HrW initiative

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HrW initiative has no fixed logo, but modifies existing ones as part of its discrursive and visual approach to the problem of fixed and normative identity
Workshop, Rijeka, 2021

HrW initiative deals with practices on Wikimedia projects and Wikipedia, as biggest long-standing project of access to open knowledge, information and media on internet. This is done with use of Wikimedia resources and methods, for example using Wikimedia services, tools, content, processes and MediaWiki software, from both tehnological and organizational perspective. It is exceptionally focused on topics of visibility, relevance-notability, diversity and inclusivity of content, participants and practices, by informing, inspiring, empowering, participating and education of different social groups and individuals.

Initiative formed in 2020 as a project of educational workshop series[1] and webinars[2] as well as promotional and coordination activities.[3]

HrW as informal initiative expands the scope of discursive and advocacy work around open and sustainable media. Focus was mostly on missing content, minority and vunerable groups and feminist, queer and anti-racist methods of work. In that respect HrW initiative is similar to established progressive Wikimedia organizations like Art+Feminism, AfroCROWD, Les sans pagEs, WhoseKnowledge?, JustForTheRecord and others.

Some of the members of HrW initiative on Zagreb Pride 2021


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