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I appreciate the attempt to document this ISBN feature, but I really don't understand this portion of the manual. I think I do understand what I should be able to do using the MAGICNUMBER variable, but I am having problems.

links can be changed by going to Meta:Booksources (or the respective link in your wiki

I tried editing Meta:Booksources as described, but that page itself did not seem to exist so I tried creating it. In fact, this page does not seem to exist here on the wikimedia either.. At any rate, the ISBNs are hotlinked, but they are going to the Special:Booksources page, and the Meta:Booksources page I created with a single link seems to not have any affect.

--Memobug 03:10, 14 Jul 2004 (UTC)

It is not clear to me either, Special:Booksources&isbn=1234567890 leads to a message that is partly in MediaWiki:Booksourcetext, but, as you say, does not include the contents of Meta:Booksources.--Patrick 07:39, 14 Jul 2004 (UTC)

This took me a while to work out too. What you need to do is create/edit <yourwikiname>:Book_sources

If you named your wiki 'MyWiki', create/edit the page named MyWiki:Book_sources

If you named it 'fnord', create/edit fnord:Book_sources

Then just add in links, putting MAGICNUMBER where the ISBN should appear in the link, like this:

[ Find this book] on []

Hope this helps. Sillydragon 01:48, 11 Dec 2004 (UTC)

This would be the most obscure bit of information I have spent hours trying to find! Thank you thank you thank you.

Linking to ISBN's in other languages[edit]

The book that I want to link to is in french and it is not available on english book site. For example: it is available on, but not on

How can I force the use of the french ISBN book site list in stead of the current language book site list?

Disable ISBN-auto-linking[edit]

Is there a way to disable ISBN-auto-linking in the wiki? i just want use my own Template:ISBN without links to Special:Booksources .

How to change the ISBN feature to reflect your affiliation with Amazon and Barnes and Noble[edit]

MediaWiki hack[edit]


This is a hack to modify your MediaWiki - Do so at your own risk.

MediaWiki version 1.6.3[edit]

This is for MediaWiki version 1.6.3 I'm sure other versions would be similar.


Starting at Line Number 166 In the File "/languages/language.php"

I changed it from:

/* private */ $wgBookstoreListEn = array(
   'AddALL' => '$1&type=ISBN',
   'PriceSCAN' => '$1',
   'Barnes & Noble' => '$1',
   '' => '$1'


/* private */ $wgBookstoreListEn = array(
   // 'AddALL' => '$1&type=ISBN',
   // 'PriceSCAN' => '$1',
   'Barnes & Noble' => '$1&bfmtype=book',
   '' => '$1'

I commented out AddALL and PriceSCAN because I don't have an affiliation with them. This is purely optional.

Note be sure to replace:

sourceid="41614264" with your Barnes and Noble number tag=tsickist-20 with your Amazon Code

Or you can leave mine and help me make $ :)

Original article Hack_mediawiki_isbn_for_affiliates

Or just do it in Book sources[edit]

I'm not sure what the minimum URL string elements might be for's referral to work, but this looks pretty close.

Lquilter 18:46, 29 March 2007 (UTC)[reply]

hCite microformat[edit]

Those of you with an interest in bibliographical information may like to be aware of the hCite microformat proposal, which is currently in development. Pigsonthewing 15:25, 7 December 2006 (UTC)[reply]