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How to Set a link to a image Hyperlink?[edit]

I want image1 to go to google. How do I do this.

ex in html: <a href=""><img src="google.jpg"></a>

What I need to do?

I do not think it is possible to display external images within a MediaWiki wiki. You need to upload the image and then reference it with [Image:google.jpg] within the wiki markup. — Finn 12:23, 5 January 2009 (UTC)

How to switch OFF Hyperlink?[edit]

I write formula: [url={{fullurl:{{FULLPAGENAME}}}}]

I want to see only text: [url=]

But Without Hyperlink: [url=]

What I need to do?


file:// reference[edit]

Hi there,

I tried to build a local link list pointing to network maintained files I used the URL file://localhost/P: syntax which should point to the network drive P:

It does not seem to work. Is the "File" Qualifier not supported?

Test: [file://localhost/C: C-Drive] File://localhost/C: C-Drive Another test: <a href="file://localhost/C:">Link to C-Drive</a>

Answer: Help:URL (The page you are currently discussing.) First line refers to the file:// reference not being available.
Answer 2: [see this]


The Conversion chart should be in monospace font, but I'm not sure how to do it.

Any chance this

"file://" does not work

can be "fixed" or enabled??

This is a very useful feature for intranet use Where can this be enabled in the code?

Worldwind URL's[edit]

Pls add "WorldWind URLs" to LocalSettings/DefaultSetting.php

Example: Composite Satellite/Radar Image of Kakahi with Mountains: Ruahehu, Tongarero and Ngarahoe in background

Note that if {{coor dm|38|56.19|S|175|23.07|E|region:nz_type:city(200)}} is followed from the main pages to WorldWind, then the WorldWind URL works perfectly... but currently does not include altitude, nor camera direction, tilt or zoom.

NevilleDNZ 02:59, 7 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Hide displaying Url in Statusline or Tip[edit]

For Using in a Quiz is it possible to hide any displaying of the Wiki-Url ?

The Button <<Answer1>> or <<Answer2>> should not show the intern linking to >>Yes<< or >>No<<.

Or any other idea? Like Url i........... for Yes and i............ for No?

-- 20:52, 23 Jun 2005 (UTC)(Peter)

How do you control the target frame of a link?[edit]

In normal HTML, one can cause a link to open in a new window by using the title="" directive like this:

<a href="URL" target="_blank">title</a>

How is this done in WIKI?

That's not supported. --brion 7 July 2005 12:58 (UTC)

Luckily. As a user I have full control myself whether I want to open a new window or not by using my browser's features. If I want a new window, I get me one. There is no need for a web developer, not aware at all of the organisation of my screen, to force a new window upon me.

Spaces in a URL[edit]

I would like to link to, chago (Mirabilis expanse), but I can't find a way. Replacing the spaces with %20 or underscore doesn't work because the url is sent exactly that way to the browser, but the anchor title has actual spaces in it, the two are not the same, and the browser does not find the anchor. Is there a solution? Thank you — 15:16, 28 July 2005 (UTC)

Adding the nowiki tag within the url works to keep the spaces within the URL:, chago (Mirabilis expanse)<nowiki>T0646E0h.htm#Mauka, chago (Mirabilis expanse)</nowiki>

Wanting to asking the same question, I was hoping to find an answer here, but obviously the above solution does not work (any more). It would be really helpful if somebody could explain how to solve this one. --Jwinius 23:37, 8 August 2006 (UTC)

I'm having the same problem and would also appreciate a solution. Solyaris 17:42, 28 June 2007 (UTC)

  • I am having a variation of this problem: A page with the following {{MyTemplate | search=John Smith}} and a template with, e.g., [{{{search}}} Search Google]. Now there is a space in the "search" variable and the external link will search for "John" (instead of "John Smith") and the link text will be "Smith Search Google". — Finn 12:32, 5 January 2009 (UTC)

shortcut or baseurl (like namespace) to reference external site[edit]

I want to use a mediawiki to write a tutorial about a software. I will frequently reference the online documentation of the software, which is stored elsewhere. Is it possible to define a shortcut for the baseurl of that site sowewhere so that I don't have to write the URL each time? In addition it would allow to remap all the links easily in case the documentation moves.

Yes, see Help:Interwiki linking. Unlike the name suggests the target need not be a wiki.--Patrick 14:01, 23 September 2005 (UTC)
Thanks, this seems to be it. Being new to mediawiki I don't know, however, the proper (maintainable) way to add a new link prefix. Of course I could just do an insert into the interwiki table, but that is not exactly maintainable. What is the correct way to do it? Harald
Ok, found it. Tampering with the database by hand seems to be the accepted way: Interwiki admin guide. Harald

list of permitted characters[edit]

I've forced it to preformatted display. In a sans font like Arial, "\/" (backslash, slash) looks like a capital "V". --Thnidu 22:13, 11 October 2005 (UTC) [file:\\c: link title]

All characters of the URL must be among:

A-Z a-z 0-9 ._\/~%-+&#?!=()@

Surely the above should include a :


Is it possible to define the language of the interface in the target wikiproject using wikilinks? --Eleassar my talk 13:03, 25 January 2007 (UTC)

Long URLs[edit]

Pasting long URLs makes a horizontal scroll bar to appear on the bottom of the edit box. Is there a way to avoid this scroll bar? Does medawiki support breaking the URLs to two rows of text? Or will it hopefully support this in future versions? Is there a way to inform the developers of the importace of this feature? 14:09, 1 February 2007 (UTC)

wiki.phtml > index.php[edit]

Shouldn't links on this page be updated to reflect the more commonly used /w/index.php instead of /w/wiki.phtml? EdokterTalk 15:32, 22 September 2007 (UTC)

Open wikilink in a new window[edit]

Starting a link is resulting in opening the linkpage in the same window. How can I force the opening of the linkpage in a new window? User: Jaap Smit

I have a similar question, but instead of opening a link in a new window, is it possible to open a link in a new browser tab? Thank you! User: JLFord78