Heritage GLAM

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This is a GLAM-Wiki project that focuses on the heritage GLAM institutes that have historical importance and have been forgotten over the time-period. Galleries, Museums, archives and Libraries have an excellent source of rich content of Culture, architecture and history but little or no such resources are available online. To establish good relations with government and Public institutions and establish a level of credibility about Wikipedia and its sister projects, this project aims to document and collaborate with important GLAM institutes and initiate a Heritage project. Our objective is to work with the heritage institutes that play an important factor for literature and art of ancient and modern era. Important books and archives about art, history, culture and rare medieval literature are missing from Commons and Wikisource. The work of Collaboration, GLAM staff education and active contribution in different Wiki projects (Wikimedia Commons, Wikidata), Art and Literature documentation, and digitization done would be an important milestone for the Wikimedia communities. As a part of capacity building for community, to improve participation on Wikimedia projects, along with GLAM Heritage, one of the other motives would be to do awareness campaigns to recruit more volunteers who can become a part of the movement. For the purpose of documenting the important heritage, this project would be aimed at digitizing, photographing, uploading the artwork on Wikimedia Commons and creating the articles about notable artifacts and artists from the museums & art galleries. And most importantly, integrate the digitized content in Wikisource and Wikipedia.


  • Form partnerships with GLAM institutes, focusing on Government collaborations.
  • Increase awareness about Wikimedia in GLAM Institutions
  • Communicate the value and benefits related to Wikimedia partnerships for government institutions
  • Advocate for needs across communities.
  • Increase the visibility of artists and GLAM institutions on Wikimedia projects, both externally and within our movement.

Securing and distributing resources

  • Identify technological and infrastructure needs across the community and provide access as possible.
  • Support the development technical tools that benefit efforts across the movement and across projects.
  • Create and share practical instructional resources.
  • Offer support to emerging communities and individuals who want to initiate GLAM programs.
  • Support and advance Wikisource project, along with other sister projects, including, Wikimedia Commons, Wikipedia, and Wikidata.

The exchange of ideas

  • Provide a platform where GLAM-Wiki stakeholders communicate, share learning experiences, and collaborate on projects.
  • Facilitate the Wiki communities with our learning experiences and resources.
  • Contribute to research on Wikimedia partnerships with government institutes.