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Feb 24 21:31:01 <kibble> Okay, heya all.
Feb 24 21:31:16 <MisterBusy> Hi kibble :D
Feb 24 21:31:20 <kibble> I won't do a names because I've pinged you guys enough already. :-)
Feb 24 21:31:23 <Amgine> <heyas back>
Feb 24 21:31:23 * MisterBusy is now known as _Diego
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Feb 24 21:31:27 <kibble> The meeting agenda is here:
Feb 24 21:31:35 * Tiptoety is now known as Tiptoety|busy
Feb 24 21:31:38 * _Diego is now known as Diego_
Feb 24 21:31:59 <OverlordQ> just quick question but will a log be posted afterwards?
Feb 24 21:32:02 <kibble> Basically it's just a routine meeting to update you on what's going on, what's going to come, and there are a few things we need your feedback on.
Feb 24 21:32:04 <kibble> OverlordQ, yep.
Feb 24 21:32:11 <Suiseiseki> like always ^__^
Feb 24 21:32:19 <Diego_> ;D
Feb 24 21:32:25 <Diego_> Then changing to my nickname,
Feb 24 21:32:28 * Diego_ is now known as MisterWiki
Feb 24 21:32:35 <Cream> kibble, need a logger?
Feb 24 21:32:38 <kibble> If you have anything else to add to the agenda, feel free to edit the wikipage or PM Rjd0060 or dungodung.
Feb 24 21:32:47 <kibble> Cream, I think we've got it covered, but I'll ping you afterwards if not.
Feb 24 21:32:51 <Cream> great :)
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Feb 24 21:32:52 * qq[IrcCity] (~qq@wikimedia/Incnis-Mrsi) has joined #wikimedia-irc-meetings
Feb 24 21:32:55 * Cream logs everything anyways.
Feb 24 21:33:03 * MisterWiki listens to Rick Astley
Feb 24 21:33:11 * MisterWiki logs too
Feb 24 21:33:18 * domas streams this to twitter
Feb 24 21:33:25 <MisterWiki> XD
Feb 24 21:33:26 <kibble> Anyway, in case you're wondering what we've been up to, a log of our channel actions is on here: and we've handled around 300 cloak requests in the last 7 months.
Feb 24 21:33:37 * Cream streams this to chatroulette.
Feb 24 21:33:41 <Brian_S> lol
Feb 24 21:33:42 * OverlordQ (ZOMG@mediawiki/OverlordQ) has left #wikimedia-irc-meetings ("Busy, will check log")
Feb 24 21:33:51 <kibble> Which is a nice transition to our first agenda item: Status of cloak system.
Feb 24 21:33:51 * MisterWiki streams this to YouTube
Feb 24 21:34:19 <domas> that is 0.00001 cloak a second
Feb 24 21:34:24 <Suiseiseki> implying you can stream IRC to youtube
Feb 24 21:34:31 <domas> awesome KPI!
Feb 24 21:34:34 <kibble> As you all know, our cloak system disappeared a few months ago and we're working on getting a new one ready.
Feb 24 21:34:55 <Rjd0060> It's /actually/ being developed :D
Feb 24 21:34:57 <kibble> We have some developers who are committed to the project (Betacommand and Martinp23).
Feb 24 21:35:21 <domas> knowing Betacommand's track record, we will have ability to use non-printable characters in cloaks
Feb 24 21:35:32 <kibble> At the moment, we're thinking it's going to be completely IRC-based, so there would be no online form like the last one.
Feb 24 21:35:32 <Cream> SJIFT-JIS?
Feb 24 21:35:35 <Natalie> domas: Be nice. :-)
Feb 24 21:35:50 <MisterWiki> Suiseiseki, I can, with a poor quality with my webcam, ;)
Feb 24 21:35:54 <Natalie> Why doesn't freenode have a host bot?
Feb 24 21:35:55 <domas> cream: those are printable ;-)
Feb 24 21:35:59 <Natalie> Because it's freenode?
Feb 24 21:36:00 <Suiseiseki> MisterWiki: bah
Feb 24 21:36:05 <kibble> dungodung, seanw, Rjd0060, anything else you want to add?
Feb 24 21:36:06 <Rjd0060> Basically, it would be an automated version of a GC - you PM the bot, it asks you questions, and you answer them
Feb 24 21:36:18 <Rjd0060> trying to make it as simple as possible
Feb 24 21:36:20 <dungodung> err, let's please keep it low traffic here until there are some discussion points
Feb 24 21:36:24 <MisterWiki> Great, Rjd0060
Feb 24 21:36:35 <MisterWiki> It should get the edit counts of the user.
Feb 24 21:36:44 <MisterWiki> It should ask the real username and his home wiki too.
Feb 24 21:36:47 <Rjd0060> Yep, it will do that, and other stuff :)
Feb 24 21:36:49 <erwin> Glad to hear you found developers for it.
Feb 24 21:36:54 <kibble> Does anyone have anything to add about the cloaking system? Any specific requests other than the usual requirements?
Feb 24 21:37:01 <dungodung> erwin: believe us, we're more glad :)
Feb 24 21:37:03 <Cream> home wiki
Feb 24 21:37:10 * zeph5 (~Zyephyrus@ has joined #wikimedia-irc-meetings
Feb 24 21:37:11 <Romaine> is changing a cloak also covered by IRC?
Feb 24 21:37:14 * NuclearWarfare (~NuclearWa@wikipedia/NuclearWarfare) has left #wikimedia-irc-meetings
Feb 24 21:37:14 <MisterWiki> Also, to check if he's eligible for a cloak.
Feb 24 21:37:20 * gustavocarra (~chatzilla@ has joined #wikimedia-irc-meetings
Feb 24 21:37:35 <Rjd0060> Natalie: freenode is developing a system to help group contacts manage their channels/cloaks
Feb 24 21:37:37 <kibble> Romaine, also handled by the GCs? Yep.
Feb 24 21:37:50 <Prince_Kassad> how would one find the bot?
Feb 24 21:38:03 <Rjd0060> Prince_Kassad: It'll be online all the time
Feb 24 21:38:03 <Cream> it would be in #wikimedia-ops or its own channel.
Feb 24 21:38:06 <Natalie> Available sometime in 2020?
Feb 24 21:38:13 <Natalie> Honestly, I could write an ircd faster.
Feb 24 21:38:15 <kibble> Prince_Kassad, we'd have the bot name and commands on the Meta information page and I'm sure people would be able to point you to it from #wikimedia-ops.
Feb 24 21:38:18 <Rjd0060> Natalie: well, we're not waiting for them
Feb 24 21:38:24 <Natalie> And it would have better flood controls.
Feb 24 21:38:26 <Rjd0060> Just saying, they're working on it
Feb 24 21:38:51 <domas> btw
Feb 24 21:39:03 <MisterWiki> #wikimedia-irc-cloak
Feb 24 21:39:04 <MisterWiki> :)
Feb 24 21:39:08 <domas> for certain amount of cash I can expose any data you want to these bots
Feb 24 21:39:20 <dungodung> no need, kthx
Feb 24 21:39:22 <kibble> domas, we'll keep that in mind. :-)
Feb 24 21:39:31 <domas> dongodung: don't decide for everyone, plx!
Feb 24 21:39:40 <dungodung> sowwy
Feb 24 21:39:44 <kibble> Okay, since there are no other comments, let's move on.
Feb 24 21:39:50 <Ryanposs> Sounds like you've got it sorted - I personally think it's a great idea.
Feb 24 21:39:52 <Rjd0060> Anyways, if anybody here has good knowledge of HTML/CSS, we could use another body or two to help with UI work
Feb 24 21:40:06 <Rjd0060> *to
Feb 24 21:40:08 <erwin> What for?
Feb 24 21:40:11 * siebrand ( has joined #wikimedia-irc-meetings
Feb 24 21:40:20 <Rjd0060> erwin: the "admin" end of the system will be web based
Feb 24 21:40:21 <dungodung> erwin: GC interface
Feb 24 21:40:21 <roberthl> but kibble said it would be entirely irc based
Feb 24 21:40:22 <MisterWiki> A PHP tool too.
Feb 24 21:40:26 <erwin> Ah, ic.
Feb 24 21:40:26 <roberthl> ah
Feb 24 21:40:32 <kibble> roberthl, for the end user it will be, sorry. :-)
Feb 24 21:40:34 <Natalie> I thought it was going to be IRC-based...
Feb 24 21:40:35 <MisterWiki> Or a derivative Webchat version to cloak. I don't know :P
Feb 24 21:40:43 <Rjd0060> Natalie: The front-end
Feb 24 21:41:21 <kibble> Anyway, the next agenda item is: #wikimedia-status (info) — Mike.lifeguard | @en.wb 21:15, 3 February 2010 (UTC)
Feb 24 21:41:22 <MisterWiki> Another posibility, like the older one, in the old stable toolserver.
Feb 24 21:41:24 <qq[IrcCity]> but why not an IRC interface? why HTTP?
Feb 24 21:41:24 <Rjd0060> so if anybody can help with the admin-side UI, please get in touch with one of us at some point
Feb 24 21:41:37 <MisterWiki> Idem qq[IrcCity]
Feb 24 21:41:48 <kibble> Unfortunately Mike's skiing at the moment, but wanted it to be discussed anyway.
Feb 24 21:41:55 * Natalie taps Rjd0060 from the back-end.
Feb 24 21:42:00 <kibble> Natalie, he volunteered you to talk about it, do you want to or should we just link to the pages?
Feb 24 21:42:05 <domas> hey, can we come up with another question?
Feb 24 21:42:09 <Natalie> It should be moved to #wikimedia-operations
Feb 24 21:42:14 <domas> I'm running out of puns for this one
Feb 24 21:42:14 <Natalie> And the error message on-wiki should be updated.
Feb 24 21:42:24 <Amgine> How many wingbeats of a semi-laden swallow?
Feb 24 21:42:35 <kibble> Well, I think he was wondering about the idea as a whole.
Feb 24 21:42:54 * jeblad ( has joined #wikimedia-irc-meetings
Feb 24 21:42:57 <erwin> Will that channel actually be mentioned in the error message?
Feb 24 21:43:04 <dungodung> that's the plan
Feb 24 21:43:04 <Natalie> I think that would be the goal.
Feb 24 21:43:10 <kibble> It would be, if people agreed with the idea.
Feb 24 21:43:16 <Natalie> Though the last bug to change it from #wikipedia was WONTFIX'd.
Feb 24 21:43:22 * Avraham (~chatzilla@wikimedia/Avraham) has left #wikimedia-irc-meetings
Feb 24 21:43:29 <Rjd0060> That was because there was no good alternative, IIRC
Feb 24 21:43:36 <Natalie> Sort of.
Feb 24 21:43:38 <Prince_Kassad> preferably it should be mentioned somehow in the individual IRC channels, too
Feb 24 21:43:43 <Romaine> people do like to do know (I guess) that a techie also is working on it...
Feb 24 21:43:46 <Prince_Kassad> otherwise, those who are already in IRC will not find it.
Feb 24 21:43:52 <domas> why #wikimedia-operations
Feb 24 21:43:54 <domas> it is bad choice
Feb 24 21:44:06 <Prince_Kassad> and continue like currently
Feb 24 21:44:31 <kibble> domas, well, the name doesn't really matter. Do you have any comments on the idea itself?
Feb 24 21:44:32 <dungodung> domas: what do you suggest?
Feb 24 21:44:37 <kibble> I would think you'd like it. ;-)
Feb 24 21:44:41 <domas> well, I want a channel which gets all the noise
Feb 24 21:44:45 <Natalie> domas: Is it busy with other things? #wikimedia- is better than #wikipedia for non-Wikipedias. And it's for operations status.
Feb 24 21:44:55 <domas> and I'm not part of it
Feb 24 21:44:57 <domas> :)
Feb 24 21:44:59 <Natalie> -tech gets the noise! :-)
Feb 24 21:45:23 <domas> if there's a channel where we direct everyone to
Feb 24 21:45:25 <dungodung> so I think the basic idea is simple: move the noise from -tech to a new channel
Feb 24 21:45:28 <Rjd0060> well, the name doesn't matter and domas just doesn't want it in his channel. :) I'd assume he agrees with the idea htough
Feb 24 21:45:30 <domas> we have to come up with an idea how to staff it
Feb 24 21:45:47 <kibble> domas, it's actually working at the moment, you can check it out.
Feb 24 21:45:58 <kibble> I think it reports topic changes in -tech and any !logs.
Feb 24 21:46:04 <Natalie> Yes.
Feb 24 21:46:10 <kibble>
Feb 24 21:46:41 * Broadbeer is now known as Thomas81
Feb 24 21:46:46 <domas> heh
Feb 24 21:46:54 * Blurpeace has quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
Feb 24 21:47:10 <domas> I'd like a place where people would all come and shout and say "wikipedia is down"
Feb 24 21:47:14 * Thomas81 is now known as Broadbeer
Feb 24 21:47:17 <domas> and then someone would say "hey, people complain!"
Feb 24 21:47:19 <domas> ;-)
Feb 24 21:47:27 * Broadbeer has quit (Changing host)
Feb 24 21:47:27 * Broadbeer (~Thomas81@wikipedia/broadbeer) has joined #wikimedia-irc-meetings
Feb 24 21:47:36 <Prince_Kassad> would the non-English IRC channels be integrated in this?
Feb 24 21:47:39 <Natalie> That's what #wikipedia is used for now.
Feb 24 21:47:50 <domas> yeah, so status quo is good enough for me :)
Feb 24 21:47:58 <MisterWiki> Yes, Prince_Kassad
Feb 24 21:48:02 * Natalie shrugs. Works for me, too.
Feb 24 21:48:03 <Prince_Kassad> they get tons of noise requiring +m usage every time Wikipedia goes down
Feb 24 21:48:05 <Laaknor> I think it's a bad idea to make it a quiet channel. People need to shout, and if they can't do it in the status-channel, they will find somewhere else to do it
Feb 24 21:48:11 <Natalie> I like -status, though. Because it makes for easier scrollback.
Feb 24 21:48:17 <kibble> Prince_Kassad, yeah, you'd be free to send your users there too.
Feb 24 21:48:18 <Natalie> Since it only has !log and topic changes.
Feb 24 21:48:22 * Broadbeer is now known as Thomas81
Feb 24 21:48:27 <Natalie> It's pretty much the server admin log via IRC.
Feb 24 21:48:57 <kibble> Prince_Kassad, I don't think the status updates would be translated though (they really couldn't, that would be a crazy task), so that might be problematic.
Feb 24 21:49:40 * Jamesofur (~Jamesofur@wikimedia/Jamesofur) has joined #wikimedia-irc-meetings
Feb 24 21:49:45 <Prince_Kassad> hmm yes that might be an issue
Feb 24 21:49:46 * Huib (~Huib@wikimedia/ has joined #wikimedia-irc-meetings
Feb 24 21:50:10 <Atluxity> they can if they are predefined
Feb 24 21:50:12 <Prince_Kassad> if they do not understand anything, it will not really help them
Feb 24 21:50:19 <Romaine> if you are present in the channel and people want to understand what the messages mean, it could be translated I think?
Feb 24 21:50:25 * BryanTM (~launch@wikimedia-commons/Bryan) has joined #wikimedia-irc-meetings
Feb 24 21:50:29 <Prince_Kassad> of course, if there were some translators who would translate the status messages
Feb 24 21:50:33 <Prince_Kassad> that would fix the problem
Feb 24 21:50:46 * anaconda (~anaconda@unaffiliated/anaconda) has joined #wikimedia-irc-meetings
Feb 24 21:50:58 <kibble> Prince_Kassad, Atluxity; well, can we include like 20 translations in an IRC message?
Feb 24 21:51:27 <Prince_Kassad> kibble: the maximum message length is rather limited
Feb 24 21:51:29 <qq[IrcCity]> yes, I also misunderstood the point on translation.
Feb 24 21:51:38 <Prince_Kassad> no more than four/five messages will fit on one.
Feb 24 21:51:40 <qq[IrcCity]> maybe, language-specific channels?
Feb 24 21:51:42 <erwin> Messages aren't translated now either. Everyone's pointed to #wikipedia, right?
Feb 24 21:51:49 <kibble> Prince_Kassad, but, the log messages aren't in English anyway, they're in techspeak. ;-)
Feb 24 21:51:55 <kibble> erwin, it's both really.
Feb 24 21:51:56 <Prince_Kassad> kibble: <_<
Feb 24 21:52:06 <kibble> Some link to #wikipedia, some to #wikipedia-lang, etc.
Feb 24 21:52:08 <Romaine> so they need to get trnslated to English as most users can read English?
Feb 24 21:52:18 <Atluxity> kibble, if the message was being relayed to the local non-english channels, then yes. The messages to those spesific channels could be localised if predefined
Feb 24 21:52:20 * Bryan has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
Feb 24 21:52:26 * BryanTM is now known as Bryan
Feb 24 21:52:29 <Natalie> Is this meeting going to accomplish anything?
Feb 24 21:52:38 * Jan_eissfeldt has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
Feb 24 21:52:40 * Res2216firestar (Sam@wikipedia/Res2216firestar) has joined #wikimedia-irc-meetings
Feb 24 21:52:41 <qq[IrcCity]> what local channels? of Wikipedia or what?
Feb 24 21:52:49 <Elfix> I am not sure I did understand the purpose of #wikimedia-status - would the name of that channel appear in the error message when the wiki is down?
Feb 24 21:52:58 <Amgine> Natalie: It has. We're not doing other stuff.
Feb 24 21:53:03 <Atluxity> kibble, but us guys from norway know english quite well and would probably be more satified with getting the english version, for better clarification, so i'll be quiet now :)
Feb 24 21:53:13 <kibble> Atluxity, hehe, okay.
Feb 24 21:53:14 <Romaine> a meeting can include a discussion
Feb 24 21:53:27 <kibble> Elfix, yep, if there was support for the idea of the channel.
Feb 24 21:53:29 <Natalie> Just making sure it's safe to ignore this channel.
Feb 24 21:53:34 <Natalie> Clearly is.
Feb 24 21:53:44 * Bryan has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
Feb 24 21:53:52 <domas> it is safe to ignore Natalie
Feb 24 21:54:02 * _jem_ ( has joined #wikimedia-irc-meetings
Feb 24 21:54:08 * Bryan (~launch@wikimedia-commons/Bryan) has joined #wikimedia-irc-meetings
Feb 24 21:54:13 * Natalie hugs domas.
Feb 24 21:54:13 <domas> I don't personally think such status channel should be +m
Feb 24 21:54:21 <Atluxity> domas, thanks for clearing that up, if in doubt
Feb 24 21:54:25 <domas> people directed somewhere expect to be able to speak
Feb 24 21:54:33 <Natalie> Yes.
Feb 24 21:54:36 <Natalie> The voicing is stupid.
Feb 24 21:54:39 <Elfix> kibble, I do support that idea but... would that be only one channel for every language?
Feb 24 21:54:39 <Rjd0060> domas: what if they're directed to #wikimedia-tech ?
Feb 24 21:54:43 <domas> you know, we could just point them at SAL
Feb 24 21:54:43 <Elfix> +s
Feb 24 21:54:56 <domas> rjd0060: there will be +m and I will be kicking people? :)
Feb 24 21:54:58 <Rjd0060> (and subsequently kick-banned by you, and therefore unable to speak)
Feb 24 21:55:01 <Rjd0060> :)
Feb 24 21:55:03 <domas> yup, what rjd0060 says
Feb 24 21:55:04 * Laaknor agrees with domas, as I said previously; if they can't speak, they go to an other channel to say that the wiki is down
Feb 24 21:55:15 <Rjd0060> <domas> people directed somewhere expect to be able to speak
Feb 24 21:55:16 * randmontoya (~randmonto@wikimedia/Rand-Montoya) has joined #wikimedia-irc-meetings
Feb 24 21:55:16 <Atluxity> agreed
Feb 24 21:55:17 <kibble> Elfix, yes, one channel for every language.
Feb 24 21:55:18 <Rjd0060> ok!
Feb 24 21:55:18 <Natalie> #blamedomas
Feb 24 21:55:22 <Rjd0060> anyhow
Feb 24 21:55:38 <kibble> Elfix, but people are free to not visit there or community members who speak English can pass messages to the local channel too.
Feb 24 21:55:49 <Elfix> ah, right
Feb 24 21:56:01 <Natalie> 8=========D
Feb 24 21:56:21 <Atluxity> or #iswikipediadownforeveryoneorjustme ?
Feb 24 21:56:21 <Romaine> I do not think a local channel in local languages is needed, the information from -tech is already transported to the local channels
Feb 24 21:56:34 <kibble> Okay, I think we have a lot of good feedback for Mike to review when he gets back.
Feb 24 21:56:40 <Cyrius> #wikipedia-isitdown
Feb 24 21:56:43 <kibble> Should we move on or did you want to talk more about this?
Feb 24 21:56:51 <dungodung> I think we can move on
Feb 24 21:56:54 <Natalie> I'm going to catch the train.
Feb 24 21:57:00 <Amgine> <resists urge to turn on NP announcements>
Feb 24 21:57:02 <kibble> Natalie, see you soon.
Feb 24 21:57:05 <Natalie> And then pick up my car and get groceries. You all have fun, now.
Feb 24 21:57:29 <qq[IrcCity]> kibble, I think not for really every language, but for some set of well-understood languages.
Feb 24 21:57:40 <kibble> qq[IrcCity], okay, noted. :-)
Feb 24 21:57:56 <kibble> Next up is Rjd0060 to talk about the ircd update.
Feb 24 21:58:25 <Rjd0060> Well, I don't have much to talk about - I assume most of you have noticed the change that happened to freenode a few weeks ago.
Feb 24 21:58:36 <domas> yup, lots of stupid stuff!
Feb 24 21:58:39 <Rjd0060> There are some informational pages at and which I'd suggest reading
Feb 24 21:58:58 <DaBPunkt> the ssl is cool
Feb 24 21:59:00 <Rjd0060> If you have any questions/issues, feel free to ask in #wikimedia-ops or one of the group contacts. Also, #freenode has a lot of helpers
Feb 24 21:59:09 <Rjd0060> Yes, the SSL is one new thing that is nice
Feb 24 21:59:38 * IIcke (~a@wikipedia/chabacano) has joined #wikimedia-irc-meetings
Feb 24 21:59:39 <Prince_Kassad> yes the SSL is really nice
Feb 24 21:59:58 <qq[IrcCity]> BTW I do not see any mentionning of SSL in MOTD.
Feb 24 22:00:17 <domas> I remember running SSL IRC server back in 2001 or so
Feb 24 22:00:22 <domas> good to see that freenode catches up
Feb 24 22:00:23 <qq[IrcCity]> do they use 6697/tcp?
Feb 24 22:00:25 <Elfix> there are also some others features, like the fact that non opped users may not see when a hostmask to the exemptlist (and the invite-exemptlist)
Feb 24 22:00:33 <Elfix> qq[IrcCity]: 7070 or 7000
Feb 24 22:00:34 <Prince_Kassad> qq[IrcCity]: +7000
Feb 24 22:00:57 <Elfix> * when a hostmask is added to
Feb 24 22:00:59 <Elfix> sorry
Feb 24 22:01:01 <kibble> Elfix, yeah. :-(
Feb 24 22:01:10 <kibble> That confused me quite a bit at first!
Feb 24 22:01:58 <kibble> So, we're nearing the end of the meeting, so up next is: Future meetings.
Feb 24 22:02:38 <Prince_Kassad> 8/9/10?
Feb 24 22:02:44 <Prince_Kassad> would make for a nice date, at least.
Feb 24 22:02:46 <dungodung> well, seeing as we don't have a lot to talk about, maybe having a meeting every 6 months should do it?
Feb 24 22:02:47 <kibble> Do you guys like the "update"-type meetings? Or would you prefer we only hold them when there's an issue that need to be discussed? Should we have another one soon (with a set-time) or should we just call one when it's needed?
Feb 24 22:02:51 <Jamesofur> I hate the fact that non ops can't see the list :(
Feb 24 22:02:58 * garbus ( has left #wikimedia-irc-meetings
Feb 24 22:03:12 <Elfix> dungodung: I agree
Feb 24 22:03:17 <Romaine> is there a page on meta where all meetings from all sorts of subjects is combined together?
Feb 24 22:03:39 <Amgine> No.
Feb 24 22:03:43 <kibble> Romaine, not that I know of.
Feb 24 22:03:50 <dungodung> which is a shame
Feb 24 22:03:57 * dungodung volunteers Amgine to keep track XD
Feb 24 22:03:58 <DaBPunkt> 6 months is ok - we can have a special meeting if something realy important happens before
Feb 24 22:04:06 <kibble> dungodung, well, that depends on your perspective. :P
Feb 24 22:04:13 <Amgine> <sets calendar bombs everywhere>
Feb 24 22:04:20 <dungodung> :P
Feb 24 22:04:30 <Rjd0060> As you can see, there wasn't much to talk about. But giving the opportunity for you all to ask questions or raise concerns is something that we think is important
Feb 24 22:04:37 * Romaine was searching for other meetingpages in the future in meta, but couldn't find anything yet :S
Feb 24 22:05:04 <kibble> Romaine, they're usually advertised to their intended audience directly.
Feb 24 22:05:05 <dungodung> well, I think most of the planned meetings are announced on foundation-l and similar lists
Feb 24 22:05:15 <dungodung> and those include office hours and strategy talks
Feb 24 22:05:22 <Amgine> This was fine, Rjd0060, despite the occasional sarcasm.
Feb 24 22:05:33 <kibble> Romaine, like we advertised the IRC one on IRC, since we're looking to talk to IRC users. :-) Wikimania-related meetings are announced on Wikimania wikis and mailing lists.
Feb 24 22:06:08 <Huib> Romaine there is one page... But can't find it sight now.
Feb 24 22:06:11 <Elfix> Rjd0060: well, it lasted ~ 35 minutes though :)
Feb 24 22:06:43 * anaconda (~anaconda@unaffiliated/anaconda) has left #wikimedia-irc-meetings
Feb 24 22:06:46 <Elfix> that was just fine but I'm not sure how much time you think that kind of meetings should last
Feb 24 22:06:56 * erwin has quit (Quit: Leaving)
Feb 24 22:07:31 <kibble> We've gotten through the agenda now, is there anything anyone wants to add before we wrap up?
Feb 24 22:07:44 <Romaine> kibble: there is too much things to follow, but "screaming it" out on several IRC-channels is fine as well ;)
Feb 24 22:07:50 <kibble> ;-)
Feb 24 22:07:54 <Amgine> seanw is still away.
Feb 24 22:07:57 <seanw> He's not.
Feb 24 22:08:03 <seanw> He's listening quietely.
Feb 24 22:08:05 <kibble> Amgine, he's watching, he's just a rebel with statuses.
Feb 24 22:08:19 <Amgine> <my point...>
Feb 24 22:08:25 <dungodung> and of course, if you have any complains, concerns, problems with IRC, GCs, specific channels or people, contact us at will
Feb 24 22:08:40 <kibble> Romaine, we advertised it in a few channel topics and sent out a memo to channel operators, but sending an amsg is always the best way to get people. :-)
Feb 24 22:08:49 * cirwin (~conrad@wiktionary/ConradIrwin) has left #wikimedia-irc-meetings ("Leaving.")
Feb 24 22:09:12 <Rjd0060> to reiterate, all of us are online 99% of the time. you can also email irc-contacts-owner(_AT_) to get us
Feb 24 22:09:14 <_jem_> kibble, sorry to be late, is there something concerning #wikimedia-es to discuss/that has been discussed?
Feb 24 22:09:33 <kibble> _jem_, nope and not a problem, we were just talking about general things.
Feb 24 22:09:44 <kibble> We'll put up logs soon if you want to read what happened.
Feb 24 22:09:55 <Huib> If seanw send the amsg I'm sure everybody reads it... He is like *everywhere*
Feb 24 22:10:02 <_jem_> Ok then, I'll read them just to be informed.
Feb 24 22:10:08 <Elfix> kibble: does the public logging of a particular Wikimedia IRC channel should be first asked to the group contacts? for example, #wikipedia-fr (we thought about it but we're not sure)
Feb 24 22:10:10 <seanw> Huib, not really. I recently left a lot of channels I don't speak in.
Feb 24 22:10:34 <kibble> Elfix, nope, it's up to the channel/community to decide.
Feb 24 22:10:40 <Elfix> okay
Feb 24 22:10:49 <kibble> Just make sure you leave a note in the topic or entrymsg if there is public logging, so that people know.
Feb 24 22:10:53 <Rjd0060> though we won't complain about being informed if a channel decides that :)
Feb 24 22:10:59 <kibble> Indeed. :-)
Feb 24 22:11:05 <Elfix> :)
Feb 24 22:11:22 <Huib> Seanw its a shame :(
Feb 24 22:11:55 <Cream> Let's nominate some more GC
Feb 24 22:12:10 <dungodung> no, there's a limit
Feb 24 22:12:21 <Cream> rats
Feb 24 22:12:26 <dungodung> which we've hit with the number 4
Feb 24 22:12:26 <Rjd0060> Cream: is there a reason for your idea?
Feb 24 22:13:14 <Cream> faster requests done.
Feb 24 22:13:34 <dungodung> I think I'm satisfied with the speed of "requests being done" atm
Feb 24 22:13:50 <Cream> ah ok
Feb 24 22:13:55 <dungodung> besides, with the future cloaking system, it won't matter anymore
Feb 24 22:14:07 <kibble> Okay, last call for any other topics. :-)
Feb 24 22:14:10 <dungodung> since cloaksetting will revert to being synchronous again
Feb 24 22:14:14 <Cream> Natalie smells again.
Feb 24 22:14:26 * MisterWiki yawns
Feb 24 22:15:12 <kibble> Okay then. Thanks everyone for attending! We'll have logs up on Meta-Wiki shortly. As always, if you have any questions, concerns, comments, etc., feel free to PM one of us privately, e-mail us, or just visit #wikimedia-ops.
Feb 24 22:15:12 <Rjd0060> In the meantime, if anything important happens, it'll be posted at
Feb 24 22:15:22 * Cyrius ( has left #wikimedia-irc-meetings
Feb 24 22:15:32 * MisterWiki wants a cloak :'(
Feb 24 22:15:36 <dungodung> thanks, everyone