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Until a new cloak request system is in place, the group contacts are manually reviewing requests. To request a cloak, please review the information below and then follow the instructions.

  • Do you meet the requirements?: Minimum requirements for project cloaks are 250 edits and 3 months since registration on a Wikimedia project. Feel free to use this tool to check.
  • Cloak format: What kind of cloak do you want? (options listed at IRC/Cloaks#Cloak options — note that the first letter of your username can be upper or lower case; your choice).
  • Confirmation: You must edit your user or user talk page on your home wiki to confirm that the person in control of the IRC account is the same person in control of the Wikimedia project account. Add IRC cloak request to the edit summary.

For more information on Wikimedia project cloaks please see IRC/Cloaks.

To process your request, click here and complete the form. Requests may take around 12-36 hours to process. If we have any questions, we will contact you.