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More invalid characters in page names

� is
HTML Entity (decimal) � – [[�]]
HTML Entity (hex) � – [[�]]
UTF-8 (hex) 0xEF 0xBF 0xBD (efbfbd) %EF%BF%BD %ef%bf%bd – [[%EF%BF%BD]] – [[%ef%bf%bd]]
Character.getDirectionality() DIRECTIONALITY_OTHER_NEUTRALS [13]

Invalid characters in account names

bugzilla:01524#c16 – "Usernames should use unicode whitelist"

First letter needs to be lower case... am I out of luck?

I manage my company's Wiki... it is full of articles on perl scripts, Unix commands, custom programs, and configuration files... all of these items are traditionally lowercase. Wikimedia, at least for our installation, forces the articles to begin with a capital letter. It looks pretty darn silly, and I've just been telling people that it is a requirement of the Wiki.

Anybody know some way to turn off the auto-captilization? If it's possible, it would be a great addition to this article.

Title Capitalizatoin

The first and second word in my page title are not capitalized when they should be. How do I change the page name so that it is all capitalized? Thanks in advance.

mention if must have image extension

Mention "what if now I upload a jpg, but later will change it to png, can I just call my image Nurd instead of Nurd.jpg to allow such flexibility?" --User:Jidanni 2006-07-25

data share

data share and data protect are conficted in some aspect.