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<AAA^> picture this:
<AAA^> Willy on Wheels and Jimbo Wales both come into this channel
<AAA^> What do you think would happen?
<Sethant3> AAA^: Willy on Wales, of course.
 <DavidGerard> yes, it's suddenly fixed
 <DavidGerard> I still blame UFOs
    <MykReeve> when all other explanations fall short, that's all we have left.
 <FennecFoxen> unidentified floating-point objects?
 <FennecFoxen> and with Intel math coprocessors, I'm sure...
    <MykReeve> and the science people.
        <dori> MykReeve: how dare you disregard the gremlin connection
 <DavidGerard> the science BIGOT TROLLS!!!1!!!2@!!!!!
 <DavidGerard> Just thought you would like to know.
    <MykReeve> This chat is now part of the series
               [[:Category:Alternative medicine]]. Just thought you would like
               to know.
 <FennecFoxen> MykReeve, the neutrality of this chat is disputed.
 <Snowspinner> Fennec: This chat has been listed on Votes for Deletion.
               EVERY YEAR!!!1!@!@@@!!@!@22!@!!!!
      <Angela> delete, non-notable chat ~~~~
 <DavidGerard> rv edit of David Gerard to last version by David Gerard
 <Snowspinner> delete, patent nonsense. ~~~~
    <MykReeve> #redirect #wikipedians
 <FennecFoxen> Delete: self-referential. -~~~~
               OF THE TRUE NPOV VIEW!!@@!!
               --> Brisby (foo@ip-changed.cfl.rr.com) has joined #wikipedia
      <Brisby> Keep. He is my Prophet. He will save the world. - ~~~~
               <-- Brisby (foo@ip-changed.cfl.rr.com) has left #wikipedia
      <Angela> * sockpuppet. ~~~~
      <Cyrius> * personal research. -- ~~~~
               --> CoolDude (foo@ip-changed.cfl.rr.com) has joined #wikipedia
        <dori> * no google hits. ~~~~
 <Snowspinner> This should have been a candidate for speedy deletion.
    <SethIlys> * Pointless. -- ~~~~
    <CoolDude> This is not CoolDude; CoolDude will vandalize on. - ~~~~
               --- Snowspinner is now known as Shawn_Mikula
               <-- CoolDude (foo@ip-changed.cfl.rr.com) has left #wikipedia
                   ("not CoolDude")
<Shawn_Mikula> I request this chat be undeleted.
               --- Shawn_Mikula is now known as Snowspinner
         <tom> This is a featured channel candidate!
    <Gentgeen> I object, the channel does not follow the MoS
 <FennecFoxen> * We are RFC 2182 compliant; what more do you want? - ~~~~
 <FennecFoxen> or is it 2812?
 <Snowspinner> tom - has it gone through chat of the week?
 <Snowspinner> I object, the channel does not adequately note that 
               homosexuality is deviant and evil.
      <Homer> whats the difference between an ipod and an mp3??!!
 <BorgHunter> iPods are expensive. MP3s are free unless the RIAA catches you.
* Raul654 wonders where the new copy of the signpost is
<pakaran> Raul654, did you forget to buy a subscription for this year?  ;)
<natalinasmpf> what is it with the Indian nationalists hitting [[Pakistan]]?
<Demi> natalinasmpf - They made a move through [[Talk:Kashmir]] first?
<Rdsmith4> "The world awaits the poet who can successfully rhyme 'firkin',
           'merkin', and 'gherkin'."
  <JamesF> Rdsmith4> Give me a moment.
  <JamesF> There was an old seller of merkins,
  <JamesF> Who oft quaffed his ale in the firkins,
  <JamesF> Was found in the gutter,
  <JamesF> They often did mutter,
  <JamesF> Lewdly clothed, and munching on gherkins!
<Rdsmith4> JamesF: beautiful!
<qwerty> Excuse me, jwales, how did you come up with the idea of Nupedia?

<jwales> Well, I was smoking crack with my grandmother, you see, and we wanted
         to know the chemical formula for dynamite, and... 
<jwales> Then, my grandmother pulled out the PCP, and my grandfather walked in
         with the shotgun, and we thought... 
< SpumDiddy> I want to be robbed of my cash and livelihood
< SpumDiddy> say, where's the nearest Scientology center
<jwales> *hugs* to everyone 
* MessedRocker is a bit creeped out about being hugged by a 40 year old man 
<Essjay> MessedRocker: Don't be creeped out that he's 40, be creeped out that
         he's a pornographer...He may have just shot video down your pants ;-)
<jwales> a friend of mine does that 
<jwales> tomorrow I'm taking angela to disney world's magic kingdom 
<jwales> we're going to kidnap goofy until mickey agrees to enter the public
* sean_black is depressed at his lack of cookies 
* karmafist reminds sean black that anger doesn't help anything and to just
  smile and laugh at all of this until people regaing their sanity.
* Wikiacc gives sean_black a cookie 
* sean_black eats said cookie 
* FreplySpang passes sean_black the pan of brownies 
* sannse gives sean_black a lithium shaped cookie 
* Aranda56 wants a cookie 
* sannse is out of cookies 
* karmafist bakes some more cookies for sannse    
* mindspillage buys cookies ( you really don't want me to make them). 
* sean_black laughs maniacally at his vast cookie empire 
* Aranda56 makes brownies 
<sannse> mmm.... fresh baked cookies 
<Raul654> I invited hte NY Times and the Washington post to the meetup. Did I
          miss any good ones?
<Raul654> Wired? PC World? Biker Bitches Weekly?
(During a discussion of putting photos of household items on Commons:)
<Ant2> you know which item I found yesteday ?  
<Ant2> an electric device, which appears like a gode 
<Submarine> Ant2, s/gode/dildo/ 
<Submarine> Ant2, consider making a photo and putting it on commons 
<Ant2> might 
* Essjay will not be photoshopping that particular "household item"
into photos of mindspillage 
* sean_black has dirty thoughts.      O_O 
<Submarine> Ant2, do you have a tripod? 
* Essjay strongly considers leaving the channel 
<Submarine> or a desk lamp? 
* Essjay is very concerned over what kind of perversions Submarine
would like Anthere to particpate in 
<Submarine> you can get very good results by putting sheets of white
paper on a desk and lighting the object with a lamp 
<Submarine> then take the photo 
* Essjay breathes an enormous sigh of relief  
* Essjay was having difficulty determining exactly what sexual
practice required a dildo *with a cord*, a tripod, and a desk lamp 
<Submarine> Essjay, I'm not THAT kinky. 
<Essjay> Well if you had suggested she rent a llama, I was going to
call the French Embassy and complain 
<Submarine> Essjay, Alas, all this is legal in France. 
<Submarine> except perhaps the llama 
<Submarine> I suspect it's illegal to keep farm animals in an apartment. 
<silsor> I somehow misread [[Category:User sax|Mindspillage]] as "sex marathon" 
         while clicking another link 
<silsor> had to go back for a double take 
       <Homer> lets change the subject
<@Snowspinner> Homer - I think that would be a great idea.
       <Homer> like why do people crap in urinals
<@Snowspinner> I completely take that back.
<jwales> There are people who have good sense.  There are idiots.  A consensus 
         of idiots does not override good sense.  Wikipedia is not a democracy.
<Essjay> I'd have my mob connections put a hit on them, but I'm in the gay 
<Essjay> Occasionally we make people sleep with the fishes
<Essjay> It's the gay mafia, so it's trout amandine with lemon butter & capers
<Amgine> Ah! You have a fairy Godfather!
<Essjay> Don Queerlione
<Essjay> It's La Homo Nostra
<Submarine> yeah and it's not easy to summon lawyers 
<Submarine> this means they're high-level characters 
<Submarine> sometimes it backfires when you draw your pentacle 
<Submarine> and instead of getting a lawyer you get some kind of horny rabbit 
            who jumps everywhere shouting "roumaaaaaine" 
<dannyisme> i am your firend
<dannyisme> i like you
* Essjay hugs dannyisme
<dannyisme> NO HUGGING!
<dannyisme> this is purely platonic
<Linuxbeak> lol
* Essjay adds dannyisme to [[User:Essjay/WikiFriends[[
<Essjay> Platonic, huh?
<dannyisme> not as in Meno
* Essjay consults [[List of bondage positions]] for more "platonic" options
<Linuxbeak> ooooff
--> jwales (n=jwales@wikipedia/Jimbo-Wales) has joined #wikimedia
<-- spacebirdy has quit ("ChatZilla [Firefox 1.5/undefined]")
<Linuxbeak> quick! don't let him get away!
* Linuxbeak casts a net around jwales 
* Essjay quickly consults [[List of bondage positions]] again to assist
<Linuxbeak> O_O
<Pathoschild> o_o
[12:10] * HAH has joined #wikipedia
[12:10] <HAH> Stop ban please
[12:10] <Linuxbeak> HAH: stop troll please
<user_tznkai> God_of_War: So you're telling me that you're going out of your
              way to find me on IRC, to pick a fight with me, for your
              enjoyment, over something that happened on wikipedia, yes?
 <God_of_War> umm yep
   * ChanServ sets mode: +o Raul654
    * Raul654 sets mode: +o user_tznkai
    * Raul654 sets mode: -o Raul654
<user_tznkai> hrmm.
 <sean_black> user_tznkai: Do not feed
<user_tznkai> evidently I don't have too.
 <God_of_War> on irc I can say what I want to
    <Raul654> FINISH HIM!
 * God_of_War was kicked by user_tznkai (user_tznkai)
    <Raul654> FATALITY
From #wikimedia
     <karynn> moo
       <_sj_> (hoom)
     <Amgine> <hom>
 <sean_black> /whom?
     <Amgine> Om
       <ABCD> Um
 <sean_black> Er
     <Amgine> eh?
 <sean_black> Wha?
       <ABCD> Huh?
     <Amgine> hah!
 <sean_black> Who?
       <ABCD> You!
 <sean_black> Hee!
       <ABCD> Ha!
     <Amgine> ?!?
 <sean_black> Ho!
       <ABCD> hum
 <sean_black> herm
     <Amgine> hummina
 <sean_black> harummph
<Pathoschild> At some point, Essjay told me this is where the important
              discussions took place. :)
<AdamBishop> "The Hebrew Bible (or Old Testement) encourages mammary 
             intercourse in Proverbs 5:19."
<AdamBishop> dammit. That's not what that says.
    <silsor> which is that, the one about taking pleasure in the breasts of 
             the wife of your youth?
<AdamBishop> it's on [[Mammary intercourse]]
<AdamBishop> and Proverbs says "Let her be as the loving hind and pleasant 
             roe; let her breasts satisfy thee at all times;  and be thou 
             ravished always with her love."
<AdamBishop> I'm pretty sure the original does not have the Biblical Hebrew 
             phrase for titty fucking
  <Raul654> [[Adriaen van der Donck]] <-- best last name ever
  <Raul654> it sounds like sexual slang
<Mark_Ryan> Donck because it rhymes with 'bonk'?
   <Friday> #REDIRECT [[Sexyal slang]]
   <Friday> that only happens the first time, dont worry
<westfall> i got a question... is there some plan to pay for
           the rising costs of maintaining Wikipedia? surely 
           fundraisers can't alone can't support WP
    <Oddi> I suggest selling "The Ladies of Wikipedia" calenders.
<onfire4christ> how do you identify GNAA members?
       <silsor> by their distinctive dark skin
<onfire4christ> really?
      <Raul654> oh snap
     <Chairboy> ha ha ha
   <Babajimbo> Phroziac, you are a girl?
<mindspillage> Girls shave too, Raul654...
    <Phroziac> Babajimbo: yeh
     <Raul654> I was just having a brain fart for a moment
   <Babajimbo> I can't keep genders straight in here.
        <Demi> Babajimbo - "straight". No you darn well can't.
* Morven did a search for david gerard in my gmail boxes and got '1 to 20 of 
  hundreds'.  So damn many postings even a COMPUTER doesn't wanna count them, 
  david ;)
    [... on Wikimedia UK ...]
<jwales> oh that meeting I came to was a real party
<jwales> 4 hours locked in a room going line by line through a very
tedious document
<jwales> so yeah, get wikipedians into a room to discuss bylaws
<jwales> :)
<jwales> I sat through it when the Germans did it
<jwales> that was better
<jwales> for two reasons
<fuddlemark> it would be interesting to see the agreement submitted,
only to have the last vestiges of vandalism left in
<jwales> 1. we did it at 3am in a room lit mostly by blacklights and
computer screens, with volumes of smoke and weird german techno music
<jwales> 2. it was all in german, and at that time I didn't understand
a word of German, so I didn't actually have to think about it
<fuddlemark> "Charitable purpose: For the advancement of knowledge and
open poop content"
<jwales> I just realized that no one can actually understand anything
about wikipedia until they read [[m:bash]]
<Morven> As a self-reference, of course, that should be quoted on [[m:bash]].
<Babajobu> Sex is so 90s
<Dawson> Sex was 80s. Wearing pants so big you can't have sex was 90s.
<Tony_Sidaway> girlcotting is like boycotting, except you don't actually pull 
out, you just wiggle it about a bit.
<Drini> :P :P :P :P :P :P :P:P :P :P :P :P :P :P:P :P :P :P :P :P :P:P :P :P :P
        :P :P :P:P :P :P :P :P :P :P:P :P :P :P :P :P :P:P :P :P :P :P :P :P:P 
        :P :P :P :P :P :P:P :P :P :P :P :P :P:P :P :P :P :P :P :P:P :P :P :P :P
        :P :P
<Drini> ZOMG!!
<Drini> I hacked your channel!!
<Drini> anyone can type!!!
<Amgine> : Didn't someone say it was an open meeting?
<Xirzon> : Amgine: open doesn't mean you have to invite everyone to join, 
unless you're ready to moderate rather strictly
<Essjay> tawker: Actually, wikipedia does have some porn-esque pictures 
<tawker> wheres the policy on that 
<KnowledgeOfSelf> First article that comes to mind is [[Penis]] 
<Shanel> our favourite vandal target 
<Essjay> KOS: [[Image:Autofellatio_2.jpg]] was my first thought (WARNING: NOT
         WORKPLACE SAFE!!!!!!) 
<freakofnurture> note to self, tell chat client stop beeping on mention of
<ambi2> these userboxen are informative.
<ambi2> i just found that *another* user i previously respected is a
        right-wing asshole.
<Tony_Sidaway> "WHY DO YOU HATE FREEDOM?" nearly always translates to "WHY DO
In response to the servers going down:
<poningru> wait did we get onwd by the muslim fanatics? 
<Essjay> poningru: I believe we've been hax0red and pwnd :-p 
<Spum> They jihaded the server :-( 
<Tony_Sidaway> If I had a choice of profession, it would be a washable reusable
               talking sex doll.
<robchurch> Don't put words in my mouth.
<robchurch> Unless those words are, "umm, userboxes hurt the servers. Every
            time you create a userbox, you make brion cry"
* (Valentine's Day 2006, midday UTC)
* JoanneB will try to invite her bf to the channel tonight
<Celestianpower> JoanneB: lol
<Ali_K> lol
<freakofnurture> probably named "MikeD" or something
<Ali_K> roffl
<freakofnurture> am i right?
<Ali_K> ok, im on the floor now
<JoanneB> freakofnurture: my bf? 
* JoanneB is not getting it
* Ali_K is still laughing
<freakofnurture> [[Mike D]]
<JoanneB> right.... :-)
<Margana> what are Lupin's popups?
<fuddlemark> Margana: we don't talk about that much
<fuddlemark> Margana: it's a personal issue between Lupin and his missus
(following a discussion on wikipedia timekeeping...)
<sean_black> We should get rid of time. It's too confusing.
<sean_black> Stupid time.
<sean_black> It's always passing, and stuff.
<ta_bu_shi_da_yu> can't understand why I can't edit Hitler!
<nsh> why's angela never on irc anymore?
<Raul654> Nsh - hiding from the unwashed masses
<Raul654> (e.g, all of you)
<Raul654> Rob & Wirelain -
<Raul654> Jimbo will be the first one taken away
<Raul654> So Angela gets promoted to Jimbo
<Raul654> and Mav gets promoted to Angela
<sean_black> Raul654: Angela has to grow a beard?
<Raul654> Sean - we'll have to play that one by ear
<SethIlys> Raul654: I had an argument with a friend of mine; he didn't 
           believe that there are many people who actually wish harm and 
           suffering upon other people.
<Raul654> Seth - obviously he has never met a raiders fan
<SushiGeek> 2,129 edits and I wonder why the hell I still do it.
<Dmcdevit> SushiGeek, pizza puff.
<sean_black> Damn straight.
     <karynn> DELETE ALL IDIOTS
     * sannse deletes herself
<Pathoschild> karynn: I hesitate to start deleting swathes of Wikipedia's
<TimStarling> sq3 is down
<TimStarling> sq9 is down because I killed it
<nsh> what the hell is ED?
<nsh> encylopedia dramatica
<Phroziac> nsh: encyclopaedia dramatica
<Raul654> Nsh - erectile dysfunction
<nsh> yeah
<nsh> what is it?
<Raul654> Nsh - when your peepee doesn't work
<nsh> like some sort of uncyc thing?
<nsh> shhh, Raul654 :-)
* Raul654 is a fisher of men 
* Raul654 goes dynamite fishing for men
* Guanaco has quit IRC (Excess Flood)
<Raul654> That's one!
<jwales> Adam is right.
<jwales> We did have to walk uphill in the snow.
<jwales> If you read my bio in Wikipedia, you'll see that in the early days we
         had to walk uphill in mountains of porn while secretly plotting to
         demote Larry Sanger.
<jwales> Now of course, things are much easier, as I travel the world on the
         Wikimedia Foundations "Travel" budget (note the scare quotes,
         suggesting that it isn't _really_ a travel budget after all).
<Dragonfly6-7> you just sit in a room while your assistants hold up posters of
               different exotic locations around you
<Dragonfly6-7> and (seeing as how the GFDL has rotted your brain)
<jwales> Of course, under "Other Activities" we do have our priorities right: a
         mailing list I ran in college is clearly more important than being a
         Harvard fellow.
<Dragonfly6-7> you are deceived into thinking you are in the exotic locations
<Dragonfly6-7> or something like that.
<jwales> This bit is amusing: "He is protective about his personal life, and
         his interests and hobbies outside of Wikipedia and the Wikimedia
         Foundation are mostly unknown to the general public.
<jwales> Am I protective about my personal life?  What would the evidence of
         this be?
<jwales> I sort of like the exotic sound of it, though... "mostly unknown to
         the general public".
<Dragonfly6-7> jimbo - have you provided us with nude photos of yourself and
               members of your immediate family?
<Dragonfly6-7> If not, the only possible reason is that you're irrationally
               protective of your personal life.
<jwales> indeed, and of course, trying to cover up my past as a pornographer
         (which is what the article usually says about it)
<mindspillage> "We can't find any other good info to put here" --> "He is
protective of his personal life"
<jwales> :)
<Dragonfly6-7> jimbo - how come you don't post a daily log of your bowel
               movements? No pun intended.
<AdamBishop> I think we should use the term "pornmonger" more often
<Dragonfly6-7> "Official Pornmonger to the United States Senate"
<mindspillage> Wikipedia is Pornocracy!
quamaretto: I read "do the percentage" and I was thinking "The Percentage? What
            kind of dance is that?"
quamaretto: This is part of why, ordinarily, I hide my thoughts from the world.
Dragonfly6-7: quamaretto - by all means, continue to do so.
<Wytukaze> Amgine: What makes you think that?
  <Amgine> Your linguistic abilities, and the fact you're located in Africa.
<Phroziac> wytukaze is in africa? O_o
<Wytukaze> I'm in Africa?
<Wytukaze> News to me.
     <Raul654> touch -f sean_black
  <sean_black> o_O
     <Raul654> (forcible touching in the channel)
<mindspillage> Raul654, bad touch again.
  * sean_black is touched
     <Raul654> Mindspillage - show me on the doll where jesus touched you
<mindspillage> Raul654: so long as you don't mount him.
<Snowspinner> Glad you're not dead.
<DavidGerard> i'm glad too!
<DavidGerard> i've just come back to irc and see a zillion talk messages and a
              pile of channels with my name dropped
<DavidGerard> all about wikipedia battles to the death for insanely low stakes
<DavidGerard> makes me want to start a sock just to write articles
<Snowspinner> lol
<Snowspinner> We have articles now?
<DavidGerard> i think so. someone said there were a million of them. 
<Snowspinner> WTF?
<Snowspinner> I thought we just had policy pages and userboxes.
<DavidGerard> I can't find [[Wikipedia:Jordanhill railway station]] anywhere
<DavidGerard> or [[Template:Jordanhill railway station]]
<DavidGerard> I think {{user Jordanhill railway station}} doesn't exist either
<DavidGerard> what sort of pissant project is this? that press release will
              make a laughingstock of our adherence to process
<sannse> DanteAlighieri: that would probably involve my swallowing him -
         he's not a big fella
<pengo> so we need a streaking cleptomanic anethesist and a camera 
<ta_bu_shi_da_yu> brion, you about?
<NullC> ta_bu_shi_da_yu: the developer you have attempted to reach is
unavailable. Please leave a message after the beep.
* NullC beep
<tawker> If you are happy with your message, please press 1, else please press
<Amgine> If you'd like to hear this message again, press star
<sean_black> I don't, thanks anyway. 
<Amgine> <click><bzzzzz>
<tawker> beep beep beep beep beep
<Mackensen> my, [deleted] is in a litigious mood
<DavidGerard> oh yes? has he threatened to sue me yet?
<Mackensen> not quite
<Mackensen> Anyone can just add him, can't they?
<karynn> Mackensen: where is this?
<DavidGerard> your RFAr
<DavidGerard> [deleted] is about to be attached for being a spamming dick
<karynn> DavidGerard: yeah, i'm not going to object to that very much
<mind|notallhere> Could [deleted] be any more of a ruleslawyer on the
                  requests page? Good grief.
<DavidGerard> mind|notallhere: the ac has Ways to Deal with rules lawyers.
* mind|notallhere nods
<DavidGerard> "suggest the AC tell [deleted] to fuck off^W^W
              reconsider the rules lawyering"
<mind|notallhere> But so few of them involve actual physical pain.
<DavidGerard> i understand the 500 volts through the chair has been put
              back to mediawiki 1.7
<mind|notallhere> Full plate of cookies to whichever dev is working on
                  that. With extra chocolate chips.
<FreplySpang> [...] When your panties climb rocks by themselves, you 
              /really/ need to do laundry
<Ali_K> Misza13: whos bartender? 
<Misza13> Ali_K: Me. Sort of. 
<Misza13> He's my bot. 
<Ali_K> lol 
<Misza13> I wrote him today 
<Ali_K> :) 
<Essjay> pschemp: Maybe we can get Misza13 to write sean black a girlfriend :-D
<sean_black> ZOMG edit summaries
<sean_black> ZOMG userboxes
<sean_black> ZOMG Alphax
    <Alphax> ZOMG knickers
<sean_black> ZOMG I just supported you
           * Alphax is now known as knickers
  <knickers> zomg CABALSEX
<sean_black> YAY CABALSEX
<sean_black> YAY KNICKERS
           * Zscout370 kicks down the VIP door
           * knickers suffocate sean_black
<sean_black> Yay
<bishonen> telsa, riddle me this: what's the point of bringing *condensed*
           milk and condensed and dried this and that, if you also have to
           bring all your own water?
   <telsa> bishonen: clearly they didn't hold much expectation of meeting 
           giant sky-cows.
(Referring to S A Andrées)
<telsa> "there was a sky cow. it lived in the sky. one day it said "wow".
         as a balloon passed by.  Andre and (someone). and more of that 
         ilk. they shouted up to it. "have you got any milk"?  Said 
         Andree to the cow. "It's not going too well". As out whooshed 
         the hydrogen, and to the ice down they fell.  they landed in 
         pieces, but our sky-cow survives. And watches, lowing softly, as
         our heroes end their lives"
<brian0918> haha, i asked a user to translate a song from Italian to English, 
            but didn't tell him that it was from the 1500s...
<brian0918> ... and he lowered his babel templates from it-4 and en-4 
            to it-3 and en-3
<karmafist> AdamBishop: No, but I need a goddamn orgy from somewhere.
<NicholasT> karmafist: Erm.. yourself? Likely that's the only one you'll get :)
<karmafist> women take too much work, yet the sex drive is still there
<karmafist> lol. An orgy of one. It's like the army, just more sticky
    <Luigi30> I found in the same box today: a box of phaser ink cartridges, a 
              box of 120MB backup tapes (with price stickers for $19.99 on 
              each), the logic board for an IBM 3741 terminal, and a 3/4" tape
<FreplySpang> phasers need ink cartridges? "Mr. Spock, set phasers on 300dpi!"
<Mike_H> Luigi30: SILENCE FOOL
<FreplySpang> ew
<Amgine> <puts on peril-sensitive sunglasses>
* mind|wandering pours Amgine a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster.
<-- Amgine has quit (Remote closed the connection)
<mind|wandering> Wow, I've heard they're strong...
    <Dawson> I've been watching AfD for weeks, and I finally found someone I
             can support. :)
<sean_black> Dawson: s/AFD/RFA
    <Dawson> rfa, close enough :)
    <wmarsh> Admins for Deletion
    <Dawson> I'm not very good with three letter acrynyms.
    <Dawson> acronyms too.
    <Dawson> wmarsh: sometimes, I think that'd be more appropriate.
    <Alphax> Dawson, [[WP:WOTTA]]
    <Dawson> haha
<sean_black> Dawson: Arynyms are tough.
    <Dawson> Arynym sounds like a Star Trek alien.
<sean_black> So do you.
<sean_black> :D
    <Alphax> A nazi alien
    <wmarsh> Arynym, the nazi anonymous remailing service
* brion posits: Can God output an SVG file so large, even He can't render it?
<Lubaf> Oh, I'm a kickbanner and I'm okay / I kick all night and I ban all
<JesseW> Lubaf: I wear spike heels, and a bandolier... ?
* Lubaf wonders if there's anything that you can say from that point that
 would cause your chorus to stop singing.
<Lubaf> "I eat women's corpses, for example my dear mama", maybe?
<JesseW> rolf!!
<brenneman> I think if I play with my user page much more it will fall off.
<Raul654> It's Friday night - do you know what YOUR children are up to?
<pixels> my children are in my pants, plotting to escape
     <Mike_H> Started geting involved with Wikipedia by editing FWBO article,
              hence my name. I'm fluent in Engrish. For this reason, I don't
              edit article unless it has obvious flaws such as missing vital
              information or POV bias.
     <Mike_H> oh, wow
     <Mike_H> this person typed "Engrish"
     <Mike_H> and actually...
     <Mike_H> meant it
     <bumm13> :>
   <Phroziac> Mike_H: hahahaha. <3
     <Mike_H> If anyone find my Engrish hard to read, here is advice. Forget
              plural or singular. It's unnecessaly concept (like noun gender)
              which English launguage should get rid of. :D
     <bumm13> haha
     <Mike_H> the English is just fine otherwise
     <Mike_H> there are mixed up r's and l's
     <fuzzie> You people are still being trolled by Uncle_Ed? You must all be
<bish_sleeps> Mike_H: he's right, there is a lot of redundancy in Engrish.
     <Mike_H> and sometimes deleted l's and r's altogether
* FreplySpang packs up some extra nattis, just in case bish_sleeps becomes
<bish_sleeps> fuzzie: not me, i'm off to bed.
     <Mike_H> bish_sleeps: you ale totarry light
     <fuzzie> bish_sleeps: ninight
<bish_sleeps> Mike_H: that's bish_sreeps to you
     <Mike_H> good night! see you in the molning!
<bish_sleeps> nite
<mindspillage> Tony_Sidaway, I don't do anything with you either! 
<Tony_Sidaway> mindspillage, well that's true, unless we could that time with
               the counter-bassoon in the elevator. 
<mindspillage> Tony_Sidaway, don't lie. You were just in it for the chance to
               touch a big piece of wood.
<Babajobu>   We should convert the Bomis babes into Wikipedia hoochies.
<FreplySpang> the hoochies that anyone can... never mind.
<Hedley> On June 11, 2005 a number of law enforcement agents raided a cockfight
         in Newport, Tennessee - about 40 miles east of Knoxville. Authorities
         said that this was one of the largest cockfights in the United States.
<Chairboy> Hedley: #wikipedia is the 2nd largest, right?
<DavidGerard> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Contributions/newbies
<DavidGerard> that is a FRIGHTENING page.
<Linuxbeak> uh oh.
<DavidGerard> seven or eight newbie edits a minute.
<DavidGerard> most of them new articles.
<Linuxbeak> o_O
<DavidGerard> most innocently deserving of a quick death.
<DavidGerard> *sigh* TIME TO KNIFE BABIES!!!
<DavidGerard> %-D
<Kiba> I saved a bunch of money on my book insurance by switching to Wikipedia!
   <brion_> i see dead processes
--> presroi (n=neubau@p54B0F660.dip.t-dialin.net) has joined #wikimedia-tech
<robchurch> It's Apache meets the Sixth Sense.
  <presroi> "I see dead processes"
<robchurch> Got it in one.
** fuddlemark joined the chat room.
sean_black: \o/ fuddlemark
fuddlemark: sean_black: don't you ever sleep? :-)
Marudubshinki: ZOMG! sean_black is a group account!
** Marudubshinki realizes what he said
Marudubshinki: ZOMG! all sex with sean_black is group sex!
** brain|food is now known as mindspillage.
** Grunt waves mindspillage.
** fuddlemark waves Grunt at mindspillage
** mindspillage waves
** mindspillage grunts at fuddlemark and fuddles Grunt.
fuddlemark: heh
** Tomer_ picks up fuddlemark and swings him around the channel, releasing him
 in the general direction of AngryParsley
** alerante ducks and covers from all the flying people
alerante: see, whenever someone joins #wikipedia nowadays, someone gets waved
 and thrown across the room.
Grunt: alerante: I believe I had a hand in starting that. =b
ThatGuyFromTS: alerante: violent isn't it?
** Jude waves and throws alerante across the room.
<dannyisme> when the resurrection of the dead occurs, will authors' works be 
            copyrighted again? 
<Mike_H> I had a clove last night
<Mike_H> I smoke cigarettes to get cancer
<Mike_H> not to taste candy
   <karynn> wikipedia needs an enema.
<NicholasT> Indeed
* NicholasT prepares the hose
<NicholasT> Or alternatively, it might just do with a good dose of laxative
   <Hedley> Mmm, Wikilaxative.
   <Hedley> The constipation relief that anyone can edit.
<elephantus> Sometimes there are even peaceful periods in the Balkans, like
             for example right now :-)
  <Chairboy> Elephantus: Right, but those periods are defined as the times
             when everyone is busy reloading.
   <spectie> :(
<Marudubshinki> meh. 'bout time I subscribed to Wikien-L
     <SethIlys> Marudubshinki: It's not worth it.
       <silsor> Marudubshinki: It's not worth it.
  <Evil_Monkey> Marudubshinki: Just say no
<Alphax> shimgray, why does australia always win gold medals? because our
         country code is .au! :D
<Raul654> "Wikipedia has a disproportionately large number of 
gays, transgendered, and furries. The reason for this has yet to 
be satisfactorily explained, although it has been suggested by NullC 
that "all new mediums are first explored by the minorities and 
the marginalized"."
<Raul654> --Raul's 8th law
<sigmoid> don't leave out the pedophiles.
<Raul654> Sigmoid - ssshhh... there's minors in the room
* Raul654 covers Sean Black's ears
* sean_black is censored
* Raul654 pokes out Sean's eyes for good measure
<Raul654> Sean - you can have them back when you turn 18
* sean_black is blinded
* sean_black feels the pickle jar where his eyes are held longingly
<Raul654> Sean - that's not a pickle jar
* Raul654 ducks
* sean_black shudders
<MessedRocker> they should make a physical firewall that works like a condom
    <shimgray> messed: we have one
<MessedRocker> oh?
    <shimgray> it consists of covering the end of the ethernet cable in 
               solid epoxy
       <gurch> shimgray: Very effective.
      <bogdan> MessedRocker: then the hackers would need only a needle.
       <gurch> shimgray: Unfortunately, not very selective. Tends to block 
    <shimgray> alternately, you could have the vasectomy style - cut the cable 
               in half - or the Catholic approach, pulling the cable out
    <shimgray> and believe me, you don't want to imagine what partial-birth 
               abortion firewalling is
     * bumm13 NP: Black Sabbath - Electric Funeral (1970)
    * Joolzer listens to pj harvey - this is love
  * Linuxbeak is listening to R.E.M. - Orange Crush
    * Joolzer sighs
      <Ali_K> Linuxbreak: omg me too
  <Linuxbeak> :o 
      <Ali_K> lol
    * avillia has on They Might Be Giants.
* Laogeodritt is listening to fans and hard drives.
<Laogeodritt> >>
    * spectie listens to State of Grace
  * Linuxbeak likes TMBG
* JesseW_away is pleased with Avillia and Linuxbeak's taste
<JesseW_away> in music, in music I mean...
     <Seqsea> mhm
    <avillia> Bad thoughts.
     <Seqsea> We know what you really meant
  <Linuxbeak> omg sex
<Daniel_Bush> In the British government, when someone in a Cabinet position
              resigns and the Prime Minister has to do a fifth Cabinet
              reshuffle, is it like when the Mad Hatter suddenly yells
              "Change places!" and then everyone runs around, knocking
              everyone else over?
 <Avillia> SethIlys: I'm already on m:Bash three times in less than a week.
<SethIlys> Avillia: Four.
<Raul654> it's not every day you get solicitions for people interested in
          working on scandavian porn
<Backstretch> I'm going to make a userbox,[[Template:User water ok]]
              content "This user is not allergic to water"
<Backstretch> Then, I'm going to start a new project/campaign; 
              featured userbox  like featured article/picture/etc.
<Backstretch> Good grief. There already is a [[Template:User water]]
<sannse> haha
<keitei> wikien-l makes you afraid to do anything wrong
<keitei> just so they won't seize your computer
<robchurch> You should see wikitech-l
<robchurch> "New feature added
            DO? YOU SUCK!"
<Seqsea> lol
<robchurch> So the question is...do you announce it
<robchurch> (a) on wikitech-l, where your fellow devs are likely to have
            your eyes out
<robchurch> (b) on the village pump, where everyone else will have a
            pound of flesh
<robchurch> (c) nowhere, and then fail to take credit later
<shimgray> you could do what medieval scientists did
<shimgray> announce it in some incredibly cryptic manner, so no-body
           realises you're announcing it, but so that you can go back
           later and say "look! this actually shows my plan!"
    <redback> how do you "Reverted edits"
     <Alphax> redback, you have to download the entire database
     <Alphax> and then sift through it using grep, sed and awk
     <Alphax> then, you need to rlogin and manually patch the database files
     <Alphax> if you get an edit conflict, the page gets corrupted and brion
              has to rewrite it bit-by-bit
  <robchurch> Brion no longer does the manual rewriting.
  <robchurch> Or manually fixing edit histories.
  <robchurch> He has minions do it.
     <Alphax> robchurch, oh, like Tim and Magnus?
  <robchurch> No.
  <robchurch> People are too expensive.
  <robchurch> We decided that monkeys were ultimately more efficient.
     <Alphax> cool
     <Alphax> so, Wikipedia really is being written by infinite monkeys
     <wmarsh> Well not infinite... there are only 800 admins or so
     <Alphax> the admins are monkeys? I knew it!
    <rory096> there are a few more cabal members though
* pepsidrinka is certainly not a monkey
* pepsidrinka is a chimp
<mister_nuge> [[Image:Flag of Australia.svg]]
   <Chairboy> I anticipate that once Quebec secedes, Canada will be able to
              assume its official position as the 51st state of the US.
<mister_nuge> this is borderline racism, yknow
<mister_nuge> ..
   <Chairboy> The flag is racism?
<mister_nuge> Chairboy:no, the age old 'Canada is the 51st state'
   <Chairboy> Oh, canadians are a race?
<mister_nuge> well, its a bit insulting.
   <Chairboy> Is insulting the same as racism now?
   * Chairboy waits
<mister_nuge> no
   <Chairboy> Ok then.
<mister_nuge> hence 'borderline'
<mister_nuge> i was using the word loosely
   <Chairboy> Ok, Mister Nuge, then by your logic, you are borderline pedophile.
   <Chairboy> I'm just using the word loosely.
<Linuxbeak> so, Mike_H: approve/disapprove? I can take more shots if needed
<Mike_H> Linuxbeak: naughty ;)
<Mike_H> and you have a girlfriend!
<Mike_H> haha
<Linuxbeak> :P 
<Mike_H> jk!
<NullC> Linuxbeak has a GF?
<Linuxbeak> i do
<Illarane|Laptop> Omg, someone who uses Linux who's not gay!
<Mike_H> but no, I think that picture is just fine
<NullC> Linuxbeak: Does she run linux?
<robchurch> <NullC> I thought I was the only geek who could pull!
<Mike_H> rofl
<Linuxbeak> NullC: She's afraid of Linux.
<Grunt> Linux is not scary!
<robchurch> Grunt: Dunno about that.
<robchurch> I mean, if I was a small kid
<robchurch> ...and I bumped into Richard Stallman...
<Linuxbeak> robchurch: Allow me.
<Linuxbeak> This would be the reaction:
<Mike_H> oh, wow
<Linuxbeak> and the kid would consequently expode
<Mike_H> in nerd world, nobody can hear you scream
<wmarsh> That's the hilarious thing about stub sorting, 500 people sorting the
stubs, 0 people going through the stub categories to improve articles
<wmarsh> We were talking about this girl we knew from highschool, who apparently
         is in the FBI (as an accountant) and someone mentioned that she'd gained
         a lot of weight... and this guy was like "And the FBI still took her?"
<Demi> First disqualification for being a secret agent: making blog posts about
       wanting to become a secret agent.
<fasten>   Chairboy: An ecosystem is not an operating system. Ecosystem are
           chaotic systems without purpose and intend. That's not much of an
           operating system.
<Chairboy> Fasten: I can tell you've never programmed for MS Windows....
<wmarsh>     But it was worse... on this hardcore PvP MMORPG I used to play on,
             there were 10,000-ish male players, and literally 6 females... that
             ever admitted they were female at least.
<gurch>      so that's 5 females, 317 slashdotters...
<SethIlys>   .... and a Jimbo in a pear tree.
<bogdan2005> gurch: why unfortunately?
* gurch is not Jimbo
<gurch>      is there such a thing as a femal slashdotter?
<bogdan2005> gurch: you wanna be a girl?
<gurch>      bogdan2005: not particularly
<bogdan2005> gurch: there are rumours.
<bogdan2005> gurch: and transvestites.
* Sceptre brandishes knife
<gurch> aargh
* gurch runs away
* lwrtzy has quit ("get a new world")
<gurch>      get a new world?
<gurch>      from where? the second-hand world shop?
<wmarsh>     eBay
<Sceptre>    wmarsh: same think
<wmarsh>     L@@K!!! Excellent starter planet! Great income opp.! CL1CK!!
<Sceptre>    *thing
<bogdan2005> wmarsh: AAA+++ Excellent planet, great pink sky and purple seas.
<Redwolf24> hi everyone
<gentgeen> hi redwolf
<Ed_Poor> I re-read Stoffel biography of Lewis Carroll last night.
<Redwolf24> any news?
<Jude> Hi Redwolf24.
<Ed_Poor> no, carroll's still dead
<zocky> ah, sweden, the penis of europe
* FreplySpang checks keyboard for hexes
<FreplySpang> I accidentally found a key combination that brings up Internet
              Explorer, does that count?
* mindspillage backs away from FreplySpang's keybaord.
<PhilSandifer> You didn't tell me Wiki-EN got the most fucked up penis spam
<PhilSandifer> I now have a word file just of terrifying penis spam.
<PhilSandifer> I blame you!
<PhilSandifer> YOU MADE ME READ THE SENTENCE "After you cum with Spermamax she
               will be looking for her underwear one hour in the ocean of your
<Mike_H> I reverted a furry's edits
<Mike_H> It's a great day to be alive.
<avillia> I am not going to say a single thing on IRC for anyone to quote, and
if anyone quotes me I will remove their quotes.
<KlingonHobo> avillia: So stop talking.
<sean_black> Katie, It's not fancruft until I create [[Production history of
             Godzilla vs. Megalon, day one]].
<Bastique|atwork> m:bash just gets less funny
<Raul654> Mike - drinking and chatting on IRC is as low as it gets
<Raul654> You should take up something less shameful. Like [[avisodomy]]
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--> nongratapersona has joined #wikimedia
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<Tony_Sidaway> fuddlemark, a LOT of things happen only in Australia. 
               Celebrating Christmas in the middle on fucking June with 
               the sun beating down on the barbie and the dingoes all 
               sweltering with their pouches hanging out in the heat ONLY
<Lubaf> I'm wondering where Silicone Valley is.
<CableModem> Silicone Valley, maybe California
<Lubaf> Probably out east of LA, where they make all that porn.
<Demi> Lubaf - Manhattan Beach, I guess
<CableModem> like, hollywood
<CableModem> Lubaf, that exactly what I was going to say
<CableModem> :)
<Demi>     telsa - I thought Icelanders (or whatever you call them) shunned
           books as an artifact of the devil or trolls or something. Stealing
           someone's words is witchcraft.
<telsa>    Demi: you're bored, aren't you? :)
<Demi>     telsa - A little, which is bad since I'm at work.
<telsa>    Demi: they've got one of the highest literacy rates in the world,
           and the bookshop I loved had stuff in about four languages.
<Bastique> Photographiing them is like stealing their soul
<Demi>     Bastique - Ah! That's why there are no pictures of Icelanders.
<telsa>    Demi: and they are still able to read and discuss the books
           including the Landnamabok (or whatever, I bet we have an article on
           it) and the sagas.
<telsa>    Demi: without needing a glossary, which is more than we can for
           Shakespeare, let alone Chaucer.
<Bastique> Demi: And they were the first to "get it" in the movie Hostel
<Demi>     telsa - They have a high literacy rate because anyone who can't read
           the signs saying "This is the bottomless sulfurous hole in the earth
           where we make crazy wet bread" dies at an early age.
Raul654: one of the guys in my research group was in the hallway, talking on
         his cell phone
Raul654: I was able to pick up enough of the conversation to know he was
         talking with his mother
Raul654: so I go up to him and say "Joseph, yo queiro hablar a tu madre"
funforall: Talking dirty, ey?
Raul654: and boy he got mad at me :)
funforall: What was that in English?
Raul654: "Joseph, I want to talk to your mother"
Demi: Raul654 - Wow! It's like Animal House there!
Demi: Raul654 - When someone is talking on the phone to their mother, you're 
      supposed to say something like "Pull out slow, or my ass'll hurt for 
      days like last time."
Raul654: I would have said something dirtier but my spanish is just too rusty
         and forgotten
Demi: Raul654 - Oh, well you did what you could.
<Raul654> Storm - it's only a matter of time until the GNAA makes the fatal 
          error of trolling Chuck Norris
<Raul654> and then it will be all over for them
<rob|coding> Why did the Wikipedian give a list of URLs to the waiter?
<rob|coding> 'Cause he asked him to cite his sauces.
<rob|coding> haw haw
<keitei> darn furries and zoophiles
<keitei> they're everywhere
<sean_black> Yiff yiff
-!- KEVIN_MITNICK has joined #wikipedia
<Jude> KEVIN_MITNICK: I thought you weren't allowed to use technology.
<dysprosia> jude: he could be using an abacus
<Jude> dysprosia: I'm calling his parole officer!
<CableModem> an IRC enabled abacus?
<dysprosia> jude: or pigeon-based TCP/IP
-!- KEVIN_MITNICK has left #wikipedia
-!- KEVIN_MITNICK has joined #wikipedia
-!- KEVIN_MITNICK has left #wikipedia
-!- KEVIN_MITNICK has joined #wikipedia
<Jude> His abacus is playing up.
<CableModem> lol
<CableModem> the beads are sticking
<bumm13> kill the caps, please
-!- mode/#wikipedia [+o Jude] by ChanServ
-!- mode/#wikipedia [+b KEVIN_MITNICK] by Jude
-!- KEVIN_MITNICK was kicked from #wikipedia by Jude
<sdquinn> what do i do for a copyvio?
 <ptcamn> Tell the author to be subtler.
<keitei> whoa
<keitei> it's a sean_black 
<sean_black> "A"? There are others?
<Shanel> indeed there are
<Shanel> we've been breeding them in captivity
<sean_black> May I ask why?
<Shanel> so we can sell their furs for major $$$
<rob|bsd> sean_black: Ever used BSD?
<sean_black> no
<rob|bsd> Why not?
<sean_black> Because
<sean_black> I'm not a technology person
<rob|bsd> ...you're scared you might like it and want to leave Apple?
<rob|bsd> ...your Mac will leave you if you cheat on it again?
<sean_black> Perhaps! ;)
<rob|bsd> ...you need a GUI to use your dick, let alone a computer?
<Werdna> Touche
<Demi> Before I started reading my spam, semen volume was really not something
       I'd ever considered having a preference for.
AKMask: Freply: you know you want to look at that logo
FreplySpang: AKMask: I did. It is, in fact, somewhat goatse. (My husband
sean_black: FreplySpang: Don't use 'goatse' as an adjective. It disturbs
        me greatly.
** FreplySpang makes note for future reference
alerante: no adjectivizing nouns, please.
** sean_black Marudubshinkis alerante
sean_black: (omg)
** alerante ... well, I don't know of anything that I can do back to
sean_black: alerante: That relives me.
** alerante is just greatly disturbed
AKMask: alerante: why disturbed?
alerante: AKMask: sean_black Marudubshinki'd me
AKMask: alerante: ahh
sean_black: o___O
alerante: which reminds me... I hope Marudubshinki isn't a euphemism for
        something, sean_black.... ;)
sean_black: alerante: Certainly not.
sean_black: :p
sean_black: (for a change)
AKMask: alerante: you should be here more often. As off december it
        meant 'getting humped by a naked clown'
** Marudubshinki reads the previous conversation.
Marudubshinki: alright, who coined "Marudubshinki'd"?
Marudubshinki: fess up
** alerante points at sean_black
sean_black: Marudubshinki, :D
** Marudubshinki glares at sean_black
Marudubshinki: malefactor!
Marudubshinki: nimrod!
Marudubshinki: no-goodnik!
<The_Photoplayer> When I bite in to a Dick York pepperment pattie, I get the
                  sensation that my bitchy mother-in-law/witch just turned me 
                  into a toad and now Samantha has to do something about it.
     <sean_black> Nobody wants to bite into Dick York. Sargent, I could see.
           * kylu wiggles nose. n.n
     <sean_black> I mean, if you're into that.
<lenny__> hi I have a question
<lenny__> could you please take Avillia back with you?
<lenny__> he's in the GNAA irc channel from like 3 days
<Alphax> lenny__, why, he's too much for the GNAA to handle? :)
<lenny__> ad, god, he's annoying
<lenny__> yes
<lenny__> exactly
* mindspillage sighs deeply, resigned to the fact that [[Gadsby (novel)]]
               won't be a lipogram anymore. 
<mindspillage> But dpbsmith did put in a link to the old version of the
               article, which gave me the warm fuzzies. 
* Essjay goes to look up "lipogram" 
<mindspillage>  (rewriting that article to avoid the letter e was one of the
               first major edits I made on Wikipedia.) 
<Shanel> :D 
<Jude> ... To avoid the letter e? 
* Essjay assumes it does not involve a gift certificate for fat removal... 
* Jude cracks up. 
* Essjay imagines he would not respond pleasantly to tapdancers on his door,
         singing that he should get his ass deflated... 
<Shanel> LOL 
<Essjay> I've been inspired to write a jingle suitable for lipogram delivery: 
<Essjay> Hello sir, we're here to say,  
<Essjay> hope you're having a good day. 
<Essjay> Someone sent us here to note,  
<Essjay> your fat ass looks like a boat. 
<Essjay> Not to worry, not to fear,  
<Essjay> here's a gift to bring good cheer! 
<Essjay> Dr. S will fix your woes, 
<Essjay> so once again you'll see your toes! 
<Essjay> Come on down and get it done, 
<Essjay> so you'll no longer weigh a ton!
<CableModem> So, what is Wikimania about anyway?
<Headcrab> CableModem: :O
<Raul654> Cablemodem - it's like bukkake for geeks
<Raul654> erm, nevermind 
<Mark_Away> dyslexics of the world untie
<brian0918> "BURNING, in our ancient Customs, was an infectious Disease, 
             got in the Stews, by conversing with leud Women."
             --Cyclopaedia, 1728
<bumm13> I'd have to be about 120 miles north of this area to do so without,
say, cable TV
<bumm13> Olympia is the furthest south to have CBC on cable, IIRC
<PottedCactus> Whats that?
<PottedCactus> Damn you.
<PottedCactus> cable set off my "blonk" alert
<PottedCactus> donst say cable.
<PottedCactus> :P
<Linuxbeak> ...blonk?
<robchurch> CABLE
<robchurch> CABLE
<Linuxbeak> cable
<PottedCactus> Ow.
<PottedCactus> ow....
<robchurch> Linuxbeak: onomatopoeia, I guess. (cable)
<PottedCactus> it goes BLONK
<Linuxbeak> robchurch: Cable is our friend
<robchurch> PottedCactus: Ah, I see (cable)
<PottedCactus> ow.
<PottedCactus> cut that shit out.
<SPUI> cable
<robchurch> PottedCactus: What's up? Cable not working?
<PottedCactus> GACK
<Linuxbeak> What are you talking about?
<Linuxbeak> cable?
<SPUI> cable
<PottedCactus> NOOOES
<robchurch> Linuxbeak: Think his cable's broken.
<PottedCactus> STOP!
<bumm13> Satellite pwns cable, except for Internet purposes :>
<PottedCactus> pleaaaaseee...
<Linuxbeak> robchurch: I hate cable, too
<robchurch> Cable is like cabal.
<PottedCactus> nooooo...
<Demi> I have to water my cactus.
<robchurch> Linuxbeak: Cable sucks.
* PottedCactus is slowly dieing.
<robchurch> Demi: Use a cable?
<PottedCactus> Nooonononono!
<Linuxbeak> c is for cable, that's good enough for me
<Linuxbeak> c is for cable, that's good enough for me
<robchurch> wire|ain: Hi! How's your cable?
<Demi> robchurch - My cactus is about a cable-length away.
* bumm13 wonders what the hell he has started...
<Linuxbeak> cable cable cable starts with c
<PottedCactus> oh hell no.
<PottedCactus> noooo
<robchurch> Demi: Is it gold cable?
<PottedCactus> (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WP:BEANS) Is smart...
<PottedCactus> gaaa.....
<robchurch> PottedCactus: Yep. Cable.
<bumm13> do they even sell platinum cable?
<PottedCactus> *cry*
<PottedCactus> :D
<PottedCactus> no more cable!
<Linuxbeak> okay, PottedCactus
<Demi> Let's talk about modems instead.
<PottedCactus> ack! Don't say modem either!
<robchurch> Demi: Cable modems?
<PottedCactus> NOOE
--> ExplodingMallard (n=aschenck@wikipedia/Linuxbeak) has joined #wikipedia
<robchurch> I love cable
<robchurch> I love modems
<PottedCactus> *sob*
<robchurch> La la la
<robchurch> The cable modem song!
<AdamBishop> hey I have a cable modem!
<PottedCactus> ;_;
<robchurch> PottedCactus: I can keep this up for - cable - hours.
<robchurch> PottedCactus: I was once on constant - modem - ping for 20 minutes.
<afkafka> I've got two cable modems.
<PottedCactus> *sooooob*
--- ExplodingMallard is now known as Cable
<Cable> cable
* PottedCactus pounds head on desk
<-- Cable has quit (cable)
 <Beltz> I don't get it, MediaWiki runs slower on my own machine than Wikipedia
         over a slow modem :(
<pizza_> what you need is a slower modem, so that won't happen
<presroi> brion: I have reopened 6153
  <brion> i've reclosed it
 <RedACE> owned
<brian0918> what's the adverb form for "enema"?
<Phroziac> brian0918: wtf?
<MessedRocker> Enemily?
<Phroziac> brian0918: i don't think there is one.
<sean_black> Enemise?
<MessedRocker> he asked for an adverb
<brian0918> rectally will do
<brian0918> i almost typed "doo" :P
<chequers> ok, just remember wikibreak is only four letters from wikibreakdown
<Simetrical> chequers: Clever remark.  I'll have to remember it.
<chequers> Simetrical, all my quotes are licenced under the chequers-CC, which
           basically involves giving me money every time you read it
<Simetrical> chequers: Does that license permit [[m:bash]]ing?
<chequers> Simetrical, only if you give me money
<Simetrical> I'll take that as a yes.
<SPUI> kim_ is trying to subvert our encyclopedia
<kim_> SPUI, I'm very subversive :-)
<SPUI> me too let's have sex
<kim_> woo, are you female?
<SPUI> I can be female for you ^_____________^
* kim_ backs off. slowly.
<[xt]> wikipedia + porn > girlfriend + nag nag nag
<dungodung> Nikerabbit: we're setting our own MW repo because we want to
     actively work on developing that extension of ours (conversion and stuff)
<Nikerabbit> dungodung: I see
<dungodung> Nikerabbit: that's because you have eyes and you use them
     appropriately ;)
<SamPointon> I suspect that "echo" is a gay program; it puts your input into
  its output.
    <Kurt> you know, I don't give the tiniest shit about soccer
    <Kurt> but there's nothing I'd love more than to see Mexico beat the shit 
           out of communist Iran
<shimgray> Strangely, when polled, 68,467,413 people say there's nothing they'd 
           love to see more than Mexico beat the shit out of you.
<shimgray> I understand that you need to wank on the internet to confirm what 
           you feel is your dominant place in society, but when you're going to 
           condemn nations based on their political affiliations, please try to 
           remember the difference between communism and a theocracy.
* Ceiling_cat watches Rory
* rory096 hides
<Linuxbeak> rory096: you can't hide from ceiling cat.
<rory096> i know :(
<Linuxbeak> he's like santa
<soupblazer> [[Anus language]]
<soupblazer> how bout that
<brian0918> how does one perform a glottal stop in the rectum?
<robchurch> You're going to wish you'd never asked.
<brian0918> maybe Mike_H knows :P
<Mike_H> I don't even know what a glottal stop is
<OskarS> Mike_H: it sounds almost like you are swallowing really fast
<IceKarma> Mike_H, the noise someone failing to deep throat properly makes :P
<Mike_H> IceKarma: ohhhh
<Mike_H> in the RECTUM?
<Mike_H> ew
<Carrera> does anyone know of a good web based Phonebook?
<robchurch> Edit history for En Wikipedia's Admin Noticeboard? :D
<SF17> you guys should have a bake sale

Unimportant babble.

<SF17> did you hear me? bake sale

Unimportant babble.

<SF17> a bake sale is a good idea, i dont see why youre against it

Unimportant babble.

<SF17> why dont you want a bake sale? youll make tons of moneys
<Bastique> SF17 seems to be trolling
<SF17> hwa?
<Roger_The_Bum> we should have a bake sale
<Roger_The_Bum> partially because I like baked goods
<SF17> yeah, seriously
<Roger_The_Bum> OMG COOKIES
<Roger_The_Bum> wait
<Scott5114> How would we send the cookies? They might get stale...
<Roger_The_Bum> this is #wikipedia
<Roger_The_Bum> oh
<Scott5114> Send them through talk pages?
<Roger_The_Bum> maybe not a bakesale
<Roger_The_Bum> whoopsier
-- #Uncyclopedia --

<DavidGerard> if someone really wanted to troll #wikipedia, he'd have to go in
  and call them a bunch of white male heterosexual christians.
<Roger_The_Bum> lol
<keitei> JEWS DID WTC!!!
<rcmurphy> Heh.
<rcmurphy> Uncyclopedia invasion!
<DavidGerard> invade meta, i hear that's much more fun.

-- #Wikipedia --

-> Tompkins has joined wikipedia  
<Andy123> alright, cloaks then  
<Phroziac> ALinktothePast: WikiProject OMG GAME CRUFT  
<Tompkins> You guys are all a bunch of white male heterosexual christians  
<Tompkins> You disgust me.  
<Tompkins  > sick, sick, sick men you are.  
<robchurch> I resent being called a Christian.  
<Phroziac> Tompkins: i'm not male or homosexual  
<Andy123> lol, i am a hindu  
<Tompkins> I can't believe anyone would /ever/ stoop to your level    
<Phroziac> oops, i mean or heterosexual  
<robchurch> Phroziac: He said HETEROSEXUAL.  
<sean_black> o__O  
<Phroziac> robchurch: yeah, either way, they're both something i'm not.    
<Tompkins> ugh.. I'm outta here.  
<Kurt2>  Phroziac: I thought you were a trannie lesbian...  
<- Tompkins has left wikipedia
<rcmurphy> Tompkins has spoken!  
<Olipro>  paedophilic was the word Tompkins  
<Phroziac> Kurt2: heh  
<robchurch> Well, I am powerfully moved by Tompkins' speech.  
<robchurch> Powerfully moved.

-- #Uncyclopedia --

<rcmurphy> Haha!
<rcmurphy> You go, Tompkins!
<Luigi30> How the hell does 45 = 63 :s
<Linuxbeak> Luigi30: different base, perhaps?
<Luigi30> Same base as far as I know.
<Dawson> Luigi30: assume a horse is a sphere to make the calculations easier.
bishonen: guess who phoned? pzfun!
bishonen: heh
** bishonen hangs up
bishonen: wow, strange experience!
bishonen: yuo guys are .... for REAL!
alerante: yeah, surprising, eh? I'm not a bot :P
bishonen: surprising and a little creepy!
alerante: I thought everyone else was a bot!
alerante: wait, you're not a bot either?! whoa!
bishonen: I'm the latest version of ELIZA, actually.
alerante: ELIZA the sysop. interesting. :)
bishonen: so you think it's interesting?
alerante: [suspicious, a little disturbed] define "interesting".
bishonen: why would you like me to define it?
alerante: [scared] because you seem to be using a different meaning. :P
bishonen: so you're scared? Goooooood.
** alerante hides from bishonen
bishonen: Sorrry, this version seems to be Scary Eliza!
alerante: [scared] there is no cabal... there is no cabal... there is no
<Wikipedian1>  erm... can't you go to #wikipedia-flame or elsewhere?
<Wikipedian2>  there's a room for arguments!?
<Wikipedian1>  dunno, but this room definitely isn't one
<Wikipedian2>  nobody's in that room
* MessedRocker is going on an AOL survey: how much AOL edits are vandalism?
<Deco_admin> MessedRocker: Including or excluding accounts created by AOL users?
<MessedRocker> deco: Anonymous AOL only
<MessedRocker> People without the balls to attach a name to their edits :D
<Voice-of-All> Or attach balls to their edits :D
-!- Aldo [n=chatzill@xxx] has joined #mediawiki
< StoneCypher> huhu
< Aldo> hello
* robchurch puts on his "hello newbies, I don't bite" t-shirt
< Aldo> does anyone know where does the wiki get the login auth
* StoneCypher watches robchurch bite newbies anyway, and considers getting him
  some barbeque sauce
< StoneCypher> they need flavor, for god's sake
< Aldo> ok fuck you
-!- Aldo [n=chatzill@xxx] has quit [Client Quit]
< StoneCypher> *blinks*
< StoneCypher> what was that about?
< brion> ...
< StoneCypher> like what, he's offended that I suggest a satisfying marinade?
<karynn> hey, can someone please implement Special:ElectroshockUser for me?
<HardDisk_WP> LOL
<robchurch> It's planned for 1.8, I swear.
<robchurch> We're having trouble convincing people to install the ActiveX
            control and hook the tinfoil up to their genitals.
<Sasquatch> this is where you suck up to robchurch
<robchurch> it's not hard
<robchurch> praise my features
<Sasquatch> robchurch: why what a nice ass you have.
<morwen> i haven't had anything on [[m:Bash]] for a while
<morwen> i must have stopped being funny
<morwen> someone tell me something funny to say
* Werdna has nothing on m:Bash
<morwen> ooh, i know a joke i can tell
<morwen> 1: my dog has no ears.  2: how does it hear?   1: terrible
<morwen> 1: my dog has no legs.  2: how does it walk?   1: terrible
* tomf688 has joined #wikipedia
<Dragonfly6-7> My dog has no skin. How does it feel? Terrible.
<morwen> 1: my dog has no nose.  2: how does it smell?   1: IT CAN'T SMELL IT
<brion> been getting up at 7am all week so i have a chance to try jogging
        before the sun scorches all life from the earth
<brion> end up tired early as a result
<brion> but it's probably good for me
<robchurch> ...jogging?
<robchurch> as in, exercise
<robchurch> you're EXERCISING
<brion> yeah it's this thing i heard of
<robchurch> you...you...physical exertion?
<robchurch> i
<brion> it's weird
<brion> it doesn't involve computers at all
<robchurch> muscular pain
<robchurch> exhaustion
<robchurch> hunger
<robchurch> wait a minute, i know that sensation
<robchurch> so exercise is like installing Windows ME
<brion> yes
<Where|everywhere> Cyde: where is Cydebot?
<Cyde> Where|everywhere: I dunno where my server is.
<Where|everywhere> Cyde: :(
<Cyde> Power outage around here most likely.
<Kylu> did you check under the bed?
<SethIlys> My cat's breath smells like cat food.
<SethIlys> Which, incidentally, is an anagram for: "Myself, I am the castrated
<mindspillage> op around? He's been flooding tons of channels.
       <Bacta> no i haven't
       <Bacta> i've never flooded in my LIFE
<mindspillage> Uh-huh. 
<-- Bacta has quit (Excess Flood)
* Ceiling_Kanye watches bishonen but wonders if she cares about black people
* Ceiling_avisodomy has joined #wikipedia
<Raul654> Ceiling_Kayne - Bishonen is swedish. She's never seen a black person
          except on TV
* Raul654 ducks
* Ceiling_avisodomy takes Raul654 up on that offer
<KimmoA> All girls must be fucked up in their heads or something.
<bumm13> KimmoA: that's not very nice
<Linuxbeak> KimmoA: I found that out the hard way today
<KimmoA> But oh so true...
<AdamBishop> but it's true!
* Linuxbeak will third that
<CableModem> Linuxbeak: What happened?
<darkaudit> KimmoA: You're *just* figuring that out? :)
<Linuxbeak> CableModem: My girlfriend is unhappy. I think she's getting bored
            of me.
<KimmoA> Please hurry up with those life-like fembots...
<CableModem> O_o
<bumm13> I agree, though, that many females are headcases
<CableModem> You? Boring? Never!
<Zscout370> :(
<KimmoA> darkaudit: No, but I am getting sure of it.
<CableModem> Linuxbeak: Do something exciting! Go flying!
<bumm13> Zscout370: not all of them :)
<CableModem> Or sky diving!
<CableModem> :D
<Pilotguy> sky diving o_o
<KimmoA> Those things cost money and are dangerous.
<Zscout370> CableModem: Linuxbeak is a pilot, IIRC
<KimmoA> It's like begging to become a blob of guts and blood.
<CableModem> If at first you don't succude... Maybe skydivings not for you.
<CableModem> Zscout370: Why do you think I sugguested to go flying?
<Zscout370> CableModem: ah
<CableModem> :)
<Zscout370> maybe just do some of the things that the SO wants to do
<Zscout370> movies, dinners, shopping trips
<CableModem> like, go shopping or something.
<KimmoA> SO?
<CableModem> Significant other
<Linuxbeak> significant other
<Zscout370> significant other
<CableModem> pwnt.
<KimmoA> :S
<CableModem> I own you all. bwhaha.
* CableModem is the champion.
<bumm13> significant mother
<CableModem> What the fuCK?!
* bumm13 ducks
<geniice> realtionship advice from wikipedians
<CableModem> O_O
<CableModem> :>
<geniice> Oh dear
<Linuxbeak> geniice: I demand only the best.
<Zscout370> geniice: the best in the world
<darkaudit> '''Speedy Delete'''
<Mike_H> These users are being uncivil and corrupt! Suggest to me another
         way to get the word out about this! IRC? Oh, wait, I got banned from
         IRC! - Kookykman|(t)e 17:16, 8 July 2006 (UTC)
<Mike_H> wow
* Mike_H calls the waaaaambulance
<TimStarling> does PHP have a way to call a static function of a polymorphic
<hashar> last time I used polymorphism was in World of Warcraft, soo hmm  I
         dont know :)
<CableModem> I dont know! I live in fricken hawaii! All we have is fricken
<CableModem> And other people.
<CableModem> that I dont know the names of.
<CableModem> :<
<sonorous> I haev no idea what you're talking about with regards to "IRC-COPS"
<icoN> its mostly because
--> nalioth (i=nalioth@freenode/staff/ubuntu.member.nalioth) has 
 joined #wikimedia-tech
<icoN> they dont have anything better to do
<John_Cho> he banned me abuseivly
<John_Cho> for no reason
<sonorous> John_Cho: /quit 
<John_Cho> Werdna did
<John_Cho> sonorous
<John_Cho> why is this whole server
<John_Cho> and #wikipedia in genera
<Essjay> nalioth: Could you?
<John_Cho> filled with pretentious, elitlist assholes
<John_Cho> that wont give me the time of day?
<Linuxbeak> Oh, he's in here, isn't he?
<icoN> i dont really see why
<icoN> the wikipedia irc
--> sean_black (n=seanblac@wikipedia/Sean-Black) has joined 
<John_Cho> [15:37] * sean_black has joined #wikimedia-tech[15:37] 
* sean_black has joined #wikimedia-tech[15:37] * sean_black has
 joined #wikimedia-tech[15:37] * sean_black has joined 
#wikimedia-tech[15:37] * sean_black has joined 
#wikimedia-tech[15:37] * sean_black has joined #
wikimedia-tech[15:37] * sean_black has joined 
#wikimedia-tech[15:37] * sean_black has joined #wikimedia-tech[15:37]
 * sean_black has joined #wikimedia-tech[15:
<John_Cho> [15:37] * sean_black has joined #wikimedia-tech[15:37]
 * sean_black has joined #wikimedia-tech[15:37] * sean_black has
 joined #wikimedia-tech[15:37] * sean_black has joined 
#wikimedia-tech[15:37] * sean_black has joined 
#wikimedia-tech[15:37] * sean_black has joined #wikimedia-tech[15:37]
 * sean_black has joined #wikimedia-tech[15:37] * sean_black has
 joined #wikimedia-tech[15:37] * sean_black has joined
<John_Cho> [15:37] * sean_black has joined #wikimedia-tech[15:37]
 * sean_black has joined #wikimedia-tech[15:37] * sean_black has
 joined #wikimedia-tech[15:37] * sean_black has joined
 #wikimedia-tech[15:37] * sean_black has joined
 #wikimedia-tech[15:37] * sean_black has joined
 #wikimedia-tech[15:37] * sean_black has joined
 #wikimedia-tech[15:37] * sean_black has joined
 #wikimedia-tech[15:37] * sean_black has joined 
<-- John_Cho has quit (Excess Flood)
<Werdna> owned.
<KimmoA>  "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable
 from magic." <-- Wise words.
<Dragonfly6-7>  "Any technology distinguishable from magic is
 insufficiently advanced."
<Improv> Any sufficiently advanced technology is i
ndistinguishable from a sufficiently advanced technology :)
<Dragonfly6-7> Any technology, no matter how advanced it is or isn't,
 is indistinguishable from magic to those who don't understand it.
<JesseW>  Any magic, if explained wrong, can be mistaken for technology...
<Improv> Any sufficiently complex sentence is indistinguishable from
 gibberish to those who don't care to waste their time parsing it
<rvalles> Is swearing/cursing appropriate for this channel?
<sean_black> rv: Fuck no
<Dawson> Fuck no
<Mike_H> When Clinton denied having an affair with Flowers, 
she held a press conference in which she played tape recordings 
she claimed were of secretly recorded intimate phone calls with 
Clinton. Hillary Clinton, for the first time, made the media rounds 
to refute sexual allegations against her husband. When asked why 
Clinton and Flowers called each other "honey" in the tapes, Hillary 
explained that this was how people talked in Arkansas.
<Mike_H> heh
<Mike_H> that is kind of true, though
<Mike_H> I call people "honey" a lot and I think it's just a 
Southern thing
<spectie> thats pretty good
<Mike_H> Northern people get offended. "Who are YOU and why are YOU 
calling me HONEY?"
<Mike_H> and I'm like, "Sugar, calm down"
<spectie> Mike_H, lol
<spectie> HOT
<Mark_Ryan> for god's sake. someone's put the wtc/jews article up for deletion
review, so the recent changes bot keeps tripping my autokick script.
<hamedog> hey hows server status
<hamedog> ?
<ThatSandersKid> It's still read only, hamedog.
<Pegasus1138> hamedog, in short fucked
<A_Man_In_Black> hame: BRION THE BARBARIAN is on the rampage.
<hamedog> kk thans
<hamedog> y what is Brion doing?
=-= Mode #wikipedia +o brion by chanserv
<Pegasus1138> and we're probably gonna lose 40 minutes worth of edits
that happened before the servers were locked down
=-= A_Man_In_Black was booted from #wikipedia by brion (brion)
-->| A_Man_In_Black (n=AMIB@dialup-
has joined #wikipedia
<A_Man_In_Black> I take it that this is critical commentary?
<Demi> Witch doctors are always prescribing ting tang walla walla bing bang and
       stuff, never pseudoephedrine.
<Mike_H> sigh
<Mike_H> my internets are acting up
<Project2501a> is ther eanything like norton ghost, but under the GPL?
<Shadow42> Probably the tubes are clogged
<sean_black> Tubes are busted!
* Lady_Aleena is quarter lesbian.
* Raul654 has the other three quarters of Aleena's lesbian
<dysprosia> raul: what are you going to do with it?
<Raul654> Dysp - good question. Having a lesbian around is like having an 
umbrella - you never know when you are going to need one but it comes 
in handy to have it when you do
* xrayvision_jesus wonders what kind of THAC0 the holy prepuce would have in a
                   DND game
<xrayvision_jesus> 'Holy Prepuce'
<xrayvision_jesus> The holy prepuce was an artifact sought by crusaders for 
thousands of years. It is the foreskin removed from the baby jesus. 
<xrayvision_jesus> Damage: 1-10 + 5
<xrayvision_jesus> Who can use it: May only be used by good characters
<xrayvision_jesus> Profeciences: Flail
<xrayvision_jesus> Special: x2 damage versus evil characters; x3 damage versus
                   the undead
<xrayvision_jesus> damage type: Crushing
DosBubba (n=dosbubba@c-71-226-93-10.hsd1.fl.comcast.net) has joined #wikipedia
<DosBubba> Hello fellow lovers of freedom, for some reason I am being censored
from this room. Is the government involved?
--- ChanServ sets ban on *!*@*hsd1.fl.comcast.net
<-- DosBubba (n=dosbubba@c-71-226-93-10.hsd1.fl.comcast.net) has left
<CableModem> we feature everything from the shopping programs, to uh...
             networking-themed porn.
<CableModem> O_o
<Shadow42> "Oh yes, insert your CAT5 cable into my span port"
<CableModem> :o
<Shadow42> 'Oh god, fragmentation! OH!"
<Raul654> Mindspillage - I kept hearing that Wikmiania was being done by the 
          "Berkman center" at harvard
<Raul654> well, I found something out this morning
<Raul654> the "Berkman center" is an institution, not a building
<Raul654> so I spent 90 minutes searching harvard campus for an 
          abstract concept
=-= Mode #wikipedia +o CableModem by chanserv
<Chairboy> The tree of #wikipedia must occasionally be watered with the blood
           of trolls.
=-= Mode #wikipedia +b *!*@84-75-130-173.dclient.hispeed.ch by CableModem
=-= MrSassyPants was booted from #wikipedia by CableModem (Please come back
<shadow42> FIRE IN THE HOLE!
<anon32> ?
* Backstretch ducks
<anon32> lol.... when he was persuaded to wear a condom, STD rates went down 90%
<shadow42> Who?
<shadow42> Oh...
<shadow42> Hey, fsck you
<anon32> ...on windows it's chdisk
<CQJ> fsck off and go cronjob your mother
<CQJ> worthless bag of foo
<anon32> ?
<CQJ> :-)
<torch> did I miss something again?
<Mike42_Away> "Low disk space on drive C"
<Mark_Ryan> delete some porn
<Splarka> you want a paperclip? "Hello? I see you're trying to dominate the
          world, would you like a quick tutorial?"
<Gau> My pokemon brings all the boys to the yard and they're like, "wanna trade
Damn right, I wanna trade cards; I can beat you, I've got Charizard
* cf has joined #mediawiki
<cj> 1.7 requires php5
<cj> you folks are hard on us sarge users...
<JeLuF> nono, you sarge users are hard to the civilized world
<Interiot> Abstract: what's your username?
<Abstract> Abstract Idiot
<Interiot> okay, guess I won't try to help, sorry
<Scott5114> No, that's their username, "Abstract Idiot"
<Interiot> it is?
<CableModem> Still haven't figured out how to get the chicks at school to do
             their thing.
<Slowking_Man> Tell them you're a Wikipedia editor.
<Slowking_Man> I get all the chicks that way.
<Luna-San> Hey, baby. Did you know I've got over a thousand vandal reverts?
<TehKewl1> recite wikipedia to them :D
<Luna-San> Hey, baby, did you know I've worked on over fifty spoken articles,
           on Wikipedia?
<TehKewl1> hey baby check out my userpage
<The359> "Hey baby, that top is a bit redunt it, mind if I delete it?"
<TehKewl1> hey baby I set your pants up for speedy deletion
<Slowking_Man> Hey there, wanna create some stubs and watch them expand?
<The359> "Hey baby, let's do it like Wikipedia.  I'd like to do you this way,
         but this guy thinks this way is better, and this guy knows something
         about this maneuver, so we're all just going to contribute to the sex"
<SoothingR> "Wanna merge your article into mine"
<CableModem> lets go do the village pump.
<CableModem> emphasis on pump
<Luna-San> [[Wikipedia:Village Pump/Positions]]
<The359> "Hey baby, I'll give you a medallion if you edit my zipper"
<Luna-San> Sooo... I heard you've got a blowjob barnstar? What's that like?
<CableModem> Are you "open source"?
<TehKewl1> so, wanna check out my commons
<The359> that was about as much fun as the "Anal Car Game"
<The359> take a car, remove the manufacturer's name, replace with 'Anal'
<The359> hilarity ensues
<Luna-San> The Anal Accord?
<Luna-San> The Anal Explorer?
<Luna-San> The Anal *Expedition*
<The359> Anal Charger
<The359> Anal Excursion ;)
<TehKewl1> anal trigger
<CableModem> Anal FOcus?
<Scott5114> Anal Cavalier
<TehKewl1> anal kong
<The359> Anal Ram
<CableModem> ANal Land cruiser
<Scott5114> Anal Nova
<CableModem> anal galaxy
<The359> Anal Spirit
<CableModem> anal rover?
<Vague_Rant> I hate when midgets like go to shake your hand and shit.
<Vague_Rant> But they can't reach so they just start jerking you off.
<Vague_Rant> Raul is a man's man.
<Vague_Rant> I bet Raul was born with a beard.
* keitei adds [[Bob the Builder]] to her watchlist
<Slowking_Man> Can we fix it?
<keitei> YES WE CAN!
<Luna-San> They're going *Super Saiyan*
* CableModem goes super saiyan.
<CableModem> Per request.
-!- mode/#wikipedia [+o Slowking_Man] by ChanServ
<@Slowking_Man> MY POWER LEVEL IS OVER 9000
<Slowking_Man> I will destroy you, after a lengthy three-episode discourse on
               why we are fighting
<Slowking_Man> In case anyone wasn't watching the last hundred episodes
<Slowking_Man> Uh, unauthorized bots should be blocked on sight
<Bastique>     Slowking_Man: Willy on Wheels is unauthorized no matter what
<xxxxxxxxxx> raul654, did you have a goatee for half of wikimania?
* Slowking_Man read that as "have a goatse"
* Slowking_Man needs to get out more
<Vague_Rant> So my brother just walked in here to show me the two new pairs of
             underpants he bought.
<Mark_Ryan> Vague_Rant, what brand were they?
<Vague_Rant> I think Rio, but I was kind if in shock, so I'm not sure.
<Vague_Rant> I just stared at him until he walked away.
<Mark_Ryan> how did that make you feel?
<Vague_Rant> ...?
<Mark_Ryan> It made you feel confused?
<Vague_Rant> No, you did.
<yurikbot> brion, what would you say if henna and i tried to rewrite
<brion> yurikbot: i would say i love you both and want to have your little bot
<yurikbot> henna, we are in :)
<Kipcool> Whellotukaze.
<Wytukaze> Kheypcool.
<Michaelas10> Feel free to vandalise User:Michaelas10
<Michaelas10> I just don't care
<CXI> throw yo' userpage in the air
<Michaelas10> ?
<CXI> and wave it like yo' just don't care
<sean_black> word
<Michaelas10> What word?
<TimStarling> globals are magical structures, like little winged monkeys that
fly your data from wherever it is generated to wherever it is needed
 <presroi> every time you use the 4letter-word on wikipedia, god kills a kitten
<shimgray> what, "wiki"?
 <presroi> there goes another kitten
<shimgray> oh noes
<name removed> mediawiki is the biggest piece of shit
<hyla> are you being forced to use it?
<name removed> yes
<RedACE> at gun point?
<name removed> yes
<RedACE> I have your ip
<RedACE> I will call the police and save you
--> Jarih (n=sweetrea@<hostname>) has joined #wikipedia-en
<Shanel> :D
<Jarih> :D
<Werdna> :D
<MessedRocker> :D
<Mike_H> :D
<nncruft> delete
<Werdna> alright, that is so [[m:Bash]]ed
<Golbez> i found it amusing that we have our first major hispanic hurricane
<Golbez> well
<Golbez> it's just a tropical storm right now
<Golbez> but katrina was a tropical storm once too !
<morwen> what a country is america! even mexicans can become hurricanes!
<Golbez> yes, i trotted out an old classic cuz that was a great line.
<Golbez> but before it can do any work, ernesto has to fight his way north.
<Golbez> and the people up north? they don't like ernesto.
<Golbez> they don't want ernesto. they want ernesto to go home.
<Golbez> because ernesto will destroy many roofs, and then we'll want all that
cheap mexican labor!
< neo0983> unix/linux updates usually dont require a reboot
< neo0983> for whatever reason osx demands one after any update
< shadow42> neo0983: Except kernel upgrades
< neo0983> yes
< mavhc> it's easier to tell the user to reboot than to bother restarting all
the processes that need it
< OrbitOne> Neo: You can also skip the updates if you have a stable system
< neo0983> they are automatic
< neo0983> we have tried turning them off
< OrbitOne> turn them off
< neo0983> they still happen
< OrbitOne> Then you didnt turn them off
<szyslak> an anon on [[Talk:Snakes on a Plane]] said "I've had it with these
motherfucking edit wars on this motherfucking encyclopedia"
* TehKewl1 want's a partner in life, but needs to find something in common,
preferably not gender :P
<ShakespeareFan00> What's the next big milestone?
<Werdna> sex in space :D
<shadow42> Hahahaha
<ShakespeareFan00> (In terms of Wikipedia milestones !)
<shadow42> I'll bet it'll be done before 2030
<shadow42> Wikipedian sex in space
<ShakespeareFan00> Shadow42: Define 'space'
<shadow42> Outer space, what else?
<shadow42> Mainspace?
<shadow42> "Oh yeah, edit me all night long..."
<Werdna> shadow42, projectspace
( Splarka ) $ start fire
( Splarka ) no matches found
( Duesentrieb ) heh
<-- Tony_Sidaway has left freenode (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
<Chairboy> I guess all roads do not, in fact, lead to Tony.
<Kylu> nah, they all lead to SPUI
* LeBron tells a GFDL story to Shanel.
<Shanel> ooh, story!
* Shanel sits on the carpet
<LeBron> Once upon a time there was a not-so-tall-and-a-bit-chubby prince 
called jimbo.
<LeBron> Nahh, you know that one already.
<Shanel> But I like that story :(
<LeBron> Ok so let's start when the hero fights the Sanger hydra on /.
<Shanel> yaay!
<LeBron> Many fights were fought on the /. field.
<LeBron> Few emerged unscathed from there.
<LeBron> Even the bravest suffered defeat on /.
* Shanel is wide-eyed O_O
<LeBron> Yet when the Hydra Sanger came to attack, our noble hero did not wince.
<LeBron> He took his qwerty-keyboard and went.
<LeBron> The fight was gruesome, the hero suffered infamous attacks.
<LeBron> At one point people sought he was about to collapse under the fearsome 
rants of the Hydra.
<LeBron> Yet behind him, an army of faithful knew he wasn't about to fail.
<LeBron> And he recalled that support and fought harder, and harder.
<Shanel> And what happened next? O_O
<LeBron> He called for the help of the Great Wikimedian Community.
<LeBron> Err Fellowship even,
|<-- Ydam has left freenode ()
<LeBron> That name was seldom called and it's power was renowned thru 
time and cyberspace.
-->| AnyFile (n=AnyFile@host6-137.pool870.interbusiness.it) has 
joined #wikimedia
<LeBron> With the Fellowship standing by his side, the gentle not-so-tall hero 
defeated the Hydra and its army of trolls.
<LeBron> Victory was at hands.
<Shanel> yaay!
* guillom wants another story
<LeBron> With one sole stroke of keyboard, J. was the Victor.
<LeBron> And the knowledge will be freed from Hydra.
<LeBron> It lacks music.
<davidstrauss> Getting stalked is like having your userpage on someone's 
real-life watchlist :-)
<lokkor> I said i wanted to see the pics of tht chick who uploaded pics of 
herself naked
<lokkor> even though nudity is part of human life
<lokkor> totally natural i say
<geniice> err that wasn't a chick
<Nilfanion> what happen?
<RattleMan> Someone set us up the tropical cyclone
<Nilfanion> main NHC turn on :P
<RattleMan> It's you !!
<Nilfanion> How are you Avila!!
<Nilfanion> All your tropical cyclone are belong to us
<Nilfanion> You are on the way to retirement
<RattleMan> What you say !!
<Nilfanion> You have no chance to survive make your forecast
<Nilfanion> HAHAHAHA
<RattleMan> <Titoxd> Captain !!
<RattleMan> Take off every Hurricane Hunter !!
<RattleMan> You know what you doing
<RattleMan> Move 'Hurricane Hunter'
< wikibugs> (modified) Maybe... -
< wikibugs> (RESOLVED) Search Help: and Manual: namespaces on mediawiki.org by -
< wikibugs> (RESOLVED) Add new variable NAMESPACEE for encoded namespace (like -
< wikibugs> (modified) Diff from an oldid to the current version -
< wikibugs> (modified) BiDi issues related to the "In other language" section -
< wikibugs> (modified) MediaWiki allows characters in the U+0080 to U+009F range
< wikibugs> (NEW) Double character support in category pages -
< wikibugs> (NEW) Full history export on pl.wikipedia doesn't work with -
< wikibugs> (NEW) Provide a special page for external links -
-!- wikibugs [n=wikibugs@mail.wikimedia.org] has quit [Excess Flood]
* Hellfire1010101 convined boss to buy him dual monitors months ago...
<Hellfire1010101> convinced*
<CableModem> LOL
<CableModem> one boob on each screen?
<Dcoetzee> CableModem95: Why not do a quick format?
<CableModem95> necause its new
<frostburn> lol.
<CableModem95> and I want to make sure its nice n clean
<CableModem95> :)
<Dcoetzee> ...
<frostburn> ...
<CableModem95> ...
<quabuaack> ...
<keitei> ...
<CableModem95> thats m:bashed.
<WRYYYYYYYYmann> Sometimes the internet touches me in ways that make me feel
* Flood_of_SYNs__ has joined #wikipedia
* Raul654 is now known as Flood_Of_SYNACKS
<Flood_Of_SYNACKS> (queue the mortal combat theme)
<Flood_of_SYNs__> >.>
<Flood_Of_SYNACKS> <.<