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litharge is the bantracker bot for Libera Chat (previously known as eir on freenode). The official documentation is on the Libera Chat website.

Setting up[edit]

  1. Register your IRC account with the bot: /msg litharge hello
    • Expect a response like "You are now authenticated as <nick>." or "You are already authenticated as <nick>."
  2. Grant the bot +o rights in your channel so that it can remove expired bans: /msg chanserv flags #yourchannel litharge +o
  3. Invite the bot to your channel: /invite litharge #yourchannel
    • You will need to be op'ed in the channel for the invite to succeed.
    • Some user have reported litharge ignoring their invites. If litharge has not joined the channel within 5-10 minutes, ask for help in #wikimedia-ops-internalconnect
  4. Set a test ban to verify that the bot is working: /mode +b litharge-test!*@*
    • Litharge should PM you asking for a reason for the ban.
    • Reply with 5s testing and after a few seconds, the ban should be removed.
  5. Set the default expiry for the channel to 24 hours: /msg litharge cautoexpire #yourchannel 86400.
  6. Finally, join #libera-botsconnect and ask a staff member to set litharge's ops channel to #wikimedia-ops-internalconnect.


After you quiet/kick/ban (ie: a "mode change") the offending user, you need to set the mode change expiration and document with litharge.

You will receive a PM from litharge asking you to document the mode change. Follow the instructions.

If you do not reply within three minutes, you can view all pending mode changes (ie: view all mode changes that have not been marked or edited yet) and document them by doing the following:

/msg litharge pending #<channel>
<litharge> [#1553 +b trollnick!*@*59.35.44.* by chanop!~chanop@example.net on 2021-02-13 13:28:16 GMT]

Note that you can filter for just your own pending mode changes by adding the oper filter ie:

/msg litharge pending #<channel> --oper <yournick>

Change the mode change expiration from the default (WM chans are now 24 hours):

/msg litharge edit 1553 6d
/msg litharge mark 1553 continuing to troll

Or, you can combine the edit and mark commands:

/msg litharge editandmark 1553 30d came back to troll from this hostmask in other chans

You can retrieve a list of all bans, expiries, and reasons with:

/msg litharge pending #<channel> --flood

You can also retrieve the history of a ban if you know it's ID:

/msg litharge info 1553

Extended features[edit]

If you want to check the results of a mode change before it's placed, and which bans would affect a given user (assuming the bot shares a channel with the user):

/msg litharge check #<channel> *!*@*.com

That show all channels with .com in hostmask being affected by any intended mode change

/msg litharge match #<channel> troll

Will show:

<litharge> [#1553 +b trollnick!*@*59.35.44.* by chanop!~chanop@example.net on 2021-03-14 13:28:16 GMT] "came back to troll from this hostmask in other chans"