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Wrong MW defaults[edit]

<whine> Importing known templates from en:w: or m: to smaller MediaWiki projects is an obvious plan, but sadly many templates now use the (in essence unnecessary) /doc subpage style of documentation. But subpages in the template namespace are not enabled in MW, therefore imported templates relying on {{BASEPAGENAME}} or {{SUBPAGENAME}} can fail in hard to debug ways on other MW installations — until an admin figures out how to enable this feature manually for the template namespace. This MW default should be changed. </whine>

I still refuse to use my new commons account on en:w: or m: or mediazilla:, the reasons to destroy an old 2006 account are still valid wrt en:w:, and all the moved to mw: pages here certainly contributed to that decision. 16:08, 15 August 2011 (UTC)Reply