, and produces expanded wikitext, i.e., templates, parser functions and variables are expanded recursively; variables depending on page name are expanded based on the supplied page name.
ISBN Book Sources
See w:Wikipedia:Citing Wikipedia.
Produces an XML file containing the wikitext and metadata of either the current version only, or all revisions, of one or more pages, specified in the form of a list; the XML file is in the format required for Special:Import; exporting is typically done either in preparation of applying the latter at another MediaWiki project, or for searching within old page revisions. See Help:Export on MediaWiki.


Смотрите Help:Searching .
Смотрите Справка:Ссылки в Mediawiki.
Filters files for its MIME-type.


These links redirect to a random page/redirect from the main namespace. Other namespaces can be specified as a parameter.

Users actions[edit]

See #Logs below.
See Help:Свежие правки . Limited to 30 days on Wikimedia projects, just like two following special pages and the watchlist.
Смотрите Help:Related changes в Mediawiki.
Смотрите Справка:Новые страницы в Mediawiki. Can be patrolled on Wikimedia projects.


Учётная запись[edit]

Creates new login cookie.
Destroys cookie, see also Политика конфиденциальности . This link is not included in the automatic list because it is present on every page.

Pages available only to registered users:

Смотрите Help:Preferences
Смотрите Справка:Watching pages в MediaWiki.
Смотрите Помощь:Единая учетная запись


Алфавитный список всех зарегистрированных участников, которых можно распределить по группам. There also is Special:ListAdmins, which is a redirect to Special:ListUsers/sysop. For some project families, notably Fandom, this applies for the whole family.
Заблокированные lP-адреса и учётные записи
Requires a target user: e.g. Special:Contributions/Example. This link is also present on every user/user talk page. Registered users also have the link to their own contributions on top.


Shows MediaWiki version the site is currently running, and a listing of extensions installed.
Project statistics, appearance is defined by MediaWiki:Sitestatstext.
Автоматизированный список часто используемых служебных страниц.
Все страницы в MediaWiki имеют пространство имён, смотрите Справка:Системные сообщения в MediaWiki.


By Extension:SiteMatrix. Displays all sites of the Фонд Викимедиа .
Voting software for Совет попечителей Фонда Викимедиа elections.

Restricted special pages[edit]

These pages are only available to users with special rights. Most of them are linked from the corresponding places in MediaWiki interface.

Block or unblock users, IPs and ranges of IPs.
Restore all or some revisions of deleted page.
Show user's contributions to deleted pages.
Imports the wikitext and metadata of one or more revisions of one or more pages by uploading an XML file in the format produced by Special:Export (typically after applying the latter at another MediaWiki project). See Справка:Импорт .
List of pages not watched by anyone.
Mass deletions of pages recently added by a given user or IP. This is Extension:Nuke, enabled only on some Wikimedia projects.
Make a user into a sysop.
Make a user into a bot.
Rename user account, see Extension:Renameuser.
Get user IP, see Help:CheckUser .
See oversight policy.
Give and remove user access rights (e.g. sysop, bureaucrat, checkuser) on any Wikimedia project. On some projects also available to sysops for giving users patrol or rollback flags.
Lock database, puts the wiki in read only mode.
Unlock database: returns the wiki to read/write mode.

Other pages[edit]

These pages are not listed in the automatic list because they are already present in MediaWiki interface.

Also, by definition these pages can be considered special:

Links to special pages[edit]

Special pages can be linked to as usual, like Special:Recentchanges. Instead of "special" prefix, a localized namespace name can be used, e.g. "Speciaal" in Dutch, "Spezial" in German, "Speciális" in Hungarian and "מיוחד" in Hebrew. The localized name also appears in the URLs.

Redirects to special pages have been disabled because of their complications.

Some special pages accept (and some require) a parameter after /. For other pages and parameters the full URL has to be given, for example // (last 10 changes).

  • Allpages and Prefixindex allow a namespace and a (partial) pagename, for example:
Besides, these special pages can be transcluded into wikitext, so the result appears as the part of the page, e.g. {{Special:Prefixindex/User:Example/}}.
  • Whatlinkshere, Recentchangeslinked, Movepage, Undelete, Contributions and Blockip, being interface links, accept (or even require) a page or a user name, e.g. Special:Whatlinkshere/Help:Special page.
  • Search, Linksearch and MIMEsearch accept search value, e.g. Special:Search/word.
  • Listusers can be used with a group name: sysop, bot, bureaucrat, checkuser, e.g. Special:Listusers/bot.
  • Log can be used with a log type: move, protect, block, delete, e.g. Special:Log/move.
  • Random and Randomredirect accept namespace (see above).

Two special pages Mypage and Mytalk exist specially for internal links, they redirect to the pages of a user who follows these links. Examples: Special:Mypage, Special:Mypage/common.js.


  • Recentchanges, Newpages, Newimages and OldReviewedPages can be transcluded:
    {{Special:Newpages/shownav}}show with header
    {{Special:Newpages/10}}show 10 elements
    {{Special:Newpages/limit=10,offset=10,shownav}}start from 10th element, plus previous parameters

From MediaWiki 1.19 template-like syntax works also, see bugzilla:15558. For example:




Special:Log - combined display of various logs. You can narrow down the view by:

  • selecting a log type, including:
  • entering the full name without prefix of the acting user (usual case-sensitivity)
  • entering the full name of the affected page (usual case-sensitivity) e.g. "File:Map South Holland.png"), or the full name including prefix of the affected user (in the case of blocking, setting user rights, setting bot status, and user creation) or without prefix (in the case of renaming a user)

It does not seem possible to search by editor for edits of deleted pages. They can only be seen by a sysop with Special:Undelete if the exact page name is known.

There are no logs available on the site for:

  • adding or removing a page from a user's list of page to watch (the user can only view the current state)
  • change of preferences of a user (ditto)
  • viewing a page (except that, if $wgDisableCounters is false, the total number of views of a page is displayed on it)
  • editing and previewing a page without saving
  • applying Special:ExpandTemplates
  • applying Special:Export
  • unfinished operations (e.g. an attempted page move)

It is possible to add other events to the logs; for an example, see the code for Extension:GlobalBlocking or for Article.php.

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